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Good-bye, Minnie

December 23rd 2014 5:34 pm
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Minnie had chronic congestion for a few months, and she rapidly got worse this month, and it was time to let her stop her struggle last Friday. There are no words.

The only thing worse than losing Minnie would have been to have never had the 6-pound ball of fluff as part of our family these 16 years.


Mom's photo of me with my cousin is on CATSTER article!

January 31st 2013 5:56 pm
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Mom's photo of me & my cousin is on CATSTER article about purebreds!

It was a nice warm summer day, and my cousin held me very carefully so I would be safe until we went back inside our home.

And my sister Hurricane Hillary isn't at all jealous (she can't read).


I'm on Catster's front page today for "Today We Celebrate- Singapuras"!

January 27th 2012 1:28 pm
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We're so glad we got a friend request from the guardian of Ginger, Tyson, Serena Honey Girl Angel, Tabatha, Elsa, Felix "Honey Angel", Samantha Angel and Georgina Morris George Angel, not only because now we're Catster friends, but because their message mentioned Minnie's photo on the front page, January 27, 2012, so we could go see it too!

Hurricane Hillary, our black and white American Cat cutie, isn't even jealous about this fun news for Minnie & her sister Daisy Our Angel.


I was Tagged

February 4th 2011 8:23 am
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I was tagged by my friend Toni, and I'm going to list 5 annoying things my humans do. Then I am to tag 5 friends.

1. make me wait until they get up to feed me each morning, no matter how much I dance on the bed
2. give me medicine each night, no matter how cleverly I hide
3. let me have only a few Greenies each day
4. pay some attention to Hurricane Hillary
5. :D nothing else comes to mind :D

I am tagging Cinder, Smudge, Gentleman Jack, World Coolest Fluffy and Alex, Thais, and Tinkie Herman


Old and New Kitties CAN become loving - well, uhm, liking - Family!

July 9th 2009 9:08 pm
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Well, it took about 5 months, but my youngest sister, Hurricane Hillary, and I can be out and about together! When Mom goes out, she still leaves me in charge of the big room - with the door shut, and Hillary and PL keep each other company, but the rest of the time we are paw-loose and fancy-free.

So, though every kitty is different, Mom wants to share with our Catster friends that it IS possible for a 10--year-old KITTY and a one-year-old little sister kitty to get along, with enough time, patience, and luck!

Oh, and about the little-sister part - Hurricane Hillary is a little sister when it comes to age, but she's a BIG sister when it comes to size. I'm still about 7 pounds, and Mom suspects Hillary is over 10 pounds.

And a BIG thank you to several of our special Catster friends' Moms who gave Mom lots of good advice and support when rescue-kitty, sister Hillary joined our family.


Life with Hurricane Hillary (and old laptop)

February 15th 2009 11:10 am
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My sister Hillary and I can be in same room for quite some time now, but eventually one of us chases the other (usually Hillary chases me), and then I hide out somewhere for a while. But Mom thinks things are getting a bit better each day, since I don't hide out for as long each time.

Because Mom's monitor died a few days ago, we're keeping up online with an old laptop that's trusty, but cranky and extremely slow. We will keep up much better with our sincere thanks for the wonderful gifts we get once Mom can use computer that doesn't literally make her head hurt after a while :D

Happy Day after Valentine's Day and Day before Presidents' Day!
purrs - Minnie


News Almost as Good as a Food Treat!

January 16th 2009 2:39 am
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Thank you sweet Hazel Lucy and Catster for telling Mom that I am a Catster Diary Pick for today!

She is very excited, so it must mean she is also going to get a new toy or her favorite food, sharp cheese. (It is an odd, but good, choice, since it means Mom never goes for my food, which is more than I can say for my new sister Hillary.)

And thank YOU for reading my diary! Would you like to sign the Guestbook I share with my two sisters, and is on the Right side of my kitty page?

If you say yes (please say yes), here is a hint: When the big black arrow that says "SIGN THIS GUESTBOOK" appears - click on it.

Maybe we live very near, or very far, from each other. How exciting! purrs - Minnie


Today I'm 10!

January 8th 2009 12:44 am
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Oh, my, I'm so excited - it sounds like I will have a shrimp today in honor of my special day - I'm the birthday girl! Though I'm 10, Mom says I look like a kitten because I'm a small, trim, pretty kitty. Well, that's what Mom's are for - to say sweet things - right?

And speaking of sweet, I got an early birthday present from the Mom of Smudge, Sissel, Wesley, Sunny, Dekker (in loving memory), and Smokey (in loving memory). She gave me this perfect, delicate violet background with my grandma's favorite flowers, and she put the pretty "Minnie" at the top. Thank you purrs! - Minnie


Someone New Here!

January 4th 2009 10:07 pm
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Someone new came here Tuesday, and though she's black and white, instead of sepia agouti and white, she looks a LOT more like me than Mom.

We're still checking each other out, but I already know I like her food and she likes mine. My best guess is that her name is Mommy Hillary. I'll keep you updated.


I Miss My Little Sister Daisy- November 25 2008

November 25th 2008 6:42 pm
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Last month, Mom put my little sister Daisy in her nice carrier, and she disappeared for a long time, but she did come back.

Then, for three weeks in a row, each Tuesday Daisy would go in her carrier and disappear, but she would come back later in the day.

Then, on November 16, Daisy went in her nice carrier again, and she has not come back.

I keep talking to Mom, asking her where Daisy is, but Mom cries.

Daisy has been gone longer than ever before. I want my sister to come home soon, so she doesn't miss Thanksgiving.

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