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Princess Xena's Diary

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Update on our new house & this house too!

January 15th 2014 3:39 pm
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Well my friends we came here today to let you know that Mom put a picture on my page of our shows that they have started to build it now, so this is really really happening for sure...before we know it we will be on our way to our new home in the foothills of Vail, Az., but before that we must sell this house.

Update from our house: No we haven't gotten any offers yet this is so very stressful on us, so far today no one has called to come see the house, but the other days there were people coming into our house, oh how we hate having strangers coming into our domain...

Every morning before Mom leaves the house to walk her 2 clients doggies she has to clean and more cleaning, then she tells us that we have to behave and not mess up the house...what me make a mess no way!!!!

Everything is all cleaned, things we love are out in the garage and we can't do much, but Mom makes sure we all have our beds and heating pads to sleep in and a few toys. She even puts all of our dishes away in the cupboard until it is time to eat.

So I just go into my closet and hang out so I don't get stressed and upset that people are invading our home...MOL we will all be so glad when this is over and we settle into our new home...

Mom hasn't been able to do any more packing because we have to keep the house all clean so she is stressing out about not getting to do more, then the realtor told Mom that when the house sells the inspector will have to get into the garage and check around, WHAT!!!! all of the things she has boxed up are out there and she hasn't finished going through things in the garage. OH WHAT A MESS!!!

So today with no calls so far Mom is relaxing in her chair,we are all doing the same thing...

If all goes well Mom and Dad will go back to Vail to inspect the house the end of March, come home for about a week and return to sign all the papers, pay for the house, get the keys and soon we will all be moving

The plan is for us to move sometime between May 1st and the 15th...

We will keep you up to date as things go along, know that we may or may not be around, Mom doesn't have lots of time for us to be here right now hope that will change once we are settled.

We all say thank you for all of our gifts that HQ has kindly given for free....we love you all, are grateful to have you all for our friends, that you have been here for us no matter we just hope HQ can fix the fleas and we all can once again enjoy changing our pages..until then hope everyone will just hang in there and not give up..

Love, hugs and lots of kitty kisses from all of us

Xena, Mom and kitties


Exhuasting weekend for Mom

January 12th 2014 3:58 pm
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Hello my friends,

As you all know we haven't been around much because Mom is trying to get our house ready to sell and for our move in May to Arizona.

Well Mom has been working her you know what off and paying the price too..boy is she tried and sore...

Finally the day arrived for the open house and I just say everyone was all nervous and stressed, yes even Mom and Dad.

The house is all clean, much of our things are out in the garage! none of us can do anything not until we get that offer...with paws crossed!!!!

I got to stay in my favorite place now, Moms closet, she fixed it with my food and of course my private box! so I relaxed and slept all day! but I sure can't say the same for Tu Two, Zeke, Kody, Mia and Milo....they all had to be out in the garage, the dogs in their own crates and the kitties in the big cage..dogs are upset, kitties are meowing and Mom is very worried about them.

Kandi stayed in her parlor she doesn't go out or get stressed like we all do, Mom fixed it so the humans can look in, but not go in. Kandi just sat on the bed looking cute at everyone.

Mom left us for a while, she didn't want to be around to see people coming into the house, this is hard for her, having strangers coming in looking at her home and possibly making it theirs. Mom and Dad put lots and lots of money in our house to make it nice for them not ever thinking they would be leaving and live somewhere else. This is suppose to be all of our home forever...

Well with all the work of moving and packing things Moms back has been hurting lots, she was at a store and just couldn't be out anymore she needed to come home and sit, but most important she wanted to be with us to make sure we were OK.

So Mom checked on me real quick, then she went out to the garage sat in the crowded garage trying to help them all feel better and not be stressed. She said Zeke's eyes were like saucers, Tu Two spent her time laying in the box and Kody trying to climb the cage meowing. Once Mom sat in front of the cage, opened it up a little and started petting my siblings they were a little better. Doggies were whining of course. After a while Mom decided the doggies needed to go for a walk so she left and took them for their walk.

Back again and they were all settling down, but people kept opening the door to see the garage, what garage!

