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I've been diagnosed with HCM !

I've Joined Sasquatch at the Rainbow Bridge

December 9th 2008 6:58 pm
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Tonight, meowmy had to say her goodbyes to me. I've been very sick since before Thanksgiving. Mom kept taking me to vets, and they kept running tests, and giving me medicine, and I continued to get sicker by the day.
Last night, mom cried and cried. She saw how much I was suffering, and told me we would go to the vet, again today.
The vet did an x-ray and discovered I had a huge growth in my bladder, and said the prognosis was not good. He told mommy they could do surgery, but it was unlikely I would survive the surgery, and with a growth that size, it was unlikely I would recover.

Mommy gave me lots of kisses, and the nice vet gave me a shot to relax me, and then gave me a second shot to allow me to go to the Rainbow Bridge, to stay with Sasquatch until mommy joins us.

Mommy is very sad, Lightnin is wandering the house calling for me, and I hope she forgives mommy for taking me away, soon.

love and purrs - from the Bridge,


I'm not feeling very good.

December 1st 2008 5:19 pm
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Last night, when meowmy was holding me, I had an accident, in her lap, but I've had a kidney infection, and been on antibiotics for it, so she thought maybe I was just sleepy and "leaked".
I was in my cozy bed, with Lightnin, when she got up to go to work this morning, so she left us alone - and made sure there was food and fresh water in our drinkwell fountain.
Tonight when meowmy got home, she realized I am very sick, but the vet who knows my history is already closed for the night. My feet were cold, and my bottom was wet, again.
Meowmy is very worried...
Please keep me in your purrayers..
Meowmy gave me a long cool drink, and put the heating pad under another dry and soft cozy. I hope this medicine I'm taking starts working soon!

purrs to all my friends...


Holidays are good times, here at our house :)

December 1st 2005 3:56 pm
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I haven't written much, lately - mommy has been busy with all the Thanksgiving cooking... YUMMY !!!
Mommy cut the Thanksgiving turkey in half, and cooked one part for her and our "daddy" her son.
THEN -- she cooked the OTHER half of the turkey for US !! She put catnip on our half of the turkey, instead of those yukky human preferred spices.

The aroma of that turkey cooking all spiced up with CATNIP made all of us follow mommy around meowing and purring ALL the time it was cooking, and cooling. As soon as it got cool enough, she took all the bones out, and fed all of us wonderful warm pieces of turkey. We ate till our bellies were ROUND -- YUM YUM!

I'm feeling pretty good these days - and I wanted to send out a special thank you to Jeter Harris, his brother Sampson and his mom. Mommy and I are SURE that all their prayers for me to feel better have helped me get used to my medicine, and the poem he wrote to me made my sick heart feel so much better!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season - and we can't WAIT to find out what mommy will cook for us at Christmas :)

Warmest purrs to all my kitty friends,


The Cardiac Vet

October 27th 2005 3:12 pm
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When mommy took me to my regular vet on Saturday to get my yearly shots and "boosters", as always, the nice lady vet who takes care of all of our furry family members checked all my vital signs.
Much to her dismay, and our mommy's horror, the nice lady vet said I have a VERY LOUD heart murmur, and should be taken to a cardiac vet as soon as possible.

So, the vet referred me to the nice Dr. Ingrid and mommy and daddy drove me to see her, yesterday. I was really afraid, but mommy talked to me with her softest and sweetest voice, and told me this new Doctor would test me and find out if there was something they could do to make me feel better.

She put this cold jelly stuff on an instrument and rubbed it around on my belly - YUCK ! I held on tight to the edge of the exam table, but I was a very well behaved kitty (as always) and patiently allowed her to rub that cold wet stuff on me and look at her little TV screen that showed my heartbeats.

She told mommy I have a disease of the heart, called Hydrotropic Cardio Myopathy, and I would have to start taking medicine every day.

The GOOD part about that is she told mommy she could put the medicine in my VERY FAVORITE TREAT in the WHOLE WORLD, instead of just pushing a pill down my throat.

So, last night when mommy got home from work, she got a small bowl and put a spoon-full of VANILLA ICE CREAM in the little bowl, emptied a capsule of little tiny things that look like pearls into the ice cream, and let me have it ALL for my own.

Mommy is really sad, right now, because our "Grandpa Kitty - Sasquatch" had the same disease - but he was a LOT older than me. He died from complications of the disease, and now mommy is worried that I will start having the same problems Grandpa had.

But the way I look at it - when I was a baby, some nice people rescued me from a dumpster near a used car lot, where all I got to eat was garbage. Then my mommy saw me and said she HAD to have ME... so for 2-1/2 years, I've lived in her home with all my other furry family members, and mommy has always said I was her "Sugar Kitty" and she loves me VERY MUCH. I will stay here and take my medicine (in my ice cream) like a good boy, and I hope to stay with mommy and daddy a long time.

I guess it's a good thing that SOME people who study to be doctors decide to do the extra study to be specialists and be HEART DOCTORS for KITTY CATS!

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