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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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When tomorrow starts Mom

November 19th 2015 2:14 pm
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When tomorrow starts without me
Don't think we're far apart
For every time you think of me
I'm right here inside your heart....

Zekie your angel boy


My angels watch over me

November 18th 2015 3:24 pm
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My kitty angels in the mornings
come to breathe in natures dew,
then fly away to start the day of
watching over me.


Heartache and Memory

November 16th 2015 1:53 pm
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Death leaves a heartache
No one can heal
Loves leaves a memory
No one can steal


I am home now

November 13th 2015 7:22 pm
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I am finally home, well my earthly remains. Mom & dad picked me up from our vet today. They gave mom some of my very soft fur and my paw print. I watched as mom received them from one of the techs, she hugged mom and my mom cried. I felt my mom's love I was there for her today. My mom is so sad getting my remains makes it real and final.

Mom ordered my cedar box for me and a stone for her angel garden for me, it even has a heart with paw prints in the heart cause i sure did leave my paw prints in my moms heart.

Mom holds my container I am in now, she cries and talks to me, mom I know this is hard for you just know I am all healed now, I am your sweet boy, your bright shining star, look in the sky for my shining paws I will always be with you, I will never leave you. Your sweet boy misses you too.

Love ya Mom & friends


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

November 12th 2015 2:50 pm
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Thank you friends for your support, love and being here for me and Zekie. Thank you for all your loving messages, gifts, pictures and poems you have sent to us.

Losing my sweet boy has been so very very hard on me. Zeke never had a chance, his kidneys failed so fast. Even though we did everything we could including letting him stay at the vet for 9 days getting IV fluids he just didn't have it in him to get better and stay with us.

We did have him for 17 days after his stay at the vet, we were giving him 200ml fluids everyday, but it just didn't help him, we took him back for another blood test, but this time instead of the numbers going down they went back up. We knew then that his time with us was short.

My poor boy the first week he was home ate really good, especially his dry food, we were so happy. He was out walking around, jumping on the furniture, looking out the windows and sleeping with me. By the second week he wasn't eating as much, stopped eating his dry food, started having trouble walking his back legs were getting weak, he was slow getting around, was missing the litter box. I knew I was going to have to make the dreaded decision to let him go.

We made him comfortable, put wee wee pads everywhere, helped him get to the box, I hand fed him, but most importantly I gave him so much love, hugs and kisses....cried all the time.

When he stopped eating and not drinking much water, hated getting the fluids and his medication I knew it was time. I had to come to terms with letting him go as hard as it was going to be.

Zekie has always been the sweetest boy, loved being with me, sleeping either at my feet or by my pillow, in the morning I would wake up he was laying on the top of the pet steps I have on my side of the bed waiting for me to get up to feed him, he would always meow at me as if saying morning mom.

It took me 2 days to finally make the call to have him put to sleep, I was having anxiety attacks, crying and crying, holding my baby boy.

I knew I had to do this for my boy I couldn't let him suffer anymore, I wanted him to go peacefully in my arms and that is what he did.

I am as most know am not doing well, this is so very very hard on me, he was my baby, he was always with me, so now everywhere I go I am reminded of my sweet angel. I just hope in time I won't feel so heartbroken, sad, depressed, lonely and alone.

My Zeke is my sweet angel always in my heart, I know he is with Tallulah they are playing with butterflies in her garden. I asked Zeke before he left to send me a butterfly and he did, he sent me a beautiful yellow butterfly, I know it was from him, we haven't had butterflies around and all of a sudden there it is.

Thank you Zekie for your love and being my baby boy, I miss you so much, you are my heart.

Thank you friends from the bottom on my heart!

Peggy Zekie's grieving Mom


Zeke is my angel boy

November 5th 2015 3:00 pm
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Sadly today 11-5-2015 Zekie made his journey to the rainbow bridge. He is my cute boy angel. You will always be in my heart my sweet boy.
I can't write anymore I am so upset, sad & can't stop crying.
Wanted our friends to know and to thank you all for everything. Just too hard for me

Peggy Zekie's mom


Zeke is failing, it is day by day now

November 3rd 2015 11:21 am
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It is with much sadness that my Zeke is failing. His numbers for his kidneys have gone way back up. We have tried but he just isn't strong enough to pull through this.

He still eats, is peeing & slowly getting around to be with us.

His time with us is short, we are taking one day at a time, but in my heart I know we will be making the awful decision to let him go to be with my angel Tallulah and his buddy. They used to spend lots of time together. I know she will be there to greet him with love & angel hugs, butterfly kisses.
I am so broken that my sweet mellow lap boy will be leaving me soon.

