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The View from Here - The Purrings of Binx

Eye, Eye, Eye....

January 24th 2009 3:00 am
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On Wednesday - Dr Heather stopped by to check on my eye.

I was having some problems with discharge coming from the area where my eye was removed, and Dr Heather initially put me on Clavamox - to see if that would help with the drainage I was having.

I am happy to report that my discharge has decreased dramatically. I have a small spot -in the corner of my eye - that has a little bit of discharge and crusting. Dr Heather looked at that tiny little spot and decided not to schedule surgery, to reopen my eye!! Dr Heather said that the discharge is getting smaller - and she hopes it will resolve itself on it's own - without surgical intervention. Dr Heather said it could be a part of the healing process, or there may be a little bit of my stitches still in there. Mom has to keep an eye on it (no pun intended) - and if I continue to have discharge - Dr Heather will go into the corner of my eye, where I still have a tiny bit of discharge (which is a lot less invasive procedure than Dr Heather was first considering).

I got my 2nd series of the booster shot and my rabies shots :(
I didn't even cry or squirm - Mom was so proud of me.

Dr Heather said overall - I am in excellent health and I have grown quite a bit since the last time she saw me. She said I am one sleek little guy :)

As you can see by my new pictures - we got a new family member! His name is Lennon & he is a boxer pup (he is a gift to Lizzy, from Mom, for Christmas). He is small for his age - so Mom has been caring for him as if he is a 5 week old (and not his real age of 8 weeks). Dr Heather and Mom will be monitoring his growth closely - and Dr Heather even gave Mom her cell phone # and home # - just in case something happens to Lennon and her office is closed. Dr Heather doesn't want Mom to take Lennon to the ER animal clinic - if she doesn't have to - as Dr Heather says Lennon really cannot be exposed to other dogs right now - as his immune system is fragile.

I don't know about that - you should see that little guy tackle me when we play - MOL! He even has these little baby barks and growls - I try to take him seriously - but he is so cute - and those itty bitty sounds that come out of my mouth - I cannot help but laugh and purr at him. As you may be able to tell - he is my newest play buddy! I have never been around dogs before - and I am quickly discovering they can be so much fun to play with - but - they do play a lot differently than us kitties do! That's OK - cuz when he wiggles his little butt - I cannot HELP but play with him!!

We also sleep together at night - with Mom. He is so warm and cuddly - but he sure does snore loud! Some nights he keeps me awake with all that snoring coming out of his lil snoot!

He also wakes up at 1 am (every morning) wanting a small bite of food to eat. Mom does it - as she says ANY caloric intake will help him immensely - even at 1 am.

Once I first moved in with Mom - I used to hiss and hide whenever she would walk into my cat flat apartment. Now - not only do I not hiss at Mom (I run up and greet her at the door), but when Daddy comes in the room - I no longer hiss or hide at him. I am still a bit cautious with Daddy - but I am getting so much better. I feel kinda bad that I don't run up to Dad, as I do with Mom. Mom said not to worry about it - as it took Winston 2 years to finally let Dad pet her and not run everytime she saw him.

I am slowly giving up my hobby of digging in Mom's plants. I found a new hobby - which Mom is not enthused about (but - hey - I am not digging in her plants - which is what I thought she wanted). Humans are confusing!!

My new hobby - hunting toilet paper rolls!! Yessss!! Only a REAL MAN will pursue the ever elusive, and dangerous, Charmin. Why they must be dangerous - as I heard such things uttered as "Don't Squeeze The Charmin"!! Why would any human even say that - unless it is dangerous?

Let's just say - once I am done with this "Charmin" character - he never looks the same!! You could say he looks a bit torn apart and shredded!

That' me:
The puppy loving Charmin Hunter!


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