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twimmin' my way!

March 20th 2010 12:19 pm
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I gots a new way ta stop Mommy from twimming my nails! It makes her laugh, MOL, and I get saved from tha tooorrture of my nails gettin cuts!

When she tries, I start ta lick her hands instead MOL!

I love Mommy! and she loves me!


Diary Picks!!!

March 19th 2010 8:00 pm
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How lucky is it that not one, or two, but four!!! (technically 5 a'cause Buzz n Bucky) of my furrrriends are Diary Picks!!!!


feelin a bit tired

March 18th 2010 12:20 pm
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Last night was sooo much fun that I'm still tired from it!!! Mommy had class, but she came home early and I played fur like, almost a while hour!!! I nevfur play that much! She had tha little feather taily thing and I kept tryin ta catch it underneafth my curved scratcher! and Indy ran in a couple'a times so I ran, but came back fur more, which I haven't done in a while! Yaaay! Hopefully no more barrrfies fur me!

Thank you to my special furrriends fur tha rosettes!
Teebo fur tha 4-leaf clovfur!
Sparrrky fur tha Pot o'Gold!!!
Ava, the sweet pretty Angel fur tha 4-leaf clover!!!
and my new furrriend Rachael fur tha rose!!! they think Indy is sooo cute...MOL!

and all the sweet comments about my belly troubles yestfurday, thank you sooo much!


I barfffffed yuck!

March 17th 2010 9:06 am
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My day was normal fur tha most part yestfurday...I had ta run from Indy most of it! Mommy gave us yummy dinner, not that wet stuff the sweet doc doc gave us. Indy won't evfen get close enuff ta let his nose touch it when he sniffs it and I liked it, but then threw it alls up hours afturrr I ates it...which brings me ta last night, or earrrly morning akshully, about 330.

I had just gotten off my window perch ta has some yum yums and went ta lie down there agains, and I did! Mommy was sounds asleep and Indy was too, considerin it took him awhile ta wanna come ta beddie last night. Then all's a sudden I started ta make those scary gaggy know tha ones, that our pawrents freak ovfur...and Mommy jumped up, and so Indy did too a'cause Mommy did and he sat on tha dresser next ta tha window perch while Mommy took cares of me, but I had already thrown it up. Mommy gots a towel ta wipes it and make sure it wasn't a furrrball, but no, it was my yum yums, mostly chewed and spit backs out. Mommy put a nice towel ovfur tha wet spot a'cause she knew I would wanna lie back there, and I did! But I took a drinkie from tha fountain furrrst and had a kibble or two.

Then again, about 4 am somethin, Indy was being rambunssshious ta me and I guess he thoughts if I was awakes, that meant I wanted ta play, so we woke Mommy up agains wiff my hissing and Indy's swishing thru tha air fast afturrr me. She closed Indy outta tha beddie room so I could get my rest but he kept scratchin tha door and cryin, so she let him in and what's he do?! Goes right afturrr me agains! Geez! So this time Mommy let me stay on my tree in tha living room and closed Indy in tha beddie room and you know what he did??? He whined and scratched tha door AGAIN! by that time it was wakie time so Mommy opened tha door and he just layed there and didn't chase me when she went in tha shower, which was nice of him.

So, he chased me again this morning, but Mommy tried ta tire him out before she left fur work. I hope it worked...he lost his favfurrite ball (and mine too!!) and Mommy can't find it eithfur, so all his toys are boring afturrr about 5 min.



I'm lazy mostly

March 16th 2010 8:38 am
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Last night we had an earthquake. it's my third since I been born and been living wif Mommy, I think third anyway...'parently we gets little one all tha time, but lottsa times people don't feel them.

Tha furrrst time, I was home alone and teeny tiny, but was ok, the second time it shook lots and Indy and Mommy were scared, and I was fur a second but knew I would be ok, so I just went ta eat my dinner, and last night was kinda shocking just a'cause we was all sleeping. I likes ta sleep in the window perch fur tha night and get my cuddles in between sleeping, and the window made a loud shaky sound so I perked my ears up right away and looked out tha window! Then Mommy woke up 'cause she felt it too and sure enuffs, it wasn't a bad dream or tha loud neighbor, or a horror movie come ta life, but the earth movin. I read a little about it on the 'puter this mornin' 'cause Mommy looks at shakemaps from time ta time...she was scared of earffquakes when she moved to CA, and still is scared! It wasn't too close to our house on tha map, but evfen when they are far away, you can still feels them, 'specially if you is a cat.

Well, aftur it happened, there was lottsa stuffs going on outside so I kept my watch out. Indy wanted ta look out tha window too, but it's my spot during sleepie time so I kinda hissed and told him ta back off (I'm tryin ta be a good sisfur like my furriend Lucy, I swears!!!) and Mommy gave us both some kissies and petties and said ta be nice...akshully, do you know one time when I was all comfy on my window perch, Indy wanted ta look out and Mommy akshully put him on it next ta me so he could see too!!! I guess she thought if we were both there and she was too then it would be ok. Maybe she should move a cat tree by that window, but then again, we likes them where they are.

