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How I lived to be so old!

Meowma can not belive that it has almost been 4 years since- I went over the Rainbow Bridge

April 3rd 2010 10:59 pm
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I find myself thinking of Meow all the time. Esp when I hear that dry food is bad for cats. My Meow ate only dry food since I got him at the age of 5 and he lived for 22 years, he was the 3rd cat to live to be so old too. Now that he is gone, I think it would be a bit strange to be talking for him though. I had another cat I brought to Florida from Colorado and his name was Little Bit. Meow was so much like him. But he had to be put down because he got Fatty Liver Disease from the food his vet told me to buy. That is when I switched all my animals over to Nutro Products and I have never looked back. Since feeding Nutro, I have not had to take any of my animals to the vet for any health related problems.. well that is not all true. When I found my pug, I had to get him fixed and have his teeth cleaned. Then he came down with ring worm one time. But in the 11 of his 16 years... I would say that is good. My Catahoula, Zak had to get fixed and he got a yeast infection in his right ear once and that is all for any of them, other then getting fixed. And still people keep telling me dry food is not good for my animals.
What I like about the food is the fact that there they do not use any whole ground yellow corn or grits and no chicken by-products that can be things such as chicken heads, feet and intestines.. These things were in the food I used too feed... and are in a lot of what is out there now. Every ingredient that Nutro uses is in there for a reason and I like that. All of there food is Natural too. Now I get people asking about the Vitamin k thing and I went through a lot of information on my own and it does not bother me at all. I would rather have it in there then not have it at all. Besides it is the very last ingredient listed and in a very small amount too. Believe you me, if I thought it would cause any harm to any of my animals... I would not be feeding Nutro let alone working for them, part time.
Twentyfour years ago, I asked to work part time for Nutro and stopped because I was young and wanted my weekends to myself. Then 4 years ago on the 27th of April I asked to work part time for them again. Before working for Nutro, I was a Professional Pet Groomer for 12 years and before that I was a Vet tech for 5 years. I can honestly tell you that working for Nutro in the pet stores is the best job I have ever had. I just wish I could work longer than 4 hours at a time. mol Now all of my cats go in and out when ever they want and always have. Kinda hard to tell them that they are not allowed to use the big doggy door, you know... MOL =^^= peace

Meow passed away the Saturday after I started working for Nutro in 2006.
I miss him very much and my Husband and I still hear him outside from time to time and he has never been at the house we rent now.... But I know he is always with and around me still.


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