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Mom and Dad are back and thank you

October 21st 2013 8:56 pm
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Well Mom and Dad made it back late yesterday, Mom is very tired so we will be back hopefully tomorrow....more news Kody is sick we will let him tell you when we are back...

Lastly but most important for this moment a big thank you to diary lady for choosing my diary today...and to my friends for your gifts and comments...

More to come tomorrow Mom has a busy day tomorrow so after she gets home!

Hugs and love to you all!



Mom and Dad are leaving for Arizona tomorrow

October 16th 2013 4:34 pm
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Well my friends we have watched Mom today as she is doing things we usually don't see her do....she pulled out this black thing she called a suitcase, we all thought is was a place for us to climb into and lay down or play in. Mom says no it is for clothes that we are taking with us when we leave....What What Mom what are you saying you are leaving us...No can't be, what about us, you are always here for us...Mom said don't worry Xena remember the nice lady that came over the other day she is coming over to take care of you....

Mom told me they are going over to pick out and buy the lot their new retirement home will be built on, so we can all move to Arizona and retire next year...that means Mom & Dad will be home more...oh yeah!!!!!

So as we all sat and watched Mom put things into that black thing we feel unsure and sad because they are leaving us...but what fun we will have while they are gone....not sure we all will.

She has all of our food ready, dogs food cut up in bags with dates, our pate she makes the small food processor in the frig...with medication for some of us, etc...she has been working all afternoon getting things ready.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad will leave to get the car they are renting to drive, then they will come home give me my fluids cause tomorrow is my day for that just will do in the morning instead of at night...then Mom will move things around cause we are all going in different areas and get the dogs into their corrals in the kitchen...then they are off to drive to Arizona....we will all worry about them driving for so many hours, but we know their adventure begins and soon ours will too...we can't wait...

We sure will miss our we won't be on until Mom and Dad return we will all be having fun and guarding our house, watching our pet sitter to make sure she does everything she is suppose too...

Love you Mom and Dad drive safe and we can't wait to have you home with us again...



Oh no Mom is going to leave us

October 13th 2013 10:41 am
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Hi my friends sorry we haven't been around, Mom is still recovering from falling and hurting her back, but she is slowly getting better each day.

Now for the news: Mom and Dad will be leaving us for 4 days, that is right 4 days, can you believe it, well I can't they have never left us before.

Mom is a pet sitter and she is worried about leaving us with a pet sitter, how funny is that....not!!!

Our pet sitter Mom has trained and she has helped Mom, she will be buying Moms client list when we move next year.

I am not sure about being left alone for so long and having someone else come in and feed us, I know I will be hiding and so will the rest of us. We are not sure about strangers, but I do think Kody will come out and maybe Tu Two...I will just stay put in one of my many beds.

I heard Mom tell Dad our sitter is coming over today to meet us, Mom has already filled out the paper work.

While they are gone the doggies we be in the kitchen in corrals so they don't run all over the house and potty. Zeke and I will be out in the family room/kitchen. Tu Two and Kody will be in the front room...Now you ask why are we all in different areas...Ok here is the reason- Tu Two likes to bother me and chase me, Mom doesn't want that while she is gone it will stress me out even more, Zeke is a very slow eater so Kody will steal his food.

Tu Two and Kody being younger they are more active and both eat faster so that is the reason for all of us to be seperated.

I am sure everything will be OK, but Mom will still worry about us, thank goodness for text messaging, Mom wants updates on us every visit.

Mom listen we will be fine, don't worry...just remember when you get home we will be so happy to see you the dogs will be a different story, lets see how they do...I think us kitties will do better than they will.

Mom and Dad will be leaving this Thursday and hope to return Sunday, they are going to Vail, AZ. to buy their lot and model they want for their retirement home in the gated 55+ community..this coming year we will have a lot going on, Mom and Dad will have to go to Vail more times because they have to pick things out they want in the house and something called paperwork and money...

OK now I need to go it is nice outside and I heard Mom say we can go in our enclosure for a while...I am right there Mom!

We are purring and praying for our friends that have made their journeys to the bridge and to the ones that are sick.

