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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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July 22nd 2011 2:31 pm
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My sweet angel Tallulah, I remember the day I decided to adopt you back in 1999. I wasn't looking to adopt a kitty because I was volunteering with Friends of Cats! But that was my lucky day because you tugged at my heart and I knew we were meant to be were so little and scared....but I knew I had to take you home and not let anyone hurt you ever again...

You have taught me so much my sweet girl, we had a special bond that can not be broken not even in death...I know you are always with me...

As the years went by I might say way too fast you became a very special kitty, never afraid of anything, always standing up for yourself, never backing down...demanding to be heard, trusting us that we would not hurt you....

How I loved when you slept with me, wanting to snuggle in your own way, purring! how I miss that me sweet girl!

You brought so much into my life and the unconditional love you gave is still with me today....

Little did I know that God had another plan for you, you see I thought we would grow old together and I would have you for many more years, but I guess that was not to be...

You were the fighter and you inspired so many and you are so loved even today...I am continuing your fight my sweet, you have saved several lives even your sisfur Xena...I thank you for that my sweet...

The memories I have of you are the best and I know you taught me so much in your short life....and you continue to teach me everyday...

Now I ask where has the time gone and where do I go from taught me to fight and never give up! Well I am fighting everyday to get better and not feel so sad, but that is one fight I may not win, the sadness just won't go away...never give up well I won't give up trying to feel better or continue you fight for kitty breast cancer awareness, but again I may not be like you as you never gave up....even though it was your time to go you didn't give up... you are still fighting even in heaven....

thank you my sweet for helping others, sending butterflies from heaven....and loving me the most precious gift you have given since that wonderful day we met and I brought you home!

you are a precious gift from God and I will always always cherish you, you are my sweet Lulu, my sweet white kitty with the dip stick tail....I miss you my angel in pink!!!


Thank you to all of Tallulah's friends for putting butterflies on your pages, for all of your gifts, the love you show and just being here for Tallulah and me...we love you all!



Get through whatever life hands you

August 19th 2011 5:00 pm
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This is for you Mom from me QT in heaven

Even when things may not seem to be working out the best for you, I know you, and I know you'll make the best of any situation..

I know that you will keep on doing everything you can-a day at a time. It will take courage, discipline, and perseverance to get to where you want to be, but I know you'll get there.

Try not to worry. Have faith in God and confidence in yourself. Believe you're going to be fine. Take authority over your troubles. Don't let them cause you to give up. Allow them to teach you what you want to know, and then move on...

You're a survivor like me. You're going to handle whatever comes along. You're going to find strength you didn't know you had and grace to deal with whatever you need to.

Pretty soon, you'll be on the other side, and you will look back on this time in your life when you replaced your fears with faith and determination and were rewarded with answers to your prayers...

I know this Mom cause most of it has already happened, you had so much strength and courage when I was sick and you let me go. You have taken this past year one day at a time and you know as I know that you survived and have handle whatever comes along...

Mom you are my hero, you gave me the strength and courage to fight the nasty C...for this I will always love you, watch over you and send you beautiful butterflies...did you see that pretty yellow butterfly I sent you today while you were walking that was me and I know you felt me there with you....

Mom I send you love and hugs from heaven




August 23rd 2011 2:23 pm
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Hello from my beautiful heavenly butterfly garden...WOW this is my 1 yr rainbow bridge day....

Mom wanted me to tell all of our friends that she is too emotional and has been crying today, it is too hard to be here but she wants to thank all of you for all of the gifts you have sent to me today, for remembering me and Mom....she can't read the messages it just makes her cry even more, she we read our messages & thank you all sometime after today....she knows you all understand....

She will write more on my diary too....we both send you our love and hugs...

QT and Mom Peggy


You've been gone 1year!

August 26th 2011 3:59 pm
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My dear sweet Tallulah
I can't believe you have been gone for a year now! where did the days go...I will not cry today, Mom is working on trying to remember the days before you were sick, the day I first met you and all of the days we had were my special girl and there will be no other like you cause my sweet Tallulah you were one of a kind....We miss you my sweet girl!

I can't believe you're gone. Why did you have to leave me?
I will miss everything about you: your sweet personality.
I have nothing but pictures and memories and
that is not enough to fill the empty spot in my heart.
I love you with all of my heart and
I'll always remember the good times we had together.
I may cry and be sad, but for knowing you, I'll always be glad.
I know you'll be with me someday, in another time.
But right now you're gone but you will always be here in my heart.
I will miss you!!!!!
I will see you again in heaven,

You will live on in my heart
my little friend so true,
and memories of you will fill my mind
until I go to you.


There is always Hope!

