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Tales of My Sweet Little Life.....

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Petition - one last try

July 9th 2016 7:21 am
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Here is a petition started, please sign. I just want to have tried everything we could. do-not-take-our-family-away/?taf_id=27178714&cid=fb_na

Al so, please contact Lumina Media and tell them what it means to you here.



February 13th 2015 9:51 am
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Brrrr, my furriends, it is so cold here, I am so glad to be an indoor kitty!
I just wanted you to know, that my mommy and daddy were gone fur a whole week last week! They went somewhere reelly warm! But I had my human grandma here twice a day to feed me and play with me. I was such a good girly fur her.

I missed out on all my furriends birthdays, gotcha days, and Bridge days that week, and fur that I am sorry, 'cause I like to give treats fur those special days.

So fur all those who are still deep in snow, and cold weather.....bundle up by the fire, and snuggle with your loved ones!

Bye fur now,


Purrs please fur my upcoming dental!

October 3rd 2014 9:37 am
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Ok so, first of all I would like to send out a thankie to Lola, whofur gave me a hunk of cheese - that yet again, the fleas have carried away from my page! My goodness, cuppycakes, cheese, they sure are hungry little devils! I wish they would leave my goodies alone, so I could enjoy them too!

Anyhow, my appointment is scheduled fur Tuesday, October 14th. I'm going to be a scared little girly at the Vets, even though I don't get scared furry often. Mommy is worried too, especially since there have been other kitty furriends of mine that have had complications after a dental and ended up at the Bridge! She does not dare to think of this outcome fur me, 'cause she really doesn't know what she would do without me!

Thank you to all who have sent purrs my way already. And don't furget to purr fur all the other kitties who are not feeling well right now. There has been way to many of us leaving fur the Rainbow Bridge these days!

Love you all so furry much!
~ Mugsy


My Vet visit - good mews and not so good mews.

September 16th 2014 9:29 am
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Hi furs!
Today I had my yearly exam at the dreaded place I hate to go. The Vets! But I was a really good little girly. Mommy kept telling me how purroud she was. I laid on the table so still that the nice Mr. Vet could do anything he wanted to me. But it was only because I was too scared to move! Mol!

I gots three shots, to get me all up to date again, but the not so good mews is that I need a Dental. Yucky! I have some really nasty tarter on one of my back toofies, and it probably needs to come out. Mommy almost fainted when they gave her the quote! She didn't think I was going to cost her so much moneys!

The appointment will likely be made in the next few weeks. I will keep you updated, as I would like some purrs, I'm sure it's going to be scary fur me!



Birthday Gifties

June 30th 2014 7:31 am
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I just want to thankie all of you who sent me gifties fur my birthday. I have just gotten some thankies out to some of you, but I just realized that the balloons only last fur 2 weeks, and now they are gone from my page, and I didn't get any thankies out fur those, 'cause I was waiting fur all the Catster fleas to go away!

As fur my missing cuppycake, (that the pesky fleas carried away) I sitll nefur found out whofur gave me it either.

Oh well, such is life in Catsterland these days....

Have a great day everyfur!



The mystery of the dissappearing cupcake!

June 19th 2014 3:04 am
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Well my furriends a cuppycake has been stolen right from my page!! Yes! I noticed the other day somefur had given me a cuppycake - I thinks it was fur my birthday - a belated gift, and I thought OOOOOOH, I will come back later to eat it, as mommy had to get going to a place called work. I didn't even gets to see whofur it was from!

Well the next time I logged in, I looked and...whaaaaaat??? NO CUPPYCAKE!! It was gone. *sigh* You can see in my giftbox there is a empty spot among my balloons and other gifties where my cuppycake should be. I thinks it was my doggie Texas! I thinks he snuck over from Dogster and took it! 'cause he likes food and likes to eat!

Any way, thank you to whofur it was that gave me that cuppycake. Maybe Catster is playing a trick on me and will someday return it to my page.



Today is too Special!

June 15th 2014 8:20 am
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That's right, today is "Happy Daddy's Day", and I do loves my daddy! But today also bees my Birthday! I am 11 years old today! Mommy says, oh my, where has the time gone! I don't feels like 11, although I don't play around like I use to, sometimes I likes to do zoomies around the house, jumping in and out of closets and cupboards, and going outside to stalk my prey....usually just bugs, but I have been know to catch the odd mousie!

My day started out with Merrick's (grammy's pot pie) canned food, YUM! It's a nice day so I gets to go outside and enjoy the sunshine fur awhile. I won't see much of daddy today until night time, but then I will sit on him when he lays on the couch, and make him pet always works!

Thankies to those of you who have left me gifties.....I loves 'em all!...and I loves all of my furriends!



A NEW Petition - please sign

February 9th 2014 2:25 pm
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OK, maybe these petitions aren't doing us any good, but I want to at least say that I tried. I want us to not give up! Even though it seems that no one is never know.

Thank you furriends.


Please sign this petition

January 17th 2014 6:09 am
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I got this from REANAN in one of my groups. I don't know if it would make a difference but it's worth a shot. save-our-catsterdogster-community/#

Mommy feels like someone just kicked her in the stomach! She is heartbroken, and couldn't even sleep last night. This isn't just a website, like you all know it's a community, a home. We feel like we're losing our home! How can they do this to us? I feel so bad for the cats from Cat Channel, a whole lot of them just come over here to reunite with each other and were so happy they would have a place again. Now this. What are we going to do without it?!

I've been looking at some other sites to join, I've heard is a good one. Also thinking about joining Facebook as me, Mugsy. Mommy is on it too. My world is upside down right now, scrambling to find out where to connect with all my furriends before I lose them!

I don't know if kitties can cry, but my little face is salty wet.
I love you all, furever and ever.


It's official, it's a BLIZZARD!

January 7th 2014 3:37 pm
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Well yes, we are in the middle of a BLIZZARD! On the news tonight they said we haven't had this much of a storm and wind chill warnings in such a large regional area in over 40 years! The plows have been off the roads since last night at 8:30 and all highways and county roads are considered CLOSED! Everyone has electricity so that is good, but alot of people have gotten stranded in their cars on the roads.
We are staying warm inside. Today I had a nap with daddy under a blanket on the couch, and Texas snuggled up with mommy on the other couch. I dunno, I have been liking it, mol!
Hope efuryone else is having good weather and keeping warm and safe!

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