Anyways, so yeah. That's tha news fur tha day so far. I hope that no more shakies happen 'cause my eyes get all spookie lookin Mommy says. And Indy gets all crazie.


PS! My furrriends Buzz n Bucky got a furrrevfur home! It's in Indy's diary!!! I is sooo happy fur them

PSS! Riley is soooo cuuute! *blush*


the weekend

March 15th 2010 8:14 am
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I always get bummed when tha weekend's ovfur 'cause Mommy has ta go back to her schedule at that jobby place. I can't wait fur tha day when she is done there and can take me to her trailer when she's on tv or in a movie, MOL! I thinks I might get suuuper spoiled when that happens!

Not much happened this weekend. my brofur was annoyin, as always, but only on Friday really, but I think it's 'cause Mommy had furrriends sleepin ovfur since one of her furrriends was visitin LA fur tha weekend. So Indy couldn't contain himself I guess with all the attenshion.

Now it's Monday. Mommy left soooo much earlier than normal fur work, but she said she will be home earlier today 'cause a that! Yaaaay!

Thank you to my special furrriend, Ava, fur the Four Leaf Clover she gave me =)



A Day in my Life

March 11th 2010 9:20 am
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All my furrriends are writing about their days and so did my brofur, so I thought I would too!!! It's not seeeew 'citing akshully, but here it goes!

I wakes up early wif Mommy-usually when tha alarm goes off or Mommy moves, I get up and hop onta tha beddie and lay on her chest fur some cuddling, alternatly I lay in my donut bed and wait fur her ta gives me a few kissies on my head and neck, oooor on othfur days, Indy has already gotten his mornin crazies and has chased me around, so I am just on top'a somethin like my cat tree!

Then Mommy gets up ta get dressed and so I follow her and jump on ta bafffroom sink and start ta meow fur attenshions...when she goes in tha potty potty wif that runnin water, I always take a peek befur she gets in just ta check out tha sishuashion ta makes sure she's safe. Sometimes I peek in too when she's not lookin just ta makes sure tha water monster isn't hurting her. Then she gets out and I go sits on her lappie while she helps me check up on pawmail and usually I takes a nap, which I love but must admit, sometimes I makes her run a little late 'cause she doesn't wanna make me get off her lappie or outta tha arm nook!

Then Mommy sometimes has ta chase Indy away from me from his flyin squirelly attacks onta me, but then she gives us some kibbles and maybe a treat or two (and she hides them fur us but I always finds them befur she leaves MOL!)

Then Mommy goes and I go and sleeps alllllll day on tha beddie! Sometimes I'm on my window perch too just checkin out all tha peoples walkin outside, but mostly I sleep and eat kibbles and sometimes go to tha potty. and I gives myselfs a little batthy too.

Mommy comes home and I dash outta tha bedroom to tha door and go get some cuddles and lovin! She usually picks me up, since that was out tradishhhion when I was an only kitt, and gives me some kissies all ovfur and says hi to me like, loads a times (once is enuffs mommy!) then I start ta meows fur my wet stuffs! And I gets it, and I gets ta eat some'a Indy's too since he only nibbles, so Mommy has ta take tha dish away and tell me ta slows down. Then I gives myselfs a battthy aftur my meal.

Then Mommy plays wif me and Indy and Indy chases me instead of tha toy sometimes...most of tha time akshully, so I sit up on my perch and watch the outside or sits under tha ta table and watch them play, or Indy play on tha turbo track. I also get cuddles when Mommy sits and checks emails or watches tv, and sometimes if she's eatin dinner, she lets me have a taste if it's somethin plain that I likes!

Then it's beddy time and of course I behave and follow Mommy into tha bedroom, while Indy is not listening, and then when Mommy lays down I gets some more cuddly time in, then sometimes I sleeps on tha blankie next to her and Indy and then I move to my window perch or donut bed, and in tha middle of tha night I get some kibbles and more cuddles and then tha day starts agains!



daily goings-ons

March 3rd 2010 9:49 am
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Life has been pretty routine lately fur me, wif the exception that I went to tha vet doc doc twice in like, a week...what gives?
This search fur a vet doc doc seems pointless ta me 'cause I always behaves myselfs there, but Indy does not, unfurrtunatly. But, we founds the best one so far who can akshully works wif Indy and his shortcomings and is nice ta me! Soooo nice akshully that even tho I hid under my Hazel Lucy blankie that Mommy put in my carrier (Thanks Mommy and HL!) I came out and just lounged on tha table at the vet doc doc all comfy cozy afturrr I met Doc. Cox!

