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New Cat tree?!!!?!

November 27th 2009 11:21 am
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OMC!!! I just overheard Mommy telling my auntie Nelinda that she got us a new cat tree that was 50% off at petsmart and auntie has ta help her pick it up at the store 'cause it didn't fit in Mommy's car....REALLY!!!! We are gettin a new tree wif scratchin posts?!?!

Wow! I gots one that Mommy gots when it was just me and her, but it's kinda wobbly now so when Indy jumps on it, he wobbles too so Mommy thinks that it might not be too safe. And she asked grandpaw to get us a kitty condo at drfostersmith, but she wasn't sure if he did and I heard her tellin her furrriend that the one she got was the same price normally as the one grandpaw was gonna get. I can't wait fur her to bring it home!!! Dat wayz, Indy can climbs on one and I can climbs on the othfur one and he won't try ta sit where I am always.

Guess what too-MOL! I played wif him today! I chased him insteads of him chasin me! Playin is fun agains in this new 'partment. I feels like a whole new pretty baby (dat's what Mommy calls me ok!)


PS...I hope all my furrriends had a happy Thanksgiving and got lotsa turkey and tofurkey fur their pawrents. I gots ta try this corn stuffs Mommy brought home and it was deeeeelishioush!


Giving Thanks

November 26th 2009 10:12 am
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I am finally allowed online at home agains! That internets company messed up our connnnneshion in the new 'partment.
I am thankful fur the internets MOL! And happy that I can writes in my diary now wifout halp from Mommy.

I am giving thanks to all my furrriends fur being here fur me. I am thankful fur my furmily, even Indiana, and thankful fur having a home.

I love you all my furrriends!


Knowin yr furrriends tag

November 23rd 2009 4:30 pm
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My handsome Riley has tagged me in the getting to know yr furrrriends and I lovvvve this game!!!

List 10 questions that tell a little bit about ourselves, and list 6 furriends to play. Have fun!

1. What is the color of your collar?
It's pink and I gots a pink name tag too, but Mommy doesn't make me wear it alls the time, though I don't mind it so much

2. What kind of food do you like?
Wet food purrrrlease!!!! I Likes all foods really, 'cept that stinky canned stuff that Indy likes-I only eat it if there's nothin else

3. What are your favorite treats?
the catnip flavour treats Mommy gives me and the temptations ones too!

4. Do you have a Valentine or a significant other?
my Riley =) He makes me feel all specialz n stuffs 'cause he tells me I'm purrrty

5. Do you get table scraps?
yes! My favfurites purlease are tomato sauce, turkey and chicken

6. What is your favorite toy?
I likes the foil crinkly ones and the little mousie thing on the stick/string that Mommy has to replace all the time and my lounger chair think that is shaped kewl!

7. When is your Birthday?
Mommy decided it's May 13, 2009

8. How many times a day do you eat?
I gets snacks when I am good, I gets tha kibbblez all day and half a can of the wet stuffs fur dinner (and some of Indy's leftovfurs too if he doesn't eat it all!)

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Pink 'cause it matches my nosie

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I hopes so!!!

I gotta think of who to tag! I don't wanna leaves anyone out and I know a few of my furrriends have done this game already =)



New 'partment

November 23rd 2009 9:29 am
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I gotta thank my furrriends fur some stuffs! thank you again to my Riley fur the Pumpkin Pie!!! And his brofur fur the Turkey MOL!
And thanks to My furrriend Izzie and his furmily fur the turkey leg! Delishioush!

Well, yesterday was the switch-erroooo. I'm in the new 'partment now and I gotta be honest, I was a little scared at furrrst. Mommy waited to move me downstairs so the bed in the room could be set up and stuffs and the food and litter boxes and fountain and I hid fur a little while under the bed honestly. Mommy thought it was strange at furrrst because whenevfur I go to my uncle Ben's, I nevfur hide, but here was all my stuffs, smellin like us, in a whole new place.

Indy walked around hissing and growlin at evfurry thing fur like, furevfur. And alllll night long I couldn't get any sleepies because he was meowin all ofvur the 'partment. Mommy didn't get much sleepies eithfur aksully. She thought maybe somethin was wrong with him but nothin is.... I did sleep on the bed with him fur a little while tho!-well, fur the little while that we gots tha sleepies. And then I was hissing a little at him 'cause I thought he was lookin at my funny.

It's an interestin' place-I can look out the window where all the people who are our neighbors come by and look out onto the street too-I nevfur could do that befur. Mommy even gots us a window perch, but she messed up the velcro thingy holdin it so now we gots ta wait fur her to fix it up.

I guess I'm just gonna relax today and check out some new crawly places, since there's lots here. It feels diff'rent to be in a new home tho-I'm not sures yet if I likes it.


