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I am on a night mare on Elm Street=Bijou and Roxie

July 6th 2013 9:59 am
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I am on a Nightmare on Elm Street. Thye will not leave I have done everything to make them leave except put them on Craigs list and taking them back myself( Thinking of doing those- putting them on Craigs list and to the shelter. if I can get myself outside) Those 2 are a menasse to society- My society. I do not like them at all!!!;( Bijou is always into my things and space asnd even ueed my litter box and not hers!!How rude of a cat is that! Ido not use her litterbox- I use my own- I like having my own litterbox- using another cats littebox is just plain RUDE! She is into all my space and stuff- she is just a plain Pest! She wants to be friends and well I just do not like her- after all she has bad manners using my litterbox and eating my treats!!! Then there is Roxie the dog- what can I say she is a dog- I do notlike dogs!!! Abbey the pest was ok Lucy had her well trained- this one is to dum to train. She is hyper and bounces like a ball- she is a dog Not a ball and she should learn that and the difference between the two- yeah both do not have brains- but get real. I do not know why my humans like her. She is up all night spying on me and my nightly activities then there is Bijou following me aroudn at night- how am I suppose t get my cat stuff done with those 2 folowing me and spying on me- Can't I have some Peace and quite for a change? When I was new to the family I let Lucy and Abbey have their space and Not inot their bussiness. I knew how to act- well I am a Siamese/ Burmese Cat and we are extra special- If I do not say so myself!! How could you resist a cat like me I am perfect and Have NO flaws! These 2 on the other paw Have way to many for me to count!
Well it has finally cooled off- went from 110 on the 4th of July to 84 on the 5th of July- Deta Breezes came in! Thn the cats God for those breezes. going to be 88. It is lower than reg temos in July- All these tem swings are climate change- abnormal weather. Aweek of over 105 is not right for anyone and we do not have that here.
Well I got to go and mediate and yoga. see ya all later. Going to enjoy the cool temps and figure a way to leave the door open so they Bi Jou and Roxie run out and away- not just have to figur way to climb up and unlock door and open it with my paws- any ideas.??? I do not want my humans to know I had anything to do with them leaving- they would be very upset.
I also have to find a new spot to sit and mediate they the humans keepfinding me and bugging me- they do not want me to think they dont love- wait how could you not love me- I am one lovable cat- If I wanted this attention I would let them know- dont they understand cats! I am a little upset with them for them bringing Bijou and Roxie home- don't they understand that? Humans!!! they are a strange breed- but got to love them for all their flaws.


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Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

July 6th 2013 at 9:39 pm

Glad you got some cooler weather at least. Dealing with new family members can be tough - when Maurice came home I hissed him so much I lost my voice and couldn't meow for a while.

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