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Got my chemo treatment today!!!!

August 6th 2009 4:17 pm
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Well my friends, Mom did it she took me this morning in my new small carrier to the Vet to have the blood vampire get more blood from me to see if my white blood count was up and it was, so Mom had to leave me there in that awful place and in another prison room. They shaved my other front paw, why couldn't they just use my paw that was already shaved. So now I have two bare legs. The vampire lady came and got me out of my hiding place in my prison and they put more needles in my arm and soon I was asleep so they could put the nasty stuff in me. When I woke up it was done and they put me back into my prison and I went right into my very own little carrier, I did have my trankie blankie with me but I had an accident in it before they got me settled, so Mom had to wash it, I need it to help me sleep...I had my medal on Mom told them not to take it off because it was blessed and it was helping me to stay safe and get well....

I heard them talking to Mommy and told her I did good and I was still a little groggie, but doing fine. Finally Mom came and got me, but we didn't go home right away she had to go take care of a little doggie and a kitty smaller than me before she brought me home.

I actually ate some dry food and a little tuna with my special herb supplements and colostrum that will boost my immune system while I am going through chemo.

They told Mom to make sure she keeps an eye on me to make sure I am doing OK, I am eating: I could get sick and more within 5 to 7 days...

Well I am home now I won't have to see the vet hopefully until the next chemo treatment on the 27th...I am going to go sleep now I am tired...Bye my friends I will let you know how I am doing tomorrow, Oh I have been able to sleep on my Mommy the last 2 nights and it was the best sleep I have had in a long time, just love my Mom and getting to sleep with her...there is nothing better!!!

Love and purrs to all of you

Purred by: Mayhem (Catster Member)

August 6th 2009 at 6:33 pm

Oh have been in our purrs and prayers all day! Sounds like a really scary experience! I am glad you had your medal to keep you safe and your blanket for comfort. Don't worry about the ....pardon the words...little mess...I would have been so scared I would have made a big mess! We will be checking on you and will be keeping you in our purrs and prayers! God Bless! Mayhem, Murder RIP and our mommy Mary
Purred by: Dusty Miller (Catster Member)

August 7th 2009 at 8:44 pm

get some rest Tallulah! hope you feel better!


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