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Meowless I am!

December 18th 2009 10:17 am
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OMC! I am soooo happy that I cannot mew my happiness!

My handsome Riley and his brofur Skippy sent me and Indy the most awesome-est pawresent evfur!!! It was a stocking ovfurflowing with toys!!! Fur a little while now I haven't been playin as much as I used to as a kitteh, but this made me wanna play again! It has jingly balls (2 diff. kinds!!!) tinsel balls, 'NIP!!!, feather stuffs, a little cat teaser and more! I was a little nerfous at furrrst, I must admit-I just took a sniffy sniff of the package and Indy tried ta open it MOL!!! But when Mommy took out one of the jingly balls, I got the zipz-zapz-zoomz like Indy does and ran all ovfur the 'partment battin that ball around! Mommy got ta take a coupl'a pictures, but I was so fast a lot of them are a blur!!! MOL! Once Mommy can get that cwazzzy memory card with tha pictures uploaded, she will help put some pics up...we had one of me on tha cell phone she put up and a'coupla ones fur Indy...She even took a video, but we couldn't upload that onto Catster.

I'm so lucky to be a'parta Catster and have all my furrriends. I don't know what Mommy and I would'a dones without it! =)

Hugs and kisses and headbonks,
Kitty Pryde


I beeeeeeenz lazies!

December 14th 2009 10:00 am
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I cannot bullieves I haven't written in my diary fur like, 7 days!?! It felt like yestfurday, but then I remembered...Mommy didn't let us on the catputer all day! I missed some furry important furrriends DDP's.

Thanks to my furrriend Clive fur the pretty bells! It's pawsome and I loves musics =)

And Thanks to my Angel furrriend Jack Kayden fur my furry own Christmassssy Tree! It's so specials =)

And thanks to my furrriends and special furrriend Riley (heeehee)and his brofur fur my Snowman!!! I wish I gots ta see snow like they get!

The week came and went and now it's Monday. Mommy said I'm gonna visit my uncle fur a few days so she can see grandmaw and her brofurs n stuffs. It should be ok.

I gots my Hazel Lucy blankie!!! I can't remember if I wrotes about it, but it's pawsome! I love the collar too! Indy kinda is layin on the blankie mostly right now (I thinks 'cuz it's girl scented) and so I've been lettin him. Hazel Lucy also sent anothfur collar so we could both have one and that was the nicest thing evfur! Indy even wore if fur a few minutes! Mommy took some fun piktures of us so I hope she helps us put them on the catputer soon.

Anyways, I guess that's all fur was rainy all Saturday so I pretty much watched it from tha window. Now it's jus' kinda cold so...I've been lettin Indy cuddlez with me at night! Mommy is so happiez!!! I still been hissssssin at him, but I let him cuddle so I guess that's pawrogress.




December 7th 2009 10:25 am
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OMC!!!! Mommy made a boo boo and it makes me look 'rresponsibles...I have a long ovfur due thanks to my Fluffypants furrriend Leo and his furmily fur the Diamond that they gave to me. I is sooo sorry I didn't write thank you's befure. And I gave Mommy a little bonk fur lettin me furget. =)

I have a thank you to write-Thanks to Tonka, my new angel furrriend fur the beautiful snowflake and the furrriendship. =)

It is raining here is California...which it nevfur does. I thinks I only seen tha rain like twice and then it was still only drizzlies, like Mommy calls them. I sat on my window perch all thru tha nights watchin thems. Indy gets tha perch in tha mornings and he was watchin thems when Mommy went to works.

Last night we had like, a pawty at our housie-unofficially. Mommy's teacher came ovfur, who's kitty MyKat is my furrriend. And all my aunties, Joanna, Cherrae and Nelinda (who's gots a doggie I haven't mets yet) and they had pizza and I gots ta taste the sauce! MyKat's mom though told Mommy that she thinks when I get all hissy pissy on Indy it's a game, but Mommy doesn't agrees. Sure, sometimes I is playin, but sometimes he really does get me maaaad. But it wasn't too bad last night and this morning I only hissed like once.

Anyways, I still hears the rain so I gonna go watch it!


early Chrisssstmas prezzies!?

