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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

I was called a brat!

July 7th 2009 11:07 am
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I am not happy wif my Moms-Woman took me to the vet doc AGAIN! I thought when I hissed and scratched and growled that she knew better than to do it again, but nope. I know I wrote about it befores, but she took me to check on my legs and to get the xray the vet doc said I needed.

Well, turns out the vetdoc now says that the risk of makin me all sleepy is not worth it to take the xrays and that I should just take my medicines-all of it-and then see how I am. So, aftur all that, I went fur nothing AND got all mean too 'cause I had to show them who was boss. And can you believe me, who is so nice and cuddly and lovin, got called a brat by the vet doc!!! Mom doesn't even know why I get so upset there, but I do. I was walkin around and hissin at the walls and then though I layed down fur the vet doc to pet under my chin, and then I tried to bonk her. And she almost seems scared of me, so I guess my plan to be boss worked. She said, "Indy-I don't know what you want. One minute you want to be pet and the next you go fur me"

Well, needless to say, I didn't get my xrays. The vet doc said that I would have to be sedated enuff that they could lay me on my back and spread my legs out, and it would take a lot 'cause I was so angry. I was just tough-my ears weren't back and my fur wasn't all puffed out or anything.

I think Mom is going to take me to a new vet doc once I finish my medicines. I hope that they can be better fur me that these ones, that's fur sure!


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