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Not a *Dreamboat* but still pretty freaking dreamy :)

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June 14th 2012 9:21 am
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I am so lucky to have my friends here on Catster! Really wonderful, thoughtful cats that you are. My birthday was special because you were part of it.

Thank you for your comments and gifts, they mean so much to me. Just knowing that my friends care makes me a happy guy!

xoxoxo TT


I'm 5 too!!!

June 12th 2012 5:40 am
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Yup, I'm 5 years old today!!!!! Pass the nip please!!

For those of you that are here to celebrate with me, concatulations! You have made it through tough Catster times to be here. You have stuck it out through thick and thin and have supported your friends through happiness and crisis.

I'm happy to call you my friends. My family and I will not leave Catster and I hope you won't either. There are more good times to come, more birthdays to celebrate. You don't wanna miss it, do you?

I love you all!




It's mah Birthday too~ come play with me!

June 10th 2011 5:13 pm
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Hi furs!

I'm four years old today!!! Thanks for stopping by!

My pictures are a little harder to tell who is who than Tasha's, but mom wanted me to have a game to play too :)

So, am I sleeping in Picture 1 or Picture 2?

Picture 1

Picture 2

xoxoxo TT


DDP today :)

May 12th 2011 7:50 am
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I'm a DDP today :)

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate!

This morning when mommy opened the door to let Sasha in, something flew in with her! Mom didn't see it at first, but Tasha and I saw it! Tasha ran to the top of our Mondo scratching post to get at it, but she was so excited she lost her footing and fell. Next thing mom saw was me on top of the Mondo~ I had trapped the little flying thing against the window and brought him down to the floor to chew on :)

Mom wanted to see what it was; she was afraid it might be something with a stinger... I wasn't taking chances though~ mom has been known to take bugs away from me and put them outside! I quickly grabbed my bug and ran to the basement through my cat door to enjoy him. I'm too fast for mom! The unidentified bug was never seen or heard from again... ;)

Just call me bugboy, mom does!

xoxoxo TT


I don't vomit~ I regurgitate!

May 2nd 2011 1:10 pm
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Hello furfriends!

My "urge to purge" has been an ongoing problem that mom has tried to remedy in many ways. We eat small meals, use raised bowls, and eat only grain free canned foods. Despite mom's best efforts, I continued to purge.

Tasha loves food and hardly ever throws up any. It was Tasha's love for food that made mom put her on a diet. We were used to splitting one 5.5 oz. can of food into 4 separate portions, and we would eat 4 times a day~ this means we were getting 1/4 can each 4 times per day, at days end we each had received 1 can.

Tasha was gaining weight and I could not get to 9 lbs. Mom decided to stretch 1 can into 5 portions. Amazingly, Tasha began to shed ounces and I stopped my vomiting!

It seems even though mom believed we were getting small meals; the meals were not small enough. Mom recently found a website which explained what was going on with me~ I was not vomiting my food; I was regurgitating. Vomiting happens hours after eating, but I was bringing my food up immediately after finishing a meal. Here is the website mom read from: vomiting problem

I have reached an all time high of 9.0 pounds! I wanted to share this information just in case any other furs are struggling with the same problem.

xoxoxo TT


Shelly Sue needs help in Indiana

March 28th 2011 9:09 am
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Hello furs,

Many of you know that I have mild asthma. My friend Shelly Sue has asthma that is much worse, and her family cannot afford the costs of her ongoing care...

In her most recent diary entry, her mom explains how things have gotten to this point:

Shelly Sue's diary

Shelly Sue is in Franklin, Indiana and she needs a new home. Furs, she can't breathe and I am very worried about her...

xoxoxo TT


Anonymous love~ Our vet visit

March 21st 2011 11:06 am
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I received another giftee from Anonymous the other day! Anonymous has been thinking of me and has sent me love and is wondering how my vet visit went :)

Tasha & I went for our yearly vet appointment on 10-March. We go to a kitties only vet, and mom always requests that we see Dr. Lund. When we were little and in foster care, we saw a lot of vets and mom has explained our issues over and over, she just feels that for the one or two vet visits we make per year, it is nice to see the same vet who knows us. Well Dr. Lund changed her schedule after our appointment was made and we ended up seeing a different vet.