December 6th 2009 9:24 am
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This is a seeeecret, but when I went online taday and saw somethin in Mommy's purrrsonal pawmail that I think is a was an email from Hazel Lucy!!!!! OMC!!! I think I might be gettin a blankie!!!

I would be sooo furry happies if I gots a blankie and collar. I even might shares the blankie with Indy too, but he doesn't like collars so much.

And, I have been a little hissy too, I must admits. Uncle Ben came ovfur too the othfur day and told Mommy he thinks I am the grumpies one, so I guess aftur Christmas I will has ta see the vet doc doc again. pooopies.

I got some Christmas cards from some furrriends! It makes me so happies!!!


I Gots Taggded! Chrissssmas Tag!

December 2nd 2009 4:25 pm
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I was tagged by my furrriend Olivfffur fur Chrismas fun!
Answer tha questions and then tag yr furrriends too!

1.Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why? /Why not?!
Well, I nevfur seen the guy yet, but I thinks I do...I thinks he be practicin his walkin upstairs in the 'partment above us 'cause I heeearrrr them loud boots walkin all day!

2. Have you been naughty or nice? Please explain yourself!
I think I beeen such a good purrrty girl...(thanks fur callin me out Olivfur!) ok, so, if ya reads my diary you might not thinks I been so good, but I'm just misunderstood...GOT IT! (mol!)

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you? Why?
I would lovvves an outside 'closure toos like my furrriend Olivfur...akshully, that's Indy's wish I think, but I think it would be cool too. =) OMC! And lottttsa wet foods to eat till I is a giant!

4. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Why?
hmmmm, I likes the Dommminick the Donkey song 'cause he makes a funny sound MOL! And then Mommy makes it too and it's funny!

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?
I thinks it gots ta be a movie that's not all just about Christmas, but gots Christmas time in it too...lemme thinks...well, I likes tha Harry Potta movies and they gots Christmas time in them, like each time!

I'm gonna tag some furrriends! And if I didn't tags you, I still loves you lots!!!

Riley, of course!!!
Ivan WLC!
Rocky Ann!

TAGS!!!! YU IT!!!


extra grummmbily

November 30th 2009 10:29 am
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I have been grumbling and screaming at Indy an extra whole lot since this weekend. He just won't leave me alone agains. He even went to the vet doc doc not this weekend, but last weekend and the vet doc doc said that she doesn't think he is the one with the issue....well it's not me!!! I mean, he is the one who keeps chasin me...I even hide in places so high up that I don't think he can reach me, but he won't quit! Mommy said she's frustrated agains with us and I wish I could stop, but he's gots ta stop too! I let him give me a bath last night tho fur the furst time in awhile, and I gave him one too, but sure enuffs, I was screeeeechin at him later on when he was chasin me and lookin in my direction when I was on my window perch. My auntie was ovfur helpin Mommy organize some stuffs last night in the 'partment and she told Mommy maybe Indy needs to move to anothfur home furevfur, and I'm not so sure if I want that tho-Mommy loves us both furrry muchly and I don't think she would be able to separates us, even if we get into the badness at least once a day.... I's confuuuused!

I did get a new cat tree!!! Mommy even took a picture and said she would help me put it up on my page later! Of course, Indy and I fought ovfur it. I was on the top and he decided to come up there and hit me! So I grumbled, growled and ran away. He even nipped at me!!! What is that!??!!! He nipped at my side!!!!

ARGH! I plan to be grumbly all day today.


New Cat tree?!!!?!

November 27th 2009 11:21 am
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OMC!!! I just overheard Mommy telling my auntie Nelinda that she got us a new cat tree that was 50% off at petsmart and auntie has ta help her pick it up at the store 'cause it didn't fit in Mommy's car....REALLY!!!! We are gettin a new tree wif scratchin posts?!?!

Wow! I gots one that Mommy gots when it was just me and her, but it's kinda wobbly now so when Indy jumps on it, he wobbles too so Mommy thinks that it might not be too safe. And she asked grandpaw to get us a kitty condo at drfostersmith, but she wasn't sure if he did and I heard her tellin her furrriend that the one she got was the same price normally as the one grandpaw was gonna get. I can't wait fur her to bring it home!!! Dat wayz, Indy can climbs on one and I can climbs on the othfur one and he won't try ta sit where I am always.