September 6th 2011 3:02 pm
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Message of Hope

A whispered wish of remembrance
Silent words of loss
A song of good bye
An unspoken prayer for lasting peace
A message of hope
Rejoice for the spirit that has passed.
Release the sorrow and the sadness.
Rebuild a life again.
Emerging from your cocoon so gently placed
Sensing the freedom in the waiting sky
Wings open and quickly a flight
A drift in the air
dancing with the wind
Aglow in the sunlight.
The message of hope
Touching the spirit
Teaching to begin anew
Transforming the wish into hope
on the radiant wing of a butterfly.

I have hope that one day the kitty breast cancer will be no more, never give up hope, there is always hope.

Sending butterflies from heaven & remember KITTY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS


San Francisco 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk MASCOT again!

September 7th 2011 2:08 pm
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Hello my friends this is Angel Tallulah reporting once again for the 3 day walk in San is this weekend starting Friday September 9th to the 11th....and again I have the honor of being the Crazy Cat Ladies Mascot....

I am so honored that they be walking to help humans and spreading the word about "KITTY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS"

I am going to be with Chai Latte's Mom and Lily's Mom every step of the way...and I will be showing them I am there and all of you know how right? you guessed it I will appear as a beautiful butterfly.

My Mom is so proud of me and she too is honored that they want me to be their mascot once again this year...they will be wearing the shirt with my picture on it one day, another day they will have pets names on it that they are honoring by walking and of course one with human names on it...

So please all of my friends check in over the 3 days for up dates on my very special kitty Mom's walk that I will be reporting on...Of course they don't know it yet but I have become the kitties and their Moms guardian angel....I will be with them always and watch over them.

So this weekend lets all honor and remember all of the catster kitties that made their journey to the bridge that fought so bravely but lost their battle and those that are still fighting to survive...

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is limited,
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
it cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit

Author Unknown

Message of Hope

A whispered wish of remembrance
Silent words of loss
A song of good bye
An unspoken prayer for lasting peace
A message of hope
Rejoice for the spirit that has passed.
Release the sorrow and the sadness.
Rebuild a life again.
Emerging from your cocoon so gently placed
Sensing the freedom in the waiting sky
Wings open and quickly a flight
A drift in the air
dancing with the wind
Aglow in the sunlight.
The message of hope
Touching the spirit
Teaching to begin anew
Transforming the wish into hope
on the radiant wing of a butterfly.

Angel QT reporting from the butterfly garden at the rainbow bridge...

sending butterflies and hugs from heaven


Day 1 of the 3 day breast cancer walk

September 9th 2011 7:37 pm
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Tallulah reporting on the fist day of the San Francisco's 3 day walk for the Cure....


What a day Jeanette and Terry had, it started very early for the 2 of them...first getting there, then checking in. Once they checked in at about 6:30am they had the opening ceremony what a site to behold pink all over the place...oh how I loved seeing so much pink. All the walkers had to do some stretching before the walk....I am with my special friends making sure they do their stretches so they are ready to walk...

Now to the route for the first day they started at the Cow Palace in Daly City. From there they made their way down to the beautiful Lake Merced. All the while enjoying the views of Pacific Ocean as they traveled north along the Great Highway.

After their stop for lunch and to rest they continued on to Lands End Trail into Sea Cliff, the Presidio and neighborhoods such as Presidio Heights, Pacific Heights and Fisherman's Wharf...Well I just had to stop and have me some fish how can a kitty even an angel kitty not stop and have some fresh fish...yummy!!! I even got enough for all of my angel friends so we could have a fish fry tonight!

Once they got to the Fisherman's Wharf they caught a ferry to camp for the night at Treasure Island...Oh I wonder do you think there are pirates on that Island, maybe some ghostly ones....arrr!!!!Better watch out Jeanette and Terry there might be a ghost in your tent tonight...I will watch to make sure they don't bother you while you sleep...
All the walkers will be on the west side of the island, revealing a view of the beautiful Bay Area. You should see all of the pink tents...what a sight!

Jeanette and Terry walked 20.3 miles today, they are all showered and they ate their dinner, now they are back in their tent ready to call it a night...

Hope they get a good nights sleep cause they will have another busy and long walk tomorrow...they will walk about around 18 miles tomorrow, wonder where they will walk to and what they will see....maybe a butterfly from me...

Night Jeanette and Terry....I am so proud of you, know that you have a cheering station in heaven we are all cheering you on...and we are all dressed in pink...I even have my pom poms in you just need to look for that butterfly...

Tallulah angel in pink and Crazy Cat Ladies Mascot signing out for the night...



Day 2 of the 3 day walk for the Cure

September 10th 2011 8:25 pm
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Tallulah flying in to report on Jeanette's and Terry's walk for the cure was a wonderful day!

