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Leave me alone...I'm sleeping.

Snow Days Rock

December 19th 2008 1:50 pm
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Soooo, today was a snow day for Meowmy in good ol' Western New York. I love those days. I decided to sabotage her and kept her in bed for another few hours after Dadster left. I totally love just sitting on her and spending time knowing she won't move me because she's too nice! Ahhhh, night everyone!


Reaping the Benefits

December 16th 2008 2:02 pm
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So, I woke up this morning, obviously thinking it would be nice if I was a mobile alarm clock. Yep, I was pretty upset that mom woke up too easily. I proceeded to join her in the bathroom and then take her oh so comfy and warm spot that she left in the bed. No more sleeping at her feet. Of course, I have to wait at least another half hour before Dad is even ready for me to wake him up. But, of course I did my job. It did seem to take longer than normal, but hey, I did it right?!?!?! I proceeded to help him to the shower and get his clothes ready with only trying to trip him twice. I should have tried harder. REMINDER: try harder tomorrow. So, what I was really getting at was that all I had to do was about twenty minutes of HARD work so that those crazy folks would get out of bed. Yep, that's the life. Now, as I lay in this extremely large and comfy bed that I have all to myself, I think it's time to reap my benefits. Goodnight ( even though it's 8:30) and I'll write tomorrow. Darn these opposable thumbs.

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