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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Much Better Now....

July 21st 2009 3:24 pm
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Now that Lilly Cat is gone. Oh, I didn't like Lilly Cat at all, tried very hard to please Daddy but eventually he realized that no matter how much he tried to like Lilly Cat he just didn't, tried to love her and would have kept her but bad match for our bunch of cats! The new kitten is a good match and she's a Rex cat of some kind and Dad has it written down but can't remember which kind since he and her former people talked about all different kinds of Rex cats and curly coated cats and she doesn't really look that curly to me, but they talked about that one as well about aberrant Calico genes the Agouti / Non Agouti gene and how it can alter things but she has a little Rex head and these big ears but not as big as her parents ears are unless they grow and her head looks small compared to those big ears and she is kind of a strange little girl cat, doesn't meow a great deal but every now and then this strange meow comes from her. She likes to curl up against me and sleep like I'm her Mother cat and she likes to climb up Daddy, starts at his legs and climbs him like he's a tree and gets to his shoulders and lays down, but she lets me curl around Daddy's neck when I want to and balances against me and perches. Sometimes she just lays across one of Daddy's shoulders this new Silly Lilly and she is quite silly and even zoomier than the other Lilly whom my former Mom renamed as a nickname Lilly Cat. Imagine that! Lilly Cat calmed down at Meli Mom's and partly because she just believes firmly that those are her dogs and they belong to her and she even gets on Pinto's back and tries to stand and ride and lays down and rides and he doesn't mind! Mom says Lilly Cat baffles Dion The CatDog and that Dion acts like she might be some sort of strange creature that's not a cat and that she baffles her Meli Mom too is so very different than any cat she has ever had. I adore our Silly Lilly and Jaden puts up with her too, but acts a bit like Dion does with Lilly Cat and acts like she might possibly be a species different than ours maybe part some other wild creature such as bat or chipmunk or squirrel crossed with a cat and he seems really confused by her at times.

But the important thing is that I have Daddy back and I am willing to share him with this strange little kitten who isn't all that strange to me. Hey, us Torties and Calicos are just by nature different than other cats and that's just the way it is and I don't baffle Jaden so why does she? After all she's just a kitten and her ears are just a little bigger than ours but not like she can fly (or she hasn't shown any signs of it yet) or dig burrows or anything like that so she's fine and she's just a little thing three plus months old, our little kitten and she's still growing but Dad said she will probably be small and always look a bit kittenish kind of like an elf cat to me. Eventually she will be on the pages but just not yet. Jaden doesn't even have a page yet!
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