What a great place to spend last night of all places Treasure Island! WOW to be able to look back on the Bay Area and see all of the bright lights, to think about the day behind us and looking towards the day ahead!

Saturday Morning it was rise and shine early and they were ready to hit the trail again after a good breakfast. They all had to get back on the ferry- as they rode the ferry they watched they rising sun's rays hit the city and heading toward the east bay. After docking at the Berkeley Marina, they walked through quintessential Berkeley neighborhoods such at 4th Avenue, Solano Avenue, the Gourment Ghetto and the UC Berkley campus. They also passed by the historic Claremont Hotel and skirt the Berkeley Hills as we headed towards south towards Piedmont. Quaint shopping districts are numerous, hey I think we need to stop and do some shopping Ladies why are you not stopping! this is a great place.Then on to Grand Avenue...all the walkers enjoyed a beautiful lunch stop on Lake Merrit... a rest needed by all! I was flying around watching over Jeanette and Terry...on ward they went through Oakland City Center mall where there was a large cheering station! What a site to see all of their families and friends cheering them on!They day ended at Jack London Square where they caught the ferry once again to Treasure Island for another night of community, camaraderie and fun...I still want to know if anyone saw ghostly pirates!

Jeanette and Terry walked about 18.5 miles today, I can see they are tired and their feet hurt, but they will carry on tomorrow for a good one day find the cure so none of us will ever have to get breast cancer again....

Well they are snug in tents all falling a sleep, dreaming of those that are no longer with all of them and the ones that survived and those that are still fighting...there are many angels flying around watching over their loved ones and whispering silently saying encouraging words to them and singing praises for each walker doing this wonderful awesome thing...walking for a cure...

Tallulah flying back to heaven, back tomorrow the final day of the should be awesome to see them all finish the 40 miles and celebrate...Mom can't wait to hear from Jeanette and get to talk to I just hope she will see the butterflies I have sent to her and Terry...



QT your angel in pink reporter from heaven....


I Wear A Pink Ribbon

September 10th 2011 8:42 pm
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A silent killer with no face.
A thief within the night
A constant battle for my life
A bitter evil fight.

The scars remind me of the day
It knocked at my souls door.
It tried to rob me of my strength
It left me on the floor..

To survive, I had to sacrifice
My breast and even my fur
It showed no pity as it snatched
These things without a cure.

I started to give up my fight
I felt I could take no more
Then God reach down and
Gently picked me up off the floor.

He wiped my face and my eyes
Just like my Mama use to do.
He said don't cry my Kitty
For I have things in store for you.

I did not bring you all this way
to leave you high and dry.
I love you and you are my Kitty
So hold your head up high.

There is nothing that I cannot fix,
No pain I can't erase.
Have faith and know that I am here
There is nothing you can't face!

So then I threw my paws up high
and gave God all his praise!
I'll fight this fight with Cancer
And I know I will be fine.
For God said it and I know its true,
That VICTORY is mine!!!

(Tallulah Survived her breast cancer, it was lung cancer that finally made her loose her fight!!!my sweet girl was a fighter and she is still fighting from heaven...this weekend just shows how loved she was by so many and a few are honoring her as their mascot for this battle that we hope will be won and not lost....God did have another plan for her, it was to help others know that kitties do get breast cancer!

Thank you my sweet girl for your love and learning to trust me and become by little Tallulah!



Day 3 of the CC ladies Walk for the Cure

September 11th 2011 4:44 pm
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Well my friends I have been a busy angel today....watching over Jeanette and Terry as they started the final day of the 3 day journey...I am also watching over 2 sweet friends named Max! one made his journey today and the other is in the hospital..this is a joyous day and a sad day too...

Their day began early and the walk started along the eastern side of Treasure Island to catch a ferry over to the beautiful North Bay...they docked in Tiburon, they headed north along the beautiful Tiburon Linear Park. From there they made there way towards Mill Valley by passing through Strawberry. Once on the multi-use path, they walked south towards Sausalito, Fort Baker and the Golden Gate Bridge. As the get their they all look back to see how far they have all walked....they are enjoying the views of the bridge from Crissy Field as they walked along the water into the Marina District. Their final steps are taken in a victory walk from Moscone Recreation Center to Marina Green for the big celebration and emotional closing is a sight to behold to watch as Jeanette and Terry make their way to the end of the walk...they are tired but so happy they walked 60 miles for a great cause honoring and remembering those humans and us kitties that have or had breast should see all of the families and friends waiting for their loved ones to return and all of the pink everywhere...I have tears in my eyes I am so proud....


Always proud and honored I have been their mascot and been able to report on their WALK FOR THE CURE...

Now as they rest and meet up with their families and friends I will fly away to my beautiful butterfly garden...I still have work to do...

Hugs and Purrs to my special ladies...


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