The new vet inspected my teeth. I have been letting mommy brush my teeth every day since I had them cleaned last year. Mommy has apparently been missing my bottom teeth~ my gums are a bit red on the bottom only. The new vet said that my teeth looked good and that I would not need a dental this year~ yay! And even though Tasha won't let mommy brush her teeth, she did not need a dental either.

I weighed 8.12 and Tasha weighed 9.10~ good weights for both of us!

I still have asthma attacks once in a while. Mommy asked the vet if they had a lot of patients that use inhalers for their asthma and the vet said that they do. The vet does not feel that my attacks warrant daily treatment with an inhaler at this time; mommy just wanted to be sure they were open to that idea. Mommy is gonna keep monitoring me and writing down the details of my attacks.

While Daddy was talking to the vet about my asthma, mommy noticed the vet was getting 2 syringes ready for me. Mommy had to interrupt and ask what they were. We were only due for our rabies shot this year, not the 3 in 1 shot: we had that last year. The vet told mommy that they were giving everyone the 3 in 1 shot this year even if they had it last year. This made no sense to mommy because the shot is good for 3 years (probably more). Mommy told the vet that she did not want us to have the shot, and the vet said that was fine. Mommy was not happy that they tried to give us that shot! I'm lucky mommy was payin attention!

Overall it was a good visit. Last year they had to use large heavy gloves to handle Tasha and this year she sat very still and was a good girl. I'm always a good boy!

xoxoxo TT


Me & my asthma

February 15th 2011 12:08 pm
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Hi furs!

I got a nice little Power of the Paw today to help me with my asthma~ it was from "anonymous"! That was really nice of anonymous! So I thought I would update you on my asthma.

My last attack was actually just a few days ago on 10-February. Before that, my last attack was the end of December. They are over quickly and I am back to myself.

Mommy started writing down all the details every time I had an attack, and 2 things are pretty consistent:

1) My attacks are almost always in the morning right after breakfast.

2) I throw up my breakfast just before my attack.

I am going to the vet on 10-March for my yearly checkup and Mommy will ask the vet for her opinion. Because my asthma is mild, I am not on any medications~ Mommy is just keeping an eye on me.

I can't wait to see what the vet says about my teeth~ we have been brushing them every day since my dental last year! I bet she is gonna be impressed!

xoxoxo TT



January 31st 2011 12:50 pm
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My good furiends Siggy, Pigeon & Mugsy tagged me, so here it goes.......

Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do:

1)They close the door to upstairs~ I feel that all doors should be open at all times!

2)Mommy won't feed me kibble~ I LOVE dry food!

3)Mommy won't let me knead her neck, she says it hurts... I love to knead her neck!

4)Brushing my teeth~ mommy brushes my teeth every night, unless she can't catch me, MOL!! (she is pretty good at catching me)

5)I don't like when daddy walks through the room when I am eating, I run. I need to have a calm atmosphere to eat properly!

If you're reading this and haven't been Tagged yet...consider yourself Tagged if you'd like to be, O.K?

xoxoxo TT


DDP today

November 30th 2010 6:23 am
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Hi fellow furs!

It was a surprise to be a DDP today! Thank you everyone for stopping by to celebrate with me!

Tash and I are feeling so much better this week; our pancreatitis has gotten better and we are both eating normally again. Hopefully we never have to go through that again!

Mom ordered us a new cat tree back in August and it is taking forever to get here, but the company promised mommy yesterday that we would have it by Christmas~ I hope so!

Mom has been working on getting another pic of us to play "Which One is Me?"~ so, be on the lookout for that ;)

Have a furtastic day!!

xoxoxo TT

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