More thanks n stuffs

November 20th 2009 10:19 am
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Wow-I didn't get ta go on Catster yestfurday so I didn't get to say thanks to my furrriends so here I go!

Thanks to Rocky Ann fur the Pink Rosette =)
Thanks to Muppet and fam. fur the Pummmmpkin pie!
Thanks to Lucy fur the turkey!!! I won't share unless Indy is nice MOL!
and thanks to the Bell furmily and all their furrrs fur the beautiful Rainbow! You all brighten up my day.

Mommy has been busy busy busy and so the house has been kinda hectic. She said we are gonna go down to the new place this Sunday, so a lot sooooners than we thought, but it's 'cause Mommy wants ta try to get all the big stuffs down there so she has more time to tidy up she says. She even got some pet carpet cleaner, but I have nothin to do with those marks, I swears! I only was doing the puking fur a little while.... (ok it was me!)

Mommy let me smell some yum yum candles she's sending to grandpaw over seas...since he is gonna miss Christmas this year she wants him to have some cheer at least and smell like a tree...I"ve nevfur smelled a Christmas tree akshully eithfur, 'cept in the candle. Mommy said it's weird to gets a tree in California, that it's not the same like back in NY, but we do gots the lights and I like the color it makes the 'partment when they are on.

I guess that's all fur now. I'm gonna go hide from my brofur.

ps...It's a secret but I thnk I heard Mommy say Indy has to go to the vet doc doc tomorrow...he's been sneeezy and had some muuush mush poopies, and even tho it's better now, she wants to make sures...also since we are still fighting she said it's time ta go backs, but I don't have to go this time, MOL!


Thanks my furrriends

November 18th 2009 11:58 am
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Thank you to my furrriends fur all the good wishes fur my Diary Pick today and thanks to HQ fur picking me!!! My furrriend Newman is a Diary pick today too! Woooooweeeee!

Thanks to Angel Buddie and his furmily and Hazel Lucy fur their pawmails!!!
Thanks to Mercy fur the yum yum pumpkin pie!
Thanks to Samoa, Angel Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar and my fellow pick Newman fur the turrrrkey! It's my favfurite when Mommy gives me some!!!
Thanks to Oliver n Dewey fur the HUGE turkey leg! It's like one'a'tha ones they gots at theme parks Mommy said, that look like dinosaur legs!
And thanks to Hootch fur the nip pumpkin pie! I love me some nip nip!

Thanks fur all the good luck wishes fur movin downstairs to the other 'partment. I'm excited about it 'cause all the hidey spaces but worried me and Indy might fight ovfur the best spots. Evfurry one had good advice and wishes tho and Mommy said to thank all yr pawrents fur her =)

Things are so so in the house fur now. Indy made me get all hissy at him but not too much last night. And I got to play with the keeeewl toy that Mommy got fur us awhile ago that was boring until last night! Tonite I plan to get lotttsa treats outta Mommy fur stirrring up the house vibe with her cleanin! MOL!


I'm movin to a new 'partment

November 17th 2009 9:57 am
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Well, I must at first say thank you to my Riley fur the pretty Rose =) I'm sending cuddles yr way Riley.
And thanks to my Angel furrriend Jack Kayden fur the yummy pumpkin pie! Mommy gave me pumpkin fur the first time and it was deeelishioush and this chicken dinner I likes has pumpkin in it too!

Mommy is moving us downstairs to a new 'partment she said...and it's happenin realllly fast-like in two weeks she said! I am kind of excited and kind of scared at the same time 'cause the only other 'partment I know is my Uncle Ben's, from when he watches us fur Mommy.

Mommy said there are some diff'rences too, like the window in the bedroom is a whole lot smaller than our window, but the one in the living room is kinda big, but lower down so we won't have to climb on something to reach the window sill. Mommy said too that maybe it'll be good fur me and my brofur because it's a new territory fur both of us and we can start freshly-at least she read that in one of the books, but she read that it's stresssssful too so I hope we likes it. There's a lot more places to hide and climb but the view will be diff'rent-like we are lookin out where the people who live in the bldg are and the front street (the little window) insteads of the alley where Mommy parks...which means that we can't see Mommy fruummm the window anymores when she drives home.

Have any of my furrrriends moved? Is it hard fur kitties? It's only downstairs from where we are now but I'm a little scared.


giving thanks =)

November 12th 2009 12:21 pm
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I been tagged by my sweeets, Riley.
I am going to list five things I'm thankful for and list five furriends
(it's soooo hard to pick just five, 'specially since you are all so popular alreadys that you probably got tagged already!)

Thanks you Riley fur picking me =)

1. I'm thankful fur having my Mommy, who took me in frummm the streets-she let me pick her, and she loves me furry muchly, so I am thankful fur her letting me loves her as much as she loves me.

2. I'm thankful fur my brofur Indy, even if I get mads at him-he keeps things inturrresting

3.. I'm thankful fur my hidey hole bed, which I loves to sleeps on now sometimes more than Mommy's bed!

