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good ideas!

September 7th 2009 11:53 am
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My furrriend Izzie had the best idea fur my Mommy to get Indy to stop tryin to nip nip on my neck. We are gonna get the bitter spray stuffs and put it on a cloth so when he goes fur me, it tastes awwwfulls! Mommy checked out the one store so fars, but they only had the stuffs fur doggies, but she's gonna check anothfur one today.

I wish Mommy could tire him out, but she plays with him loooots befur beddy time, and I just watch these days, and one time they played till almost midnight, and the minute I moved, he was up fur me...I think he's just a teeenager I guess.

Guess what! Mommy is helping me paw my diary now and I am sitting on her lappy!

Anyways, wish us lucks! Indy has been a good boy the last couple days tho, but I expect it's only 'cause Mommy has been home more.




September 4th 2009 10:31 am
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That's me, surely, evfurry morning and night lately. Why won't my brofur leaves me alones!!! I just wanna watch evfurry thing from my chair or corner and there he comes, sitting in my corner-or trying to sit with me, but I get up, and boppin up on MY chair...what's he tryin to do huh? Mommy then gets upsets because she doesn't want me to get picked on, but also doesn't want to get mad at Indy 'cause he's just she thinks.

i don't know what to do anymores. I feel lost. I want Indy to stay with us furever, but not if he can't stop biting on the back of my neck and chasing me crazy! And he got the surgery from the vetdoc too Mommy said, so I guess he's biting just to be annoying.



Special furrrriends

September 3rd 2009 9:04 am
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I am such a lucky kitty to have my wonderfuuuul furrriends here on Catster. Mommy said she feels lucky too to meet so many people who love their furrbabies as much as she does =)

Well, yestfurday I was Diary Pick! Not just diary pick, which is an honor always! But the main one! That means that whoevfur went on Catster yesterday saw My Picture on the homepage!!! Mommy was so excited and proud of me! She had to go to class last night, but showed evfurryone there my profile on Catster, even if some of them giggled, but my furrriend Dusty Smoke's dad is in class with Mommy and so he thought it was kewwwwl! (thanks to my furrriends who added him too! He is so sorry it took so long to accept, but he went away fur a few days n stuffs) Plus, my real furbrofur and sister with the same furr Momma, well, their mommy is in class with my mommy too and she thought it was pawsome that I was featured. And, even though Mommy had to go to class last night, so she wasn't home much at all yestfurday, I gots the good Tikicat food that Auntie Meatball sent me and, though it is sooo hott that I haven't been giving Mommy the nighttime cuddles, I gave her some this morning and rubbed my face alllll ovfur hers too! Cause she's my Momma!!!

I have to say thank you too to all my furriends, old and new (yay!) fur helping me to celebrate! I wish I knew how to put the name in and you click, but I am sorry I don't know yets =) Sooooo purrrlease try to check out their pages, even though I didn't put their links up! Meows!

Thank you 'specially to my furrriend Hootch, who's Mommy helped him make me a photo showing my top honors, which is now on my page =) AND! Hootch also gave me a tasty Lemonade, which was purrfect in this hott California weather. Please check out his page and purrr fur him too =)

Thank you to my cutie furriend Leo fur the Heart! I love red so much! And Leo has cutie pictures so check out his page too!

Thank you to my funny kewl furriends Oliver and Dewey fur the tasty Watermelon! They are soooo funny! You should read their diary too! MOL!!!

Thank you to my furrrrriend Muppet fur the delishioush Ice Cream Cone!!! I love cold stuffs and on occasion I like to taste Mommy's iceees heh.

Thank you to Mercy fur the kewl Beach Ball! I love to chase them around! Mercy always has pawsome pics and so do her profurs and sisters!

Thank you to Aldo fur the Black Kitty, which looks just like him!! You are so handsome and, I hope, barf free right now! He is also the Kittie's Club Cat of the Week! Concats! (ps! I voted fur you Aldo! MOL)

And thank you to Jerry fur the delishioush Steak! I loves my wet foods and steak is no exception! So much tastier than my kibbles =) Jerry was Diary pick yestfurday too and I am honored to have shared my special day with him!

And thanks to my furrriends at the Kittie's Club and I Knead You groups fur the good wishes too. And all my new furrriends fur checking out my page and requesting me and Indy. And the photo comments hehehehe! I am a happy kitty surely! And purrlease furgive me if I have left anyone out. I am just so excited! Purrlease know I am so happy and appreciate you alls so furry much!



Purrrrrrrs all around!

September 2nd 2009 9:24 am
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I feel so lucky to have been chosen as the Cat of the Day today! I feel like such a special kitty and have to thank all of the Catster crew who chose me =) Thanks furrry much!

And my furrriends Angel Kitties Buddie, Mckenna, Mookie, Angel and Ricki and their brofurs on earfths Gibbs & Cash for sending me the message this morning to let me know first! I am such a lucky kitttt to have such great furriends watching out fur me =) Purrrrs to you all!

