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Only The Good Die Young

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Today's Award

February 1st 2014 9:50 am
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This award goes to a very handsome mancat. Lots of kitties have gorgeous eyes, some are yellow-green, some are green, blue, and even orange. But this gorgeous kitty has one of the most unusual combinations of eye and fur color - it's enough to make a 20 year old queen kitty consider swooning . . .

Milo, you win FUSM Best Eyes!

Congrats Milo!


Today's Award

January 31st 2014 7:59 am
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Today's award goes to a pawsome kitty who collected zealies from his pals in order to send out special rosettes to sick kitties who needed the purrs and pretty stars to kitties who had become angels. He was always there, letting each kitty and upset momma or daddy that they had friends who were thinking of them. What a pawsome thing to do!

Buddie, you are the FUSM Well Wisher!

Congrats Buddie!

We'll be back tomorrow with more awards!


Our Tenth Award

January 30th 2014 9:05 am
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Today's award goes to a handsome mancat. Anyways, this kitty, along with his sisfur, hosted one of the funnest games on Catster. There were a lot of fun games on Catster, including Hazel Lucy's "Find Hazel Lucy" game. But this one was my favorite - I met so many new pals by looking through everyone's photos while playing it. It's the Find the Catster Kitty Game! And best of all, one year I won a catnip mouse - which we all play with! It should be only mine - but somehow Charlie, Maurice, and Travis have all tried to play with it and steal it. Boys, ugh. Really, I just let them play with them - we all know I'm really in charge.

River, you win our FUSM Best Game!

Congrats River!

We'll be back tomorrow with more awards!


Our Ninth Award

January 29th 2014 10:38 am
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Today's award goes to a real pretty lady with bright green eyes. Not only is she pretty, I bet she would be the winner in any hide and seek contest. A couple years ago, this kitty went missing during a cross-country move. I've been on those before and they aren't fun. But I waited to make a break for it once we got to the house. Her momma thought she'd gotten out of the hotel room and couldn't find her anywhere. She didn't "MEOW" or anything! She was hiding in between the mattress and the box spring - wow, what a place to hide! I may like to hide some, but I've never hid myself like that!

Beautiful Ingen, you are our FUSM Best Hider! Probably best not to hide like that again though.

Congrats Ingen!

We'll be back tomorrow with more awards!


Our Next Set of Awards

January 28th 2014 9:23 am
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So our next set of awards goes to a very special family. They joined dis Catster place at a time when there weren't all that many new kitties on, except for obnoxious little kittens like Travis. I'm so glad we've gotten to know these fellow Texans and to be their pals. They jumped right into Catster - which are a good lesson since many of us are going to have to jump into something new. We're so glad we're friends.

Gorgeous Miss Calísta, you are our FUSM Best Newbie!

Congrats Calísta!

Czar you are our FUSM Best Newbie!

Congrats Czar!

Crouton you are our FUSM Best Newbie!

Congrats Crouton!

And lastest, but not leastest, Pistachio you are our FUSM Best Newbie!

Congrats Pistachio!

We'll be back tomorrow with more awards!


Food For Thought

January 27th 2014 3:10 pm
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Here's some food for thought, which is why I'm the one writing this entry and not Travis. That goofy little kitten guy is not that good at thinking. If it was called "food for your belly" maybe he could write it.

Right now there's a lot of different sites popping up and kitties are running in every direction. It seems like a different site is proclaimed to the replacement for Catster and savior for this community every day. And just as soon as it is, some people are already becoming disenchanted with it. The fact is there will never be another Catster/Dogster. It was one of a kind. And if Catster failed, which it did, I really am doubting the ability of any other pet-networking site to succeed long term. I don't mean to be negative or anything, I'm just trying to be realistic.

A lot of us are blaming Say Media for Catster's failure, and they have their blame. I think we all know that, I would be the first cat to say it. They promised to build our community and they neglected it instead. Kind of like the people who adopted our sweet Charlie and abandoned him at the apartment complex. But what about the people who walked by Charlie and ignored him - never taking him in, never feeding him, some even actively being mean to him? Cats (and their people) had been leaving Catster before Say Media took over. And the reason many have left or just become less active have not been because of Say Media's actions, but because they lost interest in Catster. There's only a certain amount of time in a day, and it's ok to decide you don't want to spend it on Catster (or whatever else).

I'm just doubting the ability of any pet-based social networking site to make it based since Catster, a once profitable website, failed. That's why I think it's time for us to really think about what we got out of Catster.

Did you like the social forums? Try joining something like free forums - there are a couple up and going already. There's Pupsters and Kitsters, a joint dog and cat forum. There's also Cat Place, a cats only forum. I'm a member of both, but will probably be hanging out at Pupsters and Kitsters more since we have dogs too and are administrators there.

Did you like the informational forums? There's tons of them out there, and many websites with cat health info on them.

Did you like socializing with other cat owners? Facebook is probably the way to go. I'm on there at WhitleyHarris02. You don't have to have your momma's or daddy's name or face on there if they don't want that - we don't.

