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Adoption Mail?

April 2nd 2009 7:37 pm
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I am worried. Lately, when I go to the Catster homepage, for a few seconds it says on the screen: Adoption Mail (8). Then it goes back to Friend Requests.

Adoption Mail?? What's that all about? Did Meowmy put Mietzi up for adoption? And are 8 hoomans actualy interested in taking her? Mietzi can be a pain sometimes but it would be sad not to have her around anymore. I like to wrestle with her.

Or did Meowmy put me up for adoption? Maybe because last Furrsday I let all the kitties in and we had a pawty. But Meowmy told me, when I furrst got here, that I never have to leave again. That I can stay furrever. I had a family once before but then they did something called mooving and they couldn't keep me any longer. I am puzzled. Need to go ask Mietzi what she thinks it all means.

puzzled Timo


My pawsome DDP day (part deux)

March 30th 2009 5:13 am
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So we all looked up and it came closer and Oliver said “Oh look, it’s our sweet doggie Lexi. She is an Angel now”. And right behind her was angel cat Shamus. They both looked so happy and beautiful. That was a very moving moment.

A little while later somecat said “Look, I see a bird.” Sure enough, in walks another new furriend, Boris from Denver, CO. carrying a bird cage with a blue bird inside. “Oh how purrty.” I said. “But let’s not keep him in the cage. He looks so sad in there.” So we all went on the patio and opened the cage and watched him fly to the next tree.

Back inside cats were asking if there was more food. Now that was a problem. The shrimp tray was long eaten up. We can’t open the food cans that Meowmy has furr us. What to do?? I started mumbling about there being apples and bananas when wait a minute, do I smell cupcakes? Here comes Cleopatra II and her six brofurs from Canada carrying several boxes of cupcakes. “Where do you want us to put these?” she asked. “Um, kitchen is just fine.” I replied. There was a mad rush to the kitchen as everycat wanted a cupcake. “Timo, come and see. There is somecat else who wanted to concatulate you”, said Cleo II. And sure enough, up in the sky were her angel sisfurs Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

I’m afraid to say from here on out things got a little bit out of paw. We had more cats in the place then I can count. I heard a loud crash and down came the antenna from the TV. “I was trying to get in Animal Planet” came the excuse. “I’m sorry”, I said “We don’t have cable, you can’t watch it.” Somecat was nibbling on Meowmy’s plants. “Hey, those could be poisons, you better stop” I told him. I think it was Hobo, he’ll eat anything that smells good. I think Hobo and Moose were there too. I lost track of who all was there. Some cats had turned the puter on and were pmailing cats on catster and giggling a lot. “Be careful, don’t break the puter” I warned. “Oh look” one cat said, “there is a pmail from Buddie, Hazel Lucy’s dear husband. He is calling Timo handsome, hee hee”

Mietzi’s had too much nip tea. Well, she was making pot after pot and had to taste efurry one. She was running zoomies thru the house like mad and a bunch of cats tried to catch her. Other cats had started wrestling matches. One cat told me our litter boxes were in serious need of changing. She was right I’m afraid. So I made an announcement that cats needed to “go” outside on the lawn. Mietzi and her gang came zooming by again, racing up on the kitchen counter, up on the fridge, up on top of the cupboards. And then I got wet! In their hot pursuit they knocked off the watering can for the plants that sits on the fridge. A lot of water spilled on the floor and on me. “OMC, YOU GOTTA CLEAN THIS UP” I yelled. “Start drinking the water. Meowmy will be so mad when she sees this.” Some cats sniffed the water “Yuck, how long has that water been in there”. “Then get some rags out of the laundry room and wipe this up” I ordered.

Wow, I’ve had about enough of celebrating. Plus Meowmy would be home soon. I thanked everycat furr coming and politely suggested they start the journey home. “Oooooh”, said Mitzi and her gang “just when it’s starting to be fun”. I told them they are welcome to come back some other time. Then it was just Mietzi and me again. I curled up for a serious nap. I was exhausted. Pretty soon I was woken up by Meowmy cuddling me and telling me I am a DDP. “I know, I know” I said. Meowmy blamed Mietzi for the antenna and watering can on the floor and me for the stench from the bathroom. We both said it wasn’t us but she didn’t believe us. Then she made some food furr us. Oh no, we were still stuffed. We just took a few licks.

