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Days in the Life of a Princess

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I am so honored!

March 7th 2014 5:55 am
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I just learned that I am the Daily Diary Pick today. It's really kinda embarrassing because I haven't written much in quite a long time.

Two weeks ago I had two toofies pulled. I wasn't feelin' so good when I came home, but once my mouf healed, I was feelin' much, much better. So when Mam went on a three day quilting retreat earlier this week 'n came home not feeling good, (Something to do wif her gall bladder, I think.) I have been busy keeping her company and helping her get better.

That's about all for now, but I want to thank Catster for makin' me the Daily Diary Pick. That's so nice.


Meow, fur friends!

March 1st 2014 5:51 am
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Oh my whiskers! (Looking around) It has been such a long time since I have been here on Catster! Since moving to Florida we have all been very, very busy living in Paradise. Now that Mam is retired she is doing things she had put off during her working years. Her big passion is quilting. That's ok wif me 'cause I get to test her projects and sleep on her fabrics. I specially like to lie on the ironing board when she is working.

I, mineself, keep busy wif my fursister Blossom out on the lanai and pool deck. It is our self-appointed responsibilities to catch lizards and tree frogs. They tickle when we carry them in our mouths 'n we make funny noises so that Mam and Da know we are coming inside to set the little critters free. MOL! You should see Da trying to catch them so they can go out the front door. Sometimes they go under the refrigerator or china cabinet. Now THAT is really funny. We just sit 'n watch.

Sending high paws 'n whisker tickles....
Ollie Pop


The only way they pay attention when I am angry......

August 5th 2012 12:00 pm
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Two times this past week me 'n Blossom were left alone all. day. long. Not nice. Thoughtless. What makes it worse, they were out just having fun! And they left us. All. Alone. In. The. House. Alone. Well I showed them. I didn't use the litter box to wee either day. I weed on the paper in the boot tray instead. I showed them. Huh! (stomps paw)

Mam's note: from a very early age, Ollie has had litter box issues. There were numerous trips to the vet for numerous tests - all negative. Numerous litter boxes until we found the "right" one(s) (They are actually litter boxes for small dogs - very large.)and, of course, Feliway. None really solved the problem, but it became easier to deal with when the vet concluded there is nothing wrong with her - she just likes to let us know when she is unhappy. In those instances she would use the paper underneath the litter boxes, which led us to try using a large boot tray lined with paper.....available to her all the time. It has been very successful. Now whenever we see she has used the boot tray, we know that she is mad at us for something. Guessing what it is isn't always easy, though!


Oh My Whiskers! It has been such a long time!

August 2nd 2012 2:16 pm
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Hmmmmm. Ok now, let me just find a place to settle down to dictate this to Mam. I haf to make sure she puts down everyfing exackly as I say because she has been reely,reely bad about helping me post here on Catster. She's been busy wif her new fun thing: quilting. Everyfing else may as well be a hairball on the floor as far as she is concerned.

So anyway, Mam has been busy sewing quilts for the soldiers, something called Soldiers' Angels and for some local people too, like for little kids going to Head Start to take naps on and to an hooman adoption place where every adoptee gets a brand new hand made quilt. Oh yes, 'n then she is on a hooman social network which I will not name which isn't fair because she needs to spend time here wif me 'n Blossom too.

But today I have finally made her feel guilty enough to help me wif this post.

It's hard to believe we moved to Florida from Michigan two years ago! We really like it here. Da put in a little door for me 'n Blossom to go through from the house to the pool area, but I do not like it one bit. Instead, I have trained them to let me in and out at my heart's desire. I stay out there in the morning 'n evening but stay inside during the heat of the day.

When I am in the pool area, I like to watch the birds come to the feeder and the lizards that climb on the screen. Sometimes a lizard comes in 'n me 'n Blossom play wif it. Da usually takes it away 'n puts it outside before we can hurt it. We do that wif little tree frogs too.

The one big thing I do not like is when the 4 little boys who live next door come over to swim. They think I am a toy 'n they want to touch me 'n carry me. I don't like that 'n always run to the door to go inside. I watch them from the other side of the slider. Oh yes 'n they also have a beagle dawg named "Ann." I don't like her either.

Well, Mam says it is Blossom's turn so I haf to say 'bye for now. I hope she will help me do this again soon. So until next time,

prrt 'n meow,
Ollie Pop


We are still "here!"

June 11th 2011 9:30 am
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Hi Every Fur!
I think it is apparent that we are having problems keeping up with posting happenings here on Catster. Mam has become enamoured with quilting and making diaper covers for our human baby neighbors. Me 'n Blossom, help her by choosing fabric....we lie on it to let her know our choice. We also dig in the cupboards where she keeps her "stash." She has stacks of projects..... Me, Da 'n Blossom suspect she will never get them done!!

