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April 9th 2009 10:29 am
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Wow, I am so happy that I have some new friendz here already since I am so new! Thanks guys!

Yesterday Mommy came home and fed me some really yummy dinner and my brofur didn't eat all of his, so I tasted some of that too.
And this morning I made Mommy so happy! I like to sleep wif her of course and now my brofur sleeps with us too and that's cool, but then sometimes I just sleep by Mom's footsies cause then I can stretch out all the way cause it get's a little crowded, but last night I cuddled with Mommy almost all night and that's what she said made her happiest! Most nights I wake her up cause I like to lay on her chest and put my face next to hers, and she doesn't mind the kisses I give her either, but she is a light sleeper. Who wouldn't want to wake up to Kitty Kisses is what I say!!!!

I love my brofur, but sometimes I miss having Mom all to myself cause it really was just me and her in the beginning. I remember that day I first came home cause at the place I stayed at for a couple days before, my own really kitty brofur and sister (well mostly my brofur, that one Mommy almost named Shredder) wouldn't even let me share their dinner. I think it's cause I was outside a few days longer than they were. Anyways, so when I got to Mommy's I couldn't believe this place was all mines! And I walked to each room and nodded my head. Mommy thought that was really funny! Then she gave me food and I had the whole entire ting all to myself and I ate so much!

It was really cool =) And plus, Mommy used to take me everywhere with her, so I made friends with all sortsa people. My best kitty friend is actually MyKat, that's what I call her, but her real name is Ethel. She is my Mom's teacher's kitty. Mommy has class once a week, so used to take me with her so I wouldn't be home alone too much and MyKat gave me kisses right away! I even had a goggie friend too named King! He was nice, but at first he was more scared of me than I was of him. I guess that's cause my life started on the streets and that goggie was always spoiled.

I think I'm gonna make Mommy take me to MyKat's house soon. Indiana never met her yet, so I think I can introduce them. If I like her so much he has to too!

Oh, and Mommy reminded me yesterday and dis morning that me and my brofur are going to visit my Uncle Ben's house for a few days starting tomorrow. He's cool, but Mommy's gonna be away and I'm gonna miss her! I know she can't take me on those things called planes, and they sound scary too when I hear them in the sky, but sometimes I just wish I could go on that kinda trip too.


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