If you really enjoyed the diaries, blogs are probably the way to go. I have one at Lone Star Cats that I'm sharing with Travis. It is a little like starting over, but if a bunch of us came, it wouldn't feel that way as much. A group of the diary-writing dogs from Dogster has gone over to blogs and they're all commenting on each others'. It would be nice if some of my pals would join me, but we also plan on making new pals - there's a number of kitty blogs out there, including Da Tabbies of Trout Towne if anyone remembers them.

I just don't want to see my pals going through this heartbreak all over again when the next pet website closes down. It is breaking our hearts to lose Charlie's page, since he will never have a place on the internet again. I'll be a little honest here, even though I'm usually not a complaining kitty - I'm almost 21. I'm not in the best health. I am very arthritic and gaunt in some places. I still eat good, but I am peeing A LOT, and we know that means kidney issues. Recently, I've even gotten a little bald spot on my ear. My typist does not want to be going through how she feels about Charlie's page with my page. We don't know how long I have (I say 10 more years, at least), but my humans say everyday I'm happy and eating is great. They don't take any day for granted.

We know nobody wants to go through this again. This is why we're moving to blogger - it's owned by Google and has been around for years. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. There are no ads on your blog unless you choose to have them (and then you get a portion of the money). Word Press is also a good option for a blog if you don't like Google. But let's be honest, not only is Google spying on us, the NSA is spying on us. Unless you're telling how to build bombs and organize a kitty jihad on your blog, you really don't need to worry. Although Travis' poops may qualify as a weapon of mass destruction since they do make the room clear out.

But please, wherever you go friends, go somewhere reliable - somewhere like blogger, Word Press, Pro Boards/Free Forums (has been around for 10+ years), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram . . . there's no guarantees that they'll be there forever, but they will likely be there for a while. And if saving your page is important to you, save it as you go along. There's even a company that will make a book out of your blog posts at a very reasonable price. Never store your photos in only one place. And please don't give any money to any of these new sites springing up. Please be smart and realize that everyone doing this is doing it for one reason - profit. No one is setting up a cat community just to be nice. And some of them may not be scrupulous and may be dishonest scammers. Read the terms and conditions and make sure you're not giving away your copyrighted images and content unless you want too. I don't want to see my pals get hurt, so please think before you give out any money or financial information. And realize that some may start out as free, but when they start struggling, they will be hitting you up for money so you don't lose your pages again. And you may not get the warning you got here - they may lock you out and require you pay before you can get back in.

Maybe it's because my typist is younger (27), but she's seen lots of these sites come and go. When she was 15-16 - it was Xanga and Live Journal. Then MySpace. Then Facebook. Now it's twitter, tumblr, instagram, snapchat, etc. Nothing lasts forever on the internet, but you can try to look for one that will be around a while. And always back up and save your photos/diaries/anything else that really matters to you.

Hope to see you around, and tomorrow I'll be back with my next FUSM award.


Our Seventh Award

January 27th 2014 9:51 am
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Our seventh FUSM award goes to our Model Kitty of Catster! This beautiful girl has some big shoes to fill in taking over as the official model of Hazel Lucy hats, but I'm pretty sure her pretty face can help feel quite a few kitty hats! Unlike me, who usually the camera about the same glare I would give Say Media when my human slaves insist on putting clothes on me. MOL! She's already a blanket tester par excellence and I'm sure she'll make a great model as well.

Mazie, you are our FUSM Model Kitty!

Congrats Mazie!

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......


Our Sixth Award

January 26th 2014 10:11 am
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Our sixth FUSM award goes to our Eye Candy Queen of Catster! This lovely lady brightened up every cold February with her wonderful dreamboat list, providing some mancat cuteness for all of us ladies to enjoy! And not only did we get to look at all the lovely dreamboats, it was also a pawsome way to introduce us to new kitties. I know I found a lot of my pals from her dreamboat list. After all, what lady would not want to be friends with a dreamy mancat? What would a February be without her dreamboat list? Luckily, we don't have to find out this year. I can't wait to see what cuties she picks. Now, Travis may have had his own reasons for wanting Samoa to get an FUSM award, but you can believe me, no ulterior motives played a part in my decision. Just an appreciation of a lady with a good eye for cuteness.

Samoa, you are our FUSM Eye Candy Queen!

Congrats Samoa!

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......


Our Fifth Award

January 25th 2014 3:02 pm
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Our Fifth Award, goes to our Belly Queen of Catster! Now, I enjoy a belly rub occasionally, I liked them more when I was younger. But this kitty loves belly rubs and showing off her gorgeous belly. I don't roll over and show my belly so much anymore, you can never tell when one of these goofy boys around here might get the idea that I want to play with them or something. Anyways, this girl is not afraid to show her belly off. And what a beautiful belly it is . . .

Simone, you are our FUSM Best Belly!

Congrats Simone!

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......


Our Fourth Award

January 24th 2014 2:36 pm
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Our Fourth Award, goes to our Pawty King of Catster! He is a handsome man cat - and my own personal Snack Pack, MOL! Just remember, whatever Say Media does, I'll always be your Snack Pack!

Zach, you are our FUSM Number One Host! We loved your rocking pawties - bring on the niptinis!

Congrats Zach!

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......

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