Then I remembered it would be pawsome to have a picture of my DDP from the catster home page. I saw other cats have those. I told Mietzi. She thought Alfie knows how to make those but he was on his way back to England. Who could we ask? We snuck into the computer room (Meowmy was busy cleaning litter boxes) and started pmailing a few furrs. Mietzi was starting to panic. Most furrs were asleep already and nofurr responded. Then all of a sudden three or four pmails came all at once. Thank you so much Flicka, Dusty the Puppycat, Lulu Hogg Bush, Junior Fluffkins for making DDP pics for me.

Your exhausted Timo


My pawsome DDP day

March 27th 2009 10:50 pm
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Dear furriends,
I had such an amazing day yesterday being a Daily Diary Pick. Thank you for all the rosettes, pawmails. Furriend-requests and well-wishes. I had so many visitors come over and bring gifts, it was a furry fun day.

The furrst to concatulate me was the one who had the farthest to travel - Alfie, who came all the way from the U.K. He brought me a cute ladybug. I said: “Wow, it’s great to see you lad, but what brings you all the way across the ocean?” He told me I was DPP. I said: “noooo, you’re pulling my leg.” So Mietzi and I ran to the puter to have a look and yes, it was true. I checked my pawmail and there was a message from dear Hazel Lucy wishing me a pawsome DDP day.

Well, Alfie was just getting comfortable on the couch (he needed rest after the long trip) when I heard a scratch on the door and there was Samoa, and she had food! Good, I was getting hungry again. Breakfast was like two hours ago. She had a yummy shrimp tray, bless her heart.

We were chowing down on shrimp when something green rolled over the kitchen floor. I jumped “Eeeeek, what IS that.” In walks a cat who I didn’t know yet. His name is Henry. Henry explained that the green thing is a Brussel Ball and maybe we could play a round. Well, I’m always up for play, so we put the shrimp in the fridge and off we went batting that ball around.

We were getting a bit tired when I heard a lot of cats chattering. In walks Emily with all her kitty brofurs and sisfurs. 4 girl and 3 boys in all. Mietzi said: “About time that some more girls show up.” Emily had another ladybug for me. We put it in Meowmy’s flowers together with the one from Alfie and we watched them for a while. Then we got the shrimp tray out again and Mietzi brewed some nip tea and we all played more Brussel Ball. Oh what fun we had. But then, oh disaster, one cat wasn’t paying attention and the ball rolled under the fridge.

We were all laying on our bellies in front of the fridge trying to fish the ball out when somefur called: “Hallooo, anyfur home?” I yelled: “We are in the kitchen, come on through.” In comes another new furriend, Tony from Tennessee. He is in my “Hey! You look like me!” group but I hadn’t met him yet. He walks over and says: “Timo, I just heard, concatulations.” And he sticks this nice blue rosette on my furr. I say: “Furr me? Um thanks pal. Come join in the fun, have some shrimp and nip tea and I’ll get out some catnip mice furr youall to play with.” Mietzi got some milk out of the fridge and started lapping away. I yelled: “Mietzi put that away, you know milk makes you puke.” She says: “Timo, don’t be such a bad host. Maybe the other furrs would like some.”

“I would like some milk” I heard. And in walks Oly with her whole furrmily. Oh my catness, in came 3 girls and 4 boys all of them felines. Oly brought a heart and we had hugs and kitty kisses all around. Then she handed me a scroll and clapped her paws. The scroll said "Concats Diary Pick of the Day". Oly said: “We would have brought our new doggie along but she just came home from spay-surgery. She didn’t feel up for the trip but she sends you doggie-licks.” I said: “Oh poor doggie. Thanks. I’ll meet her another time I’m sure.”

It was getting a bit crowded in the place but Mietzi started giving tours and showed furrs the bedroom with the nice big bed. Lots of room furr lots of furrs. And the bathroom in case anyfurr needs it, and the laundry room and another bedroom. Some furrs were looking out the windows watching birds when one said: ”Hey, that’s not a bird. What is that up there.”
So we all looked up and…

to be continued


I am DPP ! and what's up with these dogs?

March 26th 2009 6:46 am
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Good Morning everyfur. Wow, I can't believe my sleepy eyes. I am a DPP today. THANK YOU HQ, I am honored.

You probably have noticed the dogs here on my page and have been wondering what they are doing here. Aren't dogs my Pet-Peeves? Says so right up there in my profile. But I invited these two to come on over. They are just puppies. They are real nice.

Well, the dogs are here because the P*I*F (Paw it Forward) group is doing a FOODraiser furr shelter dogs and Mietzi and I are helping. Maybe you would like to help too.

