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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

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Cat Contempt

December 19th 2008 7:26 pm
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Oooh, Mommy is so mad with us. She came into the room today and kept sniffing the air. Then she checked our litter box and she sniffed all round the room and said I know some cats who better not be pissing anywhere but the litter box. Then she sniffed again all round and said or doing anything else that belongs in the litter box anywhere else. Ut oh. Knew we were in trouble. Finally Mom’s human nose, which she said was overwhelmed by the terrible urine smell, tracked to where we had made our own litter box. Oh did she ever fuss at us. There was a pile of towels in the corner nearest the heat vent and she had wondered said she why I had stopped sleeping and resting in that corner near the towels had meant to move them. She is so very, very upset with us but she didn’t yell at us, just fussed and fussed and fussed and don’t know -- maybe that was worse. Then she left with the dirty towels muttering something about hose outside. After she got back in she brought my old litter box in that my old Mommy sent home with her and the litter she gave her and she came directly after me and fussed and said perhaps you won’t eat this. That’s right. We haven’t been using the litter box at all but it’s a special mega minimizing odor litter and we were digging in it so Mommy was right and she did see us in there but bad assumption that we were using it. No, oh no. Mommy must have looked closely at the towels. That’s right. We were eating the cat litter so Mommy had to go find the litter to read about toxicity. Mmm. Was that clean cat litter good to eat. No, she’s right. It’s not like we’re not well fed ‘cause we are very well fed. We have our saucers each, though we eat from each other’s plates, of dry cat food and can moist cat food and Mommy still isn’t mixing mine together the wet food and the dry ‘cause we eat from each other’s plates and Thomasina won’t eat wet mixed with dry and pouts and goes on hunger strikes even if it’s my special saucer that has the wet mixed with dry. We each have a saucer of half dry half moist food separated the way Thomasina likes it. We also have a big back up bowl each of dry food in case we get hungry. We munch and snack on our food off and on all day long, so we’re not desperate for food. But we love the cat litter. It is just so very tasty that clay blend cat litter and Mommy sez she is so very happy that she didn’t buy a bunch of that cat litter but bought the sample since we are not supposed to be eating the cat litter even if it is clean. Thomasina never used it either but was peeing on a different towel and she wouldn’t let Mommy have it, just dug her claws into it and would not give up her urine scented towel that was on the floor right in front of her under the bed and she hiss growled at Mommy, so Mommy told her she was a bad cat and Thomasina just flipped her tail back and forth like you just try to come and take this towel from me. Mommy sez she knows that Thomasina will move later and she will and then that towel is hers to disinfect and wash and cleanse of the toxic level of cat urine. Mommy sez we are showing cat contempt for her and that we know better and that we are being given some concessions ‘cause we’ve been feral but that doesn’t mean that we are allowed to regress. She said we know better and we do, so we both started using my litter box. ‘Fraid she might have to remove that other litter box ‘cause she said we aren’t allowed to eat that clean partially clay based litter. Wanna bet? How ‘ya gonna stop us? Yeah, either we stop or guess she will remove the box.

So we waited for Mommy to leave the room and we both climbed the curtains and really got it down good this time. We like watching birds from the window and that curtain is just in the way and we don’t care if people can see us. If they come in, they’re in for a big surprise if they try to touch us. Thomasina doesn’t like strange people touchin’ me and she was so upset that Mommy took me out of the room for so long last night that every time Mommy comes into the room she mreows at me and I run to her if I’m hiding or playing somewhere else. Think she might eat anyone she doesn’t know who tries to bother me and they certainly better not touch her ‘cause she still doesn’t let Mommy touch her but she has let Mother touch her a couple of times. Not for long mind you but she has let Mother touch her at least a couple of times and pet her head but when she tries to pet her back, Thomasina runs and hides.

Well gotta go and see if we can knock the curtains down again. Always makes Mom come and check on us. She was meowing at us again today and mewing and talking to us and telling us we were sweet kitties. Thomasina wants us to move closer when Mommy does these things so we move closer and closer to Mommy all the time. Oh == still haven’t told ‘ya ‘bout the moth. Will have to do that ‘nother time ‘cause need to go play now or maybe just curl up on Thomasina and sleep. She’ll probably let Mommy and Dion play with me again later. Need to see what we can get into now so really gotta go!

Mew. Luv, BabyCat Callie


Time With Mommy & Dion the CatDog

December 18th 2008 4:00 pm
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This is my third day here now & I’m having such fun! I’m the go between with Dion The CatDog and Thomasina the Mama Siamese cat. Thomasina still won’t let Dion beyond the doorway of the room, but I can play with Dion or curl up to her and I can play with Thomasina and curl up to her. For two days I’ve gotten to spend some time with Mommy and the dog Dion. We sit on the sofa and I get petted and petted and Dion gets petted and petted and I get to curl up against Dion and rub against Dion cat style and knead her with my claws but so far she’s not giving any good milk when I knead her in the right place like my first Mom cat did and Thomasina doesn’t either, but I’m supposed to have outgrown the need for that kind of milk all the same. Love getting to go play with Mommy my human one and Dion but I don’t like Mother too much yet. Thomasina loves her and goes as close to the door as she dares when Mother comes in but Mother’s voice is loud and scary to me and I prefer Mommy’s (Meli - Mel’s) and like Mommy to hold me. I run so far and jump down when Mother tries to reach out to me, let her just stroke my back once and I’m off. I get to sit on the sofa with Mommy and Dion for a little time every afternoon or so far I do and crawl around on Mommy and on Dion and wrap myself around Mommy’s neck and walk around on top of Dion when she is lying down on the sofa and Dion makes strange little noises at me and purrs with me, but it doesn’t sound just like a cat’s purr. Dion didn’t like it when I got my claws stuck in her fur and then in her skin tonight but she didn’t growl at me or try to bite me, but just whined at me. My claws are growing and I just can’t quite get them out of things like sweaters and shirts and fur right now and need a little help ‘cause they just seem to get stuck, but I’m working on that & trying to figure out how to curve my claws out and retract them back in, just will take a little more practice. Dion loves me & likes to sniff of me and gives me doggy kisses so I clean her fur for her, but she’s not like other dogs and I’ve seen her clean her fur herself just like a cat by licking her paws and then swiping them over her head and I know that we haven’t been here long enough to teach her how to do that so maybe her doggy Mommy taught her how or maybe she had one cat parent and one dog. She says she’s a CatDog so maybe that’s what that means.