4. I'm thankful fur my Auntie Mayfong and her kitttties Max n Weird one-She convinced Mommy that she would be a good meowy to me and then sent me a HUGE box of toys that Mommy wouldn't have even know to buys fur me when she took me home.

5. I'm thankful fur having a home-I know no matter what, Mommy will always try to be there fur me-and thankful that Mommy lets me give her kisses and facebonks, even tho my white hairs get stucks in her eyes and she can't find them but can feel them! MOL!

And thanks to my Catster furrriends! I am so grateful to you guys and to the Angel kitty Shelby, with who's diary Mommy came across and inspired her to help me open my Catster account. *Hugs and slowblinks Shelby*

Five furriends I tagged,

1. Lucy
2. Andy(Anduurrrson Montgomery!)
3. Angel Jack Kayden
4. Dewey
5. Rocky Ann

Kitty Pryde


band-aids fur kittties

November 12th 2009 8:53 am
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Well, guess what. I gots a big old scratchy scratch on my nose!!! Yesterday was a crrrrazy day!!! Mommy left fur works as usual and I was hangin out on the baftub 'cause I likes it in that room sometimes. I only hissed at Indy a tiny bit, so it was lookin like a speciallly good day...WRONG! Somehow, and I am going to blame my brofur fur this....Indy and I got stucks in the bafroom like all day!!! I won't tell Mommy how long because she was so upset, but long enuff where out kibble bowls were stull full but we didn't go potty in the bafroom (it's 'cause we both know we're not 'sposed too)

They've been wantin to do all this works in the house and Mommy keeps tellin them she works herself so they gots to wait till she's home and usually they are pretty kewl about it in our bldg, but when she came home yestfurday, we were not at the door to meet her...which is WEIRRDDD!!! So, Mommy got reallllllly nervous and I could hear it in her voice and feels it in her hearts, because we gots that kinda bond. So I started to scratch and then she saw it...the bafroom door was closed!!! And it nevfur is! And our bafroom is minisize, meaning only we gots the seat thing and the baftub in there and the sink is outside of it in it's own hallway...

Mommy opened the door sooooo fast and there we were, in the dark, in the distructionsss...we kinda took the place apart and that is how I got my wound...I won't tell Mommy if Indy accidentally scratched me 'cause I don't wanna gets him in trouble, so I will just say that I gots a nose scratch and a little one kinda underneafff my eye...Indy got covered in gooky yuck yuck soapy stuffs AND there was glass on the floor that broke-ded. Mommy got us out right away and gave us both lots of lovins and then she washed my be honest I kinda fought her fur a minute on that so she gave me a break, but got me again aftuuur she cleaned Indy's chest. We tipped ovfur this shelf, broked this bottle (luckily only 1) and made it snow with the booty papers! MOL! That was fun akshully! We nevfur tried it befur and now I think I might be hooked!

So, yeah, that's how I got my scratchy advenshuuure in the bafroom. I haves it?

November 9th 2009 10:04 am
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Well, this weekend started kinda good n bad. All week Mommy has been working to get me and Indy to get on a little better togethfur, since we go back n forth. Furrrst, we had to get a new fountain and this one is ok...Mommy tried to clean the old one with all these diff'rent things but the yucky smelly air freshener oil smell is still on the spout part, so Mommy didn't wanna take any chances with us getting that yucky yuck in our mouths.

Well, this leads me to my behaviorsss...Indy and I were doin great! And then come Thurs. we got all mad at each others-well-I got mad at Indy. I just was hissing and swatting, even when he just looked in the room. Mommy separated us and decided that the separation was fur good until we can get to know each others again...and maybe if we were good we could be in the same area when she's at home. I didn't like that idea one bit and just to show her that I didn't, I decided to push open the door separating us as hard as I could (reallllly hard) and so we were togethfur again! Mommy wasn't home of course when I did that and she was worried about how to play with us separate and fairly when she got home, but both of us greeted her at the front door. So this rules out the aggressshions right??? 'Cause I was ok with Indy? Mommy separated us agains and I still made the door open...I should tell you that I didn't like, open the knob-it doesn't click when Mommy tries to close it and that's the secret! Even though it's still hard to push...I did my hardest and was 'cessful!

Anyways, so then all was ok and Mommy thought maybe it would be alright but no...Indy chased me (he's trying to play Mommy thinks because he's not fighting me fur space she said) and I run and hiss and growl and spit and scream. And Mommy separated us like, a million times this weekend when it got bad. She said she doesn't know who's problem it is, mine or Indy' he aggresssssive or am I?

So, this means I'll probably have to go to the vet doc doc again. She told Mommy to give it anothfur month and that month has come and gone and I'm just as grummblypuss as evfur and Indy is just being quiet. Will this evfur end?

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