All it takes to provide a pound of food, is to send in a decorated card with your dogvise (advise to a dog) or dogfession (confessions of dogs). We cats can help too! We can send in advice furr dogs or how we feel about dogs or a trick we have played on a dog. Won't you help feed shelter dogs? Get the details at the P*I*F group P*I*F (Paw it Forward) Helping Paws or in my sisfur Mietzi's diary , Lots of examples are at www.dogvice.com Pmail me with any questions. Thank you!

I have a dogfession: Deep down in my heart I really like dogs. They are just too cute.

Doglover Timo


Aaah comfy

March 25th 2009 8:57 pm
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My Morgan's bed came Monday. Meowmy is so slow in updating this. The eagle came and left really fast again. But she did pick up the sandwich I had made for her.

My bed is furry comfurrtable. I sleep in it efurry night. My sisfur Mietzi was the furrst to test it out. Well, I'm a gentlecat, so I let her sleep in it furr awhile. But at night Mietzi always sleeps with Meowmy. Then the bed is all mine. Oh, and Morgan send along a few little toys too. They are good. Meowmy put the one that looks like a worm on a string for me and now I chase it all over the house. Thank you Morgan.


Morgan's Bed and Neighbor's Cat

March 22nd 2009 5:17 pm
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I ordered me a Morgan's Bed. You know, from Morgan the Pirate Gatto. Morgan sent the eagle off with my bed and I put the peanut butter sandwich out but she didn't come yet. I'll make another one and put it on the lawn tomorrow. My bed is called "Cats on Nip" - how appropriate. I have been into my Nip toys a lot lately. I can hardly wait fur it to get here.

Yesterday we had a surprise visitor. Mietzi and I were hanging on the lawn enjoying the nice sunshine and I turn around and there was a cat sitting about 2 yards away from me. He is a boy. Now, I had to protect Mietzi so I fluffed up all my fur and growled and he ran off. We both ran back to our patio. Meowmy was watching the whole time. Later another neighbor said to Meowmy: Timo was on my Patio earlier. Meowmy said: no, he was with me the whole time. Oh, you must have seen that neighbor's cat. He looks like Timo, just smaller. Timo didn't like him.

Waiting to take a nice long nap in my new bed,


My fish are here!

March 15th 2009 8:02 pm
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My catnip fish from Harmony’s Mom Eleanor are here! Wow, we had a catfight break out when they arrived. I was opening the envelope when Mietzi had to butt in. She snatched all the fish for herself! I told her there are three and she should take only one, but no – she needed to be the furrst to try them all out. Well, usually Mietzi always gets her way but this time I put my paw down. I was the one who asked Meowmy to order them for us, so I stood my ground and we got into a fight. Meowmy told us to stop fighting or she is taking all the fishies away – Oh no! So we shared. You can see us fight on my page.

I tell you, you gotta get some of these. They are good. Oh, and you are doing something good to – this is a fundraiser for the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Just click on the “Raise A Roof” picture on my page to get your own.

Happy catnip dreams,


Global Food Crisis Day

March 11th 2009 7:12 am
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Today Mietzi, Meowmy and I are purring and praying for all the skin children who do not have enough to eat. Today is Global Food Crisis Day. 300 Million children go to bed hungry every night. Can you believe that? Prices for many food items, like rice, wheat, beans have doubled during the last year, making food a luxury item for many in the developing countries.

YES, you can make a difference. Just google "global food crisis day" if you want to do something.

Purring for hungry skin children,


Raise A Roof

March 10th 2009 7:31 pm
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I ordered some catnip fish from Harmony's Mom Eleanor. Harmony is my purrty Siamese furriend. They have a group called "The crazy Cat Ladies" and they are raising money for the blind cats in North Carolina. The cats need a new shelter building. I bet you have heard of them. There are a lot of Catsters supporting them. 100% of all funds raised go to the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.
Please check out their webpage at http://www.angelfire.com/members/raisetheroof/

You need to copy and paste that link into your browser. They have all kinds of things, not just catnip toys.
I can't wait for my catnip fish to get here. Maybe I'll share them with Mietzi - if she is nice to me.

Purring for the blind kitties,


Daylight Savings Time

March 8th 2009 7:45 pm
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Something the humans call Daylight Savings Time started today. That means all humans had to get up an hour earlier. So we got breakfast an hour early and lunch an hour early and supper an hour early. I LIKE this daylight savings thing. My human? Not so much. She doesn't like to get up early. Humans are funny.

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