Hugs and much love to you all
Xena and family


Mommy is having trouble with her laptop

September 10th 2013 2:56 pm
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Hi to all of our friends, we wanted to let you know that we may not be on much Mom has been having trouble with her laptop...first she thought it was the battery so she ordered another, got it today, charged it, but it is still going in and out..Mom now thinks it is the power adaptor cord....she order that but it will take time to get. When Dad gets home he is going to take a look at Moms laptop...Mom may have to take it in to be repaired...

So what that means is Dad will have to put Mom back on the regular computer so she can get in to his computer....she needs it for her business and of course us..

We just wanted to let you all know so if we are missing around here you will know why..

Also some news: Mom and Dad will be making a trip to Arizona to check out a 55+ gated community that they are thinking of moving into...the 2nd phase will start to be built in 1/2014 so they are going to check it out in October. Dad is retiring in 9/2014 so looks like we all may be moving to is south east of Tucson!

Mom and Dad are excited but scared too because we all will be leaving our home, friends and family....but this will be their & our next adventure in life...lots of fun activities and they will get a new home that is energy efficient and a lot less than they can buy here in California..which is just way too expensive to live especially here in San Diego..

We hope those that have had their birthdays, Gotcha days and rainbow bridge days we are sorry we missed them...know we are thinking of you all and we will be on when we can...pray that Moms computer will be OK so we can get back on here

Hugs to all of our friends
Xena, Mom and family


Window of Time

August 26th 2013 4:34 pm
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She sits at the window, frozen in time.
What does she really see?
Ghosts from the past
a thousand years old
creatures we don't understand
Tail twitching, body poised
not moving an inch
mesmerized by the world outside.

A quite little mouse, white tailed deer,
or shadows from wind blown trees.

I look, I stare, but I just don't see
the view from cat's eyes so intense.
Hours pass, the cat stand guard,
sky bleeding night black to dawn gray.

Night after night
at the window of time
What stories unfold out of sight?


DDP Thank you

August 25th 2013 2:17 pm
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Happy Sunday to you all, hope you all are enjoying your day, we sure are just laying around being sleepy and lazy...this is what we do the best! Windows are open the air is flowing in even if it is a little warm and muddy today....

Now I have to help Mom with my diary entry today so I can thank the Diary Lady for picking me to be DDP today my diary was about Special Friends...and we have to say those of you still here with us day in and day out are special friends...and we love you.

Thank you for my pretty pictures my sweet friends have made me, your comments and love you have shown me today.

May you all be blessed with health, love and plenty to eat!

Princess hugs from me to you



You're Special

August 24th 2013 5:25 pm
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Our friends stand out
for a lot of reasons,
but you all stand out
for all the best reasons

You're outstanding because
you're you.



Remembering Someone Very Special

August 23rd 2013 1:39 pm
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Remembering Someone Very Special our Tallulah
on her Rainbow Bridge day 8/23/2013

Time slips by and life goes on,
But from our hearts you're never gone,
We think about you always,
We talk about you too,
We have so many memories
But we wish we still had you.

Always loved, Always remembered and always in our hearts!!!!
Xena and family

PS: We hope you all enjoyed our diaries this week, they are all to honor our Tallulah,for all our friends as well. We hope in some small way we helped each and everyone of you with these poems and little sayings.

Thank you for reading and commenting on our diaries this week...


Angel Light

August 22nd 2013 2:20 pm
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Although you may not see them,
you are always in their sight.

They bring the gift of love and guidance,
It is called the Angel Light.

You know they always hear you,
to them your meow is dear.

With the comfort that they bring to you,
you need not ever fear.

So here's a place for to come
to do with angels what must be done.

To make our world whole and bright,
and share with all, the Angel Light.


Wonderous Beauty

August 21st 2013 1:10 pm
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Pretty little flutter girlie
Dressed in wing of pretty pearlie

Without the slightest little push
there fit upon a thistle bush

Little hearts of sweet love that craves
God's gifted love of joy that saves

God makes beauty in many forms
Through sun and rain and thunderstorms

And insects flying through the skies
Like the small colored butterflies

Wondrous beauty will never seize
As Jesus always tries to pleace

Tallulah our Angel sends all butterflies from heaven today and always!!!

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