Finally it was time for the open house to be over, everyone left and everyone got to come back into the house, but wait one more was coming over to see the house, it was the 2nd time one of them was there, he brought what Mom thinks is his Dad...everyone went running to find hiding places. Doggies had to go back to the crates!

It was after 5 when no one was there, we all got to come out smell everything, while Mom and Dad brought our things back into the house to help us settle down and feel safe again. I got my fluids after we all ate dinner late of course.

So today we have all been sleeping and relaxing even Mom & Dad...they are so tired and warn out from all of this...we sure hope they get some offers soon because to be honest with all of you I am not sure any of us can keep doing this!

We still have our paws crossed that this open house got Mom and Dad offers to buy the house! soon we will be packing everything up and making that long drive to our new home in Vail, AZ.

Thank you to all of our friends for our warm wonderpurr hot chocolate and your messages...we love you all!

hugs and love
Xena, Mom and family


The Wise Old Cat

January 8th 2014 3:35 pm
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This wise old cat was watching a young cat named Kody chase his tail
The young Kody tried so very hard, but to no avail.
Running round in circles, always out of reach,
This wise old cat strolled over, a lesson I would teach.

Why are you chasing your tail, I asked,
Happiness is my tail, one day I'll get it at last.
Happiness is my tail I have to agree
But I know where ever I go, it will follow me.

Silly silly Kody chasing his tail to no avail! I think this wise old cat will just take a nap!!!



Good Morning

January 3rd 2014 9:27 am
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Thank you God
for waking
me up today
and giving me another precious
day of life.



January 2nd 2014 1:17 pm
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Someday everything
will all make purrfect sense.
So for now, laugh at the
confusion, smile through
the tears, and keep reminding
yourself that everything
happens for a reason!




January 1st 2014 5:12 pm
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January opens
The box of the year
And brings out days
That are bright and clear
And brings out days
That are cold and grey
And shouts, "Come see what I brought today!"

So January begins yest another year



New Year Wish

December 31st 2013 1:58 pm
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I want to wish you all
So many things this year
This page won't hold it all
But I'll let yo know I care.

I want a better year
For each of my dear friends
and this one finally ends.

It's nearly time for that
This year will just be history
BUt youR new year's coming
Full of lovely things, No mystery

I'm going to promise you
I'll pray for you this year
More passionate than before
asking God to please
your good health restore!

I ask for a great bounty
To be given you
Where there'll be food enough
To share with others too

Dear Friends I pledge to you
My friendship filled with love
As God has blessed my life
and brought you all my way,
While looking from above!

I feel you're all a gift from God
Because He loves me so
So He crossed our paths in time
For me to really know!

This is a sincere wish
from my heart to yours



Merry Christmas to all of our friends and families in- Catsterland

December 23rd 2013 3:11 pm
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As the eldest in my family I have been chosen this year to wish all of our friends and families here in Caterland a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, may you all have a wonderpurr day, be safe, stay warm and many blessing, good health for 2014.

We also want to thank our friends who have sent us cards this year. We are all enjoying reading them, well Mom reading them to us & seeing some of your pictures...oh we just love looking at your pictures.

We love you all and wish nothing but the best for all...know we are thinking of you all, purring and praying for those in need.

We send our love and hugs with Angel butterfly kisses

Xena, Tu Two, Zeke, Kody, Kandi and our special Angel QT, of I almost forgot Mom too


Dear Santa Claws

December 16th 2013 4:49 pm
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Dear Santa Claws,

Have you considered using cats instead of reindeer? Here are the reasons why:

1. Cats eat less.

2. WE make faster deliveries of presents because most houses have doggies
and we move very swiftly when dogs are around.

3. We're softer.

4. We make nicer sounds. Purr purr purr

5. Children are more likely to leave out snacks for you if they
know that you're traveling with cats. Hope they leave out some catnip
tea and cookies for the kitties.


Well it is a good thought and wish to have kitties fly with Santa Claws don't you all think!


Dear Santa Paws

December 13th 2013 3:48 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

I am an old cat.

All I want for Catmus is an autographed picture of Felix the Cat.

The younger kitties don't even remember Felix the Cat.


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