It has been pretty hot here, just like most of the country. I don't go outside much these days. One of my favorite places is Mam's closet. For some reason it seems to be a little cooler than other parts of the house. Me 'n Blossom, we both like to lie on the trundle in Mam's sewing room. There's a ceiling fan in there. The heat doesn't seem to bother Blossie so much. She still spends quite a bit of time on the lanai and on the deck around the pool. She likes to roll around like a dog (yuck!) and let the sun shine on her tummy. She has no class, that one!

*yawn* Time for my midday nap.

prrrt 'n meow,
Ollie Pop


Birfday celebration....not.

March 17th 2011 8:17 am
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Last week was my birfday. 'N did anyone care? Noooooooo! At least I do not think so. Friends of Mam 'n Da brought their
d-o-g Cadi over to spend the night 'n help me celebrate. Yeah, right. I ended up spending the whole cat-darn day under Mam's big bed. When Cadi finally went into her crate for the night, I came out to eat. So much for an exciting, wonderful, Ollie-centered day. However, some wonderful furriends did remember my birfday:
I got messages from
Rooster 'n the Clowder
Angel Sam, Kiki 'n Ember
Gidgit 'n family
I got purresents from
Monida - shamrock
Annie 'n the Junctions gang - shamrock
King Henry - shrimp
Hazel Lucy (remembering her in my heart) - Irish top hat
Calvin-knead-on, aka Cal-Pal - rainbow
Oliver 'n Dewey - shamrock
Mia, Mile, Xena Princess Warrior, QT Angel in Pink, et al - Shrimp
Luke - pink ribbon
family of Ava 4 ever, Andy, Arli, Augie, et al - Shamrock
Oliver Winston Parsons, Mardi Gras Mask
Teebo, Callie 'n Rose - cupcake
Izzie 'n Zoo Gang - balloons
I hope we have remembered everyfur. Mam keeps reminding me that I cannot fire her so I have to put up wif her less than purrfect secretarial skills. *sigh*
Thank you to all of you 'n best wishes for a safe 'n sane Saint Patrick's day. I love you all.

prrrt 'n meow,
Ollie Pop

Mam did make up for the lousy birfday the next day wif extra hugs, kissies 'n her 'n me cuddle time. I forgive you Mam. But just a little.


Whoa Dere! It's Been a Long, Long Time!

February 19th 2011 9:08 am
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Hi Everyfur!
I kept telling Mam I needed to write in my diary 'n when she finally listened to me, she was ashamed to see how long it has been since we posted anyfing.

I have been busy. I have many responsibilities 'n I've been supervising many things now that we are here in Florida. Like when Da reads the morning paper, I keep him company by sitting on it. When Mam is working on her quilting or her beading, I lay down right in the middle of her project. When the birds are on the feeding platform, I crouch inside the pool cage on the deck 'n watch them very, very carefully. When Da sits on the sofa to watch TV, I cuddle up next to him and when the sun is out in the morning I like to sit in the screened in porch on the front of the house. That way I can see if anyone is coming to see us. When Blossom leaves food in her dish, I finish it for her. But when the little boys next door come over to swim in the pool, I go under the bed. I do not like splashing water.

I hope you-all have a wunnerful weekend. It's shaping up to be a very nice one here.

prrrt 'n meow,
Ollie Pop


Feeling frisky....

December 10th 2010 10:21 am
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I have been feeling very frisky today....for some reason I feel reely reely good 'n I'm letting everyone here know. MOL! I have been giving that little redhead Blossom some doses of her own medicine. Earlier this morning, I hid behind one of my favorite blue plastic shopping bags and waited for her. When she walked by, bam! I jumped out 'n ambushed her. MOL! She flopped up against the wall 'n her hind feet went up in the air 'n the fur on her back stood up 'n the fur on her tail stood out all over. MOL! It was so funny! It was worth the wait to see her like that. MOL! I'm still laughing about it.


Memories of Thanksgiving past

November 26th 2010 3:37 pm
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Whew! I sure am happy to be done wif Thanksgiving! The house was full of people having a good time eating, drinking, watching football. There was a lot of giving thanks, I think. I gave thanks that the low slung,slobbery, barkie rascal Riley had to stay home. MOL! I spent most of the day on Mam 'n Da's big bed....different people came to say "Hi" to me. That was nice. I like to see people one at a time. Today has been even better. Me 'n Blossom have been sleeping all day out on the lanai. heheheh! Now we will be up all night. Mam 'n Da, watch out!


Yay! No more diary comments!

November 19th 2010 9:13 am
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Today when I opened the Community Page, the furst thing I saw was that there were no more "diary comment" thingys in our activity posts. Thank goodness! I can understand that someone thought may we would like to know that kind of stuff, but let's face did make things pretty congested, especially for kitties who like to make comments! Thank you, Catster folks, for listening and adjusting accordingly. It is appreciated.

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