Guess what too-MOL! I played wif him today! I chased him insteads of him chasin me! Playin is fun agains in this new 'partment. I feels like a whole new pretty baby (dat's what Mommy calls me ok!)


PS...I hope all my furrriends had a happy Thanksgiving and got lotsa turkey and tofurkey fur their pawrents. I gots ta try this corn stuffs Mommy brought home and it was deeeeelishioush!


Giving Thanks

November 26th 2009 10:12 am
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I am finally allowed online at home agains! That internets company messed up our connnnneshion in the new 'partment.
I am thankful fur the internets MOL! And happy that I can writes in my diary now wifout halp from Mommy.

I am giving thanks to all my furrriends fur being here fur me. I am thankful fur my furmily, even Indiana, and thankful fur having a home.

I love you all my furrriends!


Knowin yr furrriends tag

November 23rd 2009 4:30 pm
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My handsome Riley has tagged me in the getting to know yr furrrriends and I lovvvve this game!!!

List 10 questions that tell a little bit about ourselves, and list 6 furriends to play. Have fun!

1. What is the color of your collar?
It's pink and I gots a pink name tag too, but Mommy doesn't make me wear it alls the time, though I don't mind it so much

2. What kind of food do you like?
Wet food purrrrlease!!!! I Likes all foods really, 'cept that stinky canned stuff that Indy likes-I only eat it if there's nothin else

3. What are your favorite treats?
the catnip flavour treats Mommy gives me and the temptations ones too!

4. Do you have a Valentine or a significant other?
my Riley =) He makes me feel all specialz n stuffs 'cause he tells me I'm purrrty

5. Do you get table scraps?
yes! My favfurites purlease are tomato sauce, turkey and chicken

6. What is your favorite toy?
I likes the foil crinkly ones and the little mousie thing on the stick/string that Mommy has to replace all the time and my lounger chair think that is shaped kewl!

7. When is your Birthday?
Mommy decided it's May 13, 2009

8. How many times a day do you eat?
I gets snacks when I am good, I gets tha kibbblez all day and half a can of the wet stuffs fur dinner (and some of Indy's leftovfurs too if he doesn't eat it all!)

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Pink 'cause it matches my nosie

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I hopes so!!!

I gotta think of who to tag! I don't wanna leaves anyone out and I know a few of my furrriends have done this game already =)



New 'partment

November 23rd 2009 9:29 am
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I gotta thank my furrriends fur some stuffs! thank you again to my Riley fur the Pumpkin Pie!!! And his brofur fur the Turkey MOL!
And thanks to My furrriend Izzie and his furmily fur the turkey leg! Delishioush!

Well, yesterday was the switch-erroooo. I'm in the new 'partment now and I gotta be honest, I was a little scared at furrrst. Mommy waited to move me downstairs so the bed in the room could be set up and stuffs and the food and litter boxes and fountain and I hid fur a little while under the bed honestly. Mommy thought it was strange at furrrst because whenevfur I go to my uncle Ben's, I nevfur hide, but here was all my stuffs, smellin like us, in a whole new place.

Indy walked around hissing and growlin at evfurry thing fur like, furevfur. And alllll night long I couldn't get any sleepies because he was meowin all ofvur the 'partment. Mommy didn't get much sleepies eithfur aksully. She thought maybe somethin was wrong with him but nothin is.... I did sleep on the bed with him fur a little while tho!-well, fur the little while that we gots tha sleepies. And then I was hissing a little at him 'cause I thought he was lookin at my funny.

It's an interestin' place-I can look out the window where all the people who are our neighbors come by and look out onto the street too-I nevfur could do that befur. Mommy even gots us a window perch, but she messed up the velcro thingy holdin it so now we gots ta wait fur her to fix it up.

I guess I'm just gonna relax today and check out some new crawly places, since there's lots here. It feels diff'rent to be in a new home tho-I'm not sures yet if I likes it.

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