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April 8th 2009 3:10 pm
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So, Mommy is at work right now, so I thought I would take a break from sittin in my window sill and start my new diary!My little brofur Indy is taking a nap too on his favorite blankie-Mommy got it fur Christmas and it's Indy's favorite. Sometimes I like to cuddle on it too, but my little brofur loves it so I let him have it.

Mommy left some music on for us today when she went to work, and I loves it when she does that! I 'specially loves it when she sings to me and changes all the words to fit me. Indy doesn't like it as much yet because he's to interested in playing, but Mommy has been doing it fur me since she got me fresh off the streets.

See, my kitty mommy had me and my brofur and sisters but left us on the doorstep for a really nice lady one morning. At least that's what my Mommy says. Mommy didn't even think about having me as a baby at all till her friend asked if she wanted a kitty because her friend had taken some in. Well, she met my brofur first and thought she might take him, and even picked a name out (shredder! meowzer! what was she thinking!) but he already liked Mommy's friend and my other sister and he didn't want to go anywhere. Plus, Mommy was still scared to have a kitty baby because she never had one before, but when her friend brought me home too and gave me a bath (I had those pesky fleas!) well, I curled right on Mommy's lap, wet and everything and fell asleep. That's when Mommy knew she had to take me home. She even let me climb all the way up to her face all wet too, even though her dress got soaked (and I'z not so cute when I'm all wet!)

Oh man, Indy wants to play on the puter, so I guess I'll go back to my window sill. He' so silly!


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