Indy's aggresssshion has really been botherin me lately, more than befurrr. We were doin soooo good too, but lately I hiss when no one's even behind me, in anticipation of him coming! So Mommy told this Doc. Cox (I likes her the best so will call her by her name now 'stead of just calling her the vet doc doc) that I been doin that and she thinks Indy is def. tha problems and not me! Soooo, that bein saids, hopefully we will finds a peaceful resolushhhion soon, aftur all tha tests come back.

I'z been sads too. my Uncle Marley went to tha Rainbow Bridge this past weekend. Mommy was sooo upsets that she kept makin these loud sounds and I had ta come and see what's the matter wif her. Then she slept alllll tha weekend long and so when Indy wasn't cuddling wif her (and he pretty much hogged her all weekend!) I did my best. I nevfur met him, but I loved him.

ooooh! And Grandpaw is makin a suprise visit this weekend!!! He's back fur goods from othfur lands far aways, so wanted ta get some kitty cuddlez and stuffs fur a few days! Yay!!!

Kitty boyfurrriend Riley is gonna be a whole year old soon! And his brofurrr too!!! They both looks soooo handsomes in their bday pictures on their page!


No sleeeeepies at all in my house!!!! and...Hopefully a- rescue!!!

February 26th 2010 3:41 pm
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OMC! Indiana let his DDP totally get to his furrrrry head!!! Things were goin seeeew wells at bedtime last night too! window perch detached and fell, wif me on it and mommy and Indy sleepin! Indy always...and Mommy was tryin ta check me out to make sures I was ok! Well, she re-glued that velcro stuffs onta the window sill, but we gots ta replace it I thinks...I was afraaaiid ta sleeps on it all night aftur that, and Indy kept buggin me like a mosquito!!! Mommy made him leave tha room, then when he came back in he was calm, but I got mad, so I had ta leave tha room fur a time out. But then mommy opened the door and went sleeeepies again and I slept on my donut bed. Finally this morning Mommy checked tha perch again and it seemed good, so I decided ta test it and it;s ok fur now...

On anothfur note, Mommy has really been lookin to help that smelly kitty ...the one that she smelllled like the othfur day....find a rescue home. And I think he found one!!!! Mommy donated to this one shelter a'fore to a kitty who needed some eye surgeries, and it wasn't much, but Mommy did a little, and they sent her a cawwd thankin her and us, so Mommy emailed them 'cause they don't has their phone number up...well, Mommy also called tha shelter about Brownie and found out he's got some special needs-some kinda occccular schlerosis somethin-and is on medicines and he is missing some teeth, which is why Mommy thinks his tongue was outta his mouth like how I sleeps sometimes. Well, she put all that info in tha email about his special needs and how she and him shared a moment and he told her in his mind to halps, and how Mommy would donates some more fur him, and nevfur heard a thing...
Well, Mr. Brownie wasn't on tha animal services website this mornin and Mommy panicked, she saids. She called them an they said he was rescued...I hopes so!

***note from Kitty's Mommy***
Well, Kitty sure is excited to hear that maybe Brownie found a place to heal and get some needed love. I hope that's the case-does the shelter lie about those things? I have just a small irksome worry that they just say he was rescued instead of saying he was put to sleep, even though of course a lot of special shelters save animals in the city's shelters...I'm just going to hope that he is safe! I don't even understand this attachment to him-I guess it was just that everyone who walked by his cage unphased him and when I did and said hi, he perked right up and even watched me and stood up when I stepped away, so of course I had to go back over to him and talk to him some more! A friend of mine does a lot of rescue work in Connecticut and she said that hopefully the shelter is telling the truth and maybe they can't give out the rescue's name for legal reasons. I hope so!


what's that smell??

February 21st 2010 11:59 am
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Mommy came home yestfurday and I went right up ta sniffin her and guess what....she smelled like othfur kitties I think.
See, my uncle Ben, who watches us when Mommy goes away, wants ta adopt a kitten or two and so he asked Mommy ta goes with him to tha shelter and she did. Boy did she stinks!!!!

Mommy also told me about this kitty she met that she can;t stop thinkin abouts. His name is Brownie and he's almost 10!! His pawrents brought him to tha shelter and Mommy started to get all weepies when she saw him, she told me...he kept rubbin up on tha cage and tried ta meows at her, but no sounds came out...You know, I meows a lots and sounds allllways come outta my mouffth.

It's tuff havin a little brofur so I don;t think I wants a big brofur, and Mommy already has enuffs to pay with us, but I still am thinkin about that Brownie and how he's got no home. I hope Mommy can convince Uncle Ben ta adopt him and not a kittten, since people always want kittens.

I don't know what I would do if I ended in a shelters, but all those kitties smelled sad to me, and Mommy said they all looked sad too. pooor kitties. I am gonna purrrr fur them today.

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