Peggy Zekie's mom


Zeke is doing OK

October 28th 2015 1:14 pm
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Zeke is doing OK, he is eating with the help of his food stimulant pill, he gets 1/2 pill twice a day. It helps him eat without it I am not sure he would eat much. He is eating mostly dry, he has always loved dry, can not so much, but he does eat some.

He is thin and weak, but getting around, he loves walking around the house checking everything out, going into the pantry to get dry food even though I have his food in our walk in closet.

I had to change out all the litter boxes for lower edge boxes so he could get into them and not pee all over, I have now put wee wee pads under and around the boxes, he sometimes doesn't make it into the box or completely into the box.

He has to get 200ml of fluids everyday, my sweet boy becomes a not so sweet boy when it comes to the fluids. I have to hang on to him he tries to turn and push backwards to get away, so far we have managed to keep him in one place. He growls and meows the whole time, makes me sad to see him this way I tell him we love him and this is to help him feel better.

With having to get several medications I bought empty gel caps so I can grind up the pills to put in the caps and but the powder medication in them, I roll them in a little butter to get into his mouth and make them go down easier. He was fighting me and scratching me because he didn't want the pills in his mouth, this is so much easier now. He also gets liquid holistic Kidney herbs to help his kidneys.

He sleeps a lot, loves sleeping on me in my chair during the day or sleeping in one of their cat trees by the window.

So far he is doing good, hanging in there, next week we take him to the vet to check his kidney numbers, praying they came down more and he continues to be stable. He isn't out of the woods, things can change but for now my sweet Zeke is here and I know he wants to be with us, not ready to leave us.

Of course I am worried about him, don't like to leave him for long so we are staying home, only going out if we need to.

On top of everything we have been going through, Sunday evening I noticed Kody was acting like he did when he was getting blocked, so Monday I called our vet as Xena had her appointment for her Kidney blood work, to see if we could bring in Kody. Sure enough he was getting blocked, luckily we got him in time, he got fluids, a shot that has made him high since Monday, he is also getting medication to relax his muscles so he can pee and herbal medication for his kidneys.

Great news is Xena's kidney numbers came down, she is doing great and has even gained weight.

I will do diary entries for Kody and Xena as well.

It has been a hard week for me, warn out from all the sick kitties and Mia, cleaning up after them, giving medication and continually watching over them to make sure they are all OK. Know that we thank you all for your support and for caring about us. I will update when I can, just a busy stressful time right now with the not knowing what each day will bring to us all.

Love and hugs to you all
Peggy and Kitties


Zeke gets to come home finally

October 19th 2015 9:49 am
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Sorry I haven't given you an update on my Zeke. I haven't been feeling well, new medication making me nausea & tired.

Last Thursday we got Zeke's new numbers for his kidneys. They came down, but both me & our vet felt he needed the IV fluids a little longer to see if we could get them down more as they were still not down enough. So he stayed longer, my poor boy.
He is OK, but not eating much, even with food stimulant it is a concern.

We have visited him, we can tell he feels better but wants to come home. It always breaks my heart to leave him.

After we visited him last Monday I got a call from the vet office. Come to find out Zeke got scared & spooked when one of the techs that is taking of him tried to get him out of his cage. He tried to get back into his cage, so scared he bit the tech. So out of character for Zeke he is so sweet & mellow i have never heard him hiss or growl, he is the one that gets along with everyone. The tech had to go to urgent care and we all know what happens, they had to report Zeke. We haven't heard from the animal control so far, if they do not sure what will happen, vet assured me he would just be quarantined for 14 days. He never goes out so that isn't an issue, they may force me to get Zeke his rabies shot. I don't believe compromised cats with health issues should be getting shorts, it only makes them sick. Zeke is sick enough and we have no idea how long we will have him here with us.

So this morning they will do his bloodwork, wean him off the IV fluids today and we can pick him up around 5. I can't wait to have him home with us, sure he will be happy too.

He will be on antibiotics, phosphorus binders, pepcid & food stimulant, he is getting 1/4 tablet 2 times a day, I need to see if I can give him half tablet 2 times a day because he still isn't eating much.

Zeke still needs your purrs & prayers

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers for my baby & for being here, it has been so hard on us all, especially Zeke.

Peggy Zekie's mom


Another update

October 14th 2015 7:25 pm
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Zeke is still at the vet, they took his blood late afternoon, will get results tomorrow sometime. Depending on the numbers he may or may not get to come home.
He is doing better, still not eating much, but he is eating. He is peeing a lot and he is more active, not hiding as much as he was.
It has been hard not being there with him, wish we lived closer so I could visit him everyday. If he can't come home tomorrow we will go visit.
I sure miss my Zekie boy, pray he will get to come home and will do good with getting his fluids everyday & be here for a long time.
I will update when we know anything

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