This morning is a lazy one so furr. There's fires outsides Mommy said, so in addishions to it being so hotts, it's specially hott by the fires. SO, we have the air blower on agains fur the hott and plus 'cause Mommy said something called ashes were in the air a little. I am purrring fur all the kitties and pups and all other animals, youngs and old, that they find safe places right now. Mommy always wonders how people can leave their furbabies behind sometimes in these situations-yes, and some people say that if you had to pick yr hoomans or furries, what would you pick, but Mommy says she just loves us so much that it couldn't be a question. I hope none of my furriends furmilies have had to face such a tough choice and I am lucky that I have a safe place too. Poooor babies all around that issue no matter what.

Wows, I got all serious fur a second! I guess it's my mind growin with age since I am almost 1 yr and 4 months already! Soooon, I will be celebratin my second birthday. I can't even think about what Mommy will feed me manana, but I hopes it's some yummy fishhhies and treats...which, by the way, I got some yesturrrday! And I got some 'NIP! Indy went nutttts and I think he will write about it in his diary, if he can even remember it at all, that's how funny he gets. MOL!

Well, since I need to celebrate my special day, I think I will starts off with a nap!


Delishioushness is a spid-aah

August 31st 2009 12:13 pm
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I got to chew on a delishious spider this morning before Mommy took it away and flushed it in that water tunnel.
Mommy doesn't even know where it came from (that's my secret!) only that when she finally got up fur the works today, I was playin with somethin by my scratcher in the bedroom.
Soooo, she got up and rubbed her eyes 'cause she thought I was just playin with the ball maybe there, but no, it was a little buggie! And she got all icky gross like but I just kept tryin to eat him, but I guess he kept fallin out of my mouth er somethings.
Soooo, Mommy got some toilet paper and tried to pick it up in-between my trying to eat him fully, but was afraid she would touch it with her hand 'cause she only had a tiny piece of the papers-seriously-why be afraids! It's yum yum!

But alas, Mommy got a big ol' tissue and when I wasn't lookin, she got up my yum yum and flushed it. I looked fur it fur a few minutes just to make sures it didn't spring back to lifes again.

I guess Mommy thinks, what if it was poisonous, but I am tuff.

Anyways, so that was alls. It was fun this morning to almost eat a whole spid-ah!


I chased a bug!?!!!!

August 29th 2009 2:09 pm
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A HUUUUGE buggie flew into the house yestfurday! I saw it right aways and ran ran ran and jumped onto the dresser thing in the living room and watched. and waited. and watched some mores. I saw it-it had big ol' wings that were flapping aways and Mommy called it a moth I thinks. Well, it was flapping and then Indy got curious and wanted to see what I was watching, but Mommy had to go out fur a few so wanted to make sures I was ok before she left so she tried to catch it herself.
Well, she tried and it flew. again and agains. Then it moved really far from where it had been and of course, I followed and so did Indy, but I think he nevfur saw it, just thought something was there 'cause I saw something.
Finally Mommy caught it and so I didn't have to watch anymores-she didn't want me to taste it like Indy tasted the ick ick fly. But guess what! MOL! Now, I keep checkin the room all ovfur fur another buggy bug, just in case one happens to fly in and I missed it at furrrst. Mommy keeps laughing 'cause now I am her little bug watcher.

I am watchin out fur yous, you bugs!


My daily cuddles

August 27th 2009 8:28 am
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I got in some cuddlins this morning with Mommy. She was just sitting down right befures works and I looked at her and said helloooos with a big meow and she called me her babygirl and so I jumped into her lap fur some pettin n stuffs. And I know she just got out of the raining room, but I decided she needed anothfur bath so I cleaned her hands and arm and even her face a little. See, even though she's my Mommy, I gotta play the Mommy too sometimes!




August 26th 2009 10:22 am
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Fur the furst time last night, Mommy had to tell me to get out of the window and not Indy!!! I guess he is teaching me some adveshuuurous stuffs. Well, akshually, Mommy put some of that sticky stuffs on it, and I saw it sticking off, so I wanted to give it a nibble and see how it tasted.

Nothing to report otherwise, except that I sent my furrriend Riley a kissy kiss =)

It's gonna be hot so Mommy keeps leaving the air machine on but then left the kittie dvd on fur us too-I hope we can still hear the birdie sounds ovfur the loud blowy sounds!



Kissies fur Mommy

August 23rd 2009 12:46 pm
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Last night I gave Mommy some extra cuddles and kissies. I climbed up on the bed and got soooo close to her facey and just watched. Then, I nudged her hand with my nosey to get some petting action and then got realllllly close to Mommy and gave her some wet kissies on her lips! I love giving Mommy lovins =)



My furrriend Dusty Smokes is now on Catster!!!!!!!!!

August 20th 2009 9:33 pm
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Hi to my furriends! My furriend Dusty Smokes just joined catster, finally, aftur Mommy showed his Daddy mine and Indy's diarys. Will you please be his furrriend too? He's way cool and check it out! He even potty trained himself to use the toilet that his Daddy uses! All on his owns!


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