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Planning a Wedding

May 8th 2009 9:27 am
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Gosh with all da drama in our famiwee lately mommy hasn't had a lot of time to help me plan my wedding!!!

But yesterday we picked out my dress and now me and Frankie needs to plan a date so we can ask our friends to be in the wedding... (heehee I hope my furriends can be in my wedding!!!)

Other than watching out for Flurry for three weeks... thats what's I've been ups too... Shew... it was a job keeping Flur outta trouble!!! I'm glad she's home. And I was trying to go to the sPaw to stay wif Stormy while she was there being checked out... I'm so glad she's ok... and hopefully her medicines will help her soon!!

*sigh* I gotta go pick out Tux's for the mencats in our wedding... I gots a dress picked out fur my brides maids!!! MEOW!!!

Ok back to wedding plans!!!

PS... Happy Mommy's day mommy!!! This is the first year we won't be together... I miss you!!! PURRRRRRR in your ear!!



February 14th 2009 6:12 pm
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Franky asked me to marry hims!!!! OMC OMC OMC and i said YESH~~~ what a happy valentines day for me!!!!

I'm so excited I can't write!! I'll give more details later!!


Hey Chrissy

January 23rd 2009 10:25 am
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Hey baby girl,

Mommy here!! Well the new kitty has been home for a few days... man it's different than it was with you and Stormy... she hides from me all the time!! If she thinks I'm sleeping she'll come out and love on me, but if she sees me move she RUNS like the wind!! It's kind of funny... I still dont have a name for her but the name the shelter gave her... I have some ideas... see what you think...

Frosty (because it takes her a while to warm up)
Heidi (because she's always hiding)
Snowy (because she's white like snow)
Sugar (because of the same)
Whisper (because she's soft and quiet)
Or Stormy says I should call her HUH?? since she won't hear me!! LOL

OH I found a pretty urn for you-- and Dr. Taylors office just called- you're all ready to come home in your new urn!! I'm so sorry baby that it too mommy a while to get you here~~ mommy couldn't find anything that was pretty enough to represent you!! And I had a hard time looking at them b/c they made me cry so much!! Dr. T and his office have been a real blessing to us~~ I'm so glad he was the dr we chose for you!!

Did I read you have a date tonight??? Wow girl, you're getting more dates than mommy does!! That's not fair!!! But I'm glad you're having a good time... you had a rough year last year-- you deserve some fun!!!

I LOVE YOU Baby girl!!
Your mommy!!


Almost a month!!

January 23rd 2009 10:17 am
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WOW have I really been here at da bridge almost a month now?? It doesn't seem possible~~ but of course time flies here... it's not the same as earth time... but since I got here I've done some fun cool stuff..

Since coming to da bridge I have:
Got a boyfurriend *blush, sigh he's so handsome!!*
Gone fishing *I didn't get wet either!!*
Had lots of spaghetti, lasagna, fishies... all kinds of YUMMY foods
Drank from creeks of cream
Rolled in Catnip fields (wif my boyfurriend and my little Muffin)
Gone DANCING in a night club!! WOWY that was FUN!!
Gone Ice Skating
Heard an Angel Choir
Watched over mommy and brudder while brudder was in da hospital
Ummmm so much stuffs... Franky has been here a while :( so he takes me somewhere new almost every day!!! We are going to the amusement park this weekend!!! YAY!!! I'm excited!!!

I miss everyone down there though!! I'm just glad this interwebs works between earth and the bridge!!! I dont know what I would do if I couldn't talk to my PAWS furriends especially!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!! And I LUBB EVERYONE OF YOUS!!!!

Well better go get ready Franky's coming over to enjoy some Lasagna wif me tonight!! MEOW!!! Mol!!!

Lubbs to all!!
Chrissy (Angel)


Snowy day...

January 13th 2009 7:50 am
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Hey Critter... lol you actually answered to that name every now and again...

Well baby it's been two weeks since you've been on the bridge... two weeks exactly... (time wise and all) I still miss you dearly... I feel so bad because of Little brother being sick last week I wasn't able to go pick up your ashes... so Dr. Taylor is watching over you still until I can bring you home-- (why he has to be so far away, I don't know but he's the best so that's where you are) OK rather thats where your ashes are... I know it's not YOU-- your beautiful spirit is flying around the bridge-- playing in the catnip fields with Franky- and Muffin, Skittles and Eleanor... you're whole, healthy and happy...

I hope you don't get mad at mommy... but I'm getting Stormy a little sister-- you know about her... we discussed it before you crossed-- you even helped me find her-- remember?? She'll be coming home next week... I hope it helps STormy-- she'd never tell you-- but she MISSES YOU!!! She's very lonely right now... so I'm hoping having a little sissy around helps her... I still need a name for the new baby-- can you help me with that??

Your baby brother has been very sick lately... but I KNOW you were with him in the hospital-- he kept looking at the ceiling in his room smiling... I knew you were there. I felt you too... snuggling next to mommy, comforting me while I took care of him.

Just wanted to remind you I love you and miss you-- but I'm so happy you're free and healthy again... I'm just sorry you had to suffer at all...



Missing you

January 6th 2009 10:51 am
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hey sweet girl, this is mommy-- like you don't know that-- who else could be writing in your diary huh??

Dr. Taylors office just called- they have your remains