Had to try climbing both sets of drapes / curtains today and knocked them down again at one window and thought Mommy would fuss at me and so ran and his again, but she didn’t get mad just put them back tucked up into the window sill again. Like I can’t get them down to climb tomorrow. Like watching the birds and the squirrels in the morning so Thomasina gets up on the little table and into the window sill or onto it and I have a much better view of the squirrels and birds from the top of the curtains where I’m hanging on with my claws for dear life. Somehow Mommy knows and comes running, but I don’t know how she knows. Maybe she has a cat sixth sense ‘cause she mews and meows at me like a cat but she howls like a dog or a coyote or wolf at Dion and makes Dion’s sounds back at her. Mother says she was born howling like a wolf that she has done it since she was little and that one of her nieces has done the same since she was a tiny little girl too. Mother says that she has always meowed at her cats too and practiced their noises the different types of meows we cats make and that she used to drive them crazy. I meow back at her and think she might understand what I’m saying ‘cause she brought us a little tuna to eat. She doesn’t mix the dry and moist cat food together yet the way I like it, though, ‘cause Thomasina likes her canned moist food and her dry separate and she eats a little of one and then a little of the other. I really prefer mine mixed and she says she will start doing that soon.

Need to go curl over Thomasina and take a nap now. Tired out from all my babycat adventures today so need some sleep. Will mew again tomorrow I hope but if not the next day. Have so much playing to do -- will have to write ‘bout the moth I ate tomorrow. It was really good and really fun to catch.

++++ Thank you for the diamond Tigger! It is so beautiful! I love it… You heal and stay well so you can be around to be friends for a long time! ++++

Great havin’ new fur-iends and so = (back in a minute to name fur-iends ‘cause the firewall sez Mommy caught a Trojan downloader & needs to shut down the computer box)



Curtain Toys

December 16th 2008 5:03 am
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Had a fun day yesterday chasing Thomasina’s tail when she swished it back and forth. She got really & truly annoyed me after awhile so I had to go hide in the corner. Realized when Meli - Mel walked in that she could see me and I just wasn’t in a good hiding place. Oh well. I’m a kitten and have to learn these things that just ‘cause I was out of Thomasina’s view didn’t mean no one comin’ in couldn’t see me. Already havin’ fun today too! Meli - Mel walked in and said okay, who pulled down the curtains. As she pulled them up my claws were still attached so guess she knows I did it. Caught! She gave me a sheet off the side of the bed and told me to play with the sheet instead but I ran ‘cause I just knew I was in bad trouble but she didn’t fuss too much just said okay, which one of you pulled apart some of the silk flowers? Oh no! Thought she would accuse me ‘cause I’m the playful baby, but she just said that’s right. This was like this yesterday ‘fore you arrived Calliope. Good. Oh, Thomasina does like to play!!! Good. Will store that away for future reference. Well have to go now. So many things to see and do today and saw some birds in the trees outside the window. Got Thomasina to watch them out the window with me and she is just sooooo very patient and can sit there for what seems like hours and look at those birds. Says she has caught them before. Yes, my Mommy used to do that for us and they’re very good to eat and quite tasty!
MEW from Baby Cat Calliope (Callie)

OH! Forgot! Thanks for that cute heart The family of Kinsey ~ sweet angel girl, Baby, Corky(in loving memory) and Mittens !!! Love ‘ya. Mew.

Meli - Mel my new Mommy says I need to ‘member to thank furry fur-iends too and guess for the start she’s just gonna hafta do that for me ‘til I’m ready!!! I’m still a baby. I don’t know these things yet, but if ‘ya were by me I would lick yur face & give 'ya a bath with my tongue and let ‘ya know that I liked being fur-iends! OH wait! Don’t have fur-iends yet. Well Mom will have to find me some soon! Bye for now. Mew Mew Mew Mew.



December 15th 2008 10:56 am
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Mew. Mew. Mew. Just Got here. I'm still a baby cat. Thought I wouldn't have friends but met Dion in the car. I was in a cage with a handle & he was on the front seat. Knew when my human Mom trapped me in the bathroom something was up. Strange person walked in and she was Meli - Mel my new Mommy & she had a cage with her and opened the top and resistance was futile! Old Mom put me down in it and they closed the door and we were off to the car & down the road before I had a real chance to say good-bye but I mewed at her.

Got here & thought I would miss my little sister kitty cat and I would be the only cat. Meli - Mel took me back to the room a bedroom and I was wrapping myself around her neck but I got down 'cause I smelled another cat. I jumped off Meli - Mel and was quick under the bed and there she was a Mama Siamese cat. We chatted for a little and then I left to explore.

Well have to go. New place. Lots to do. I'm also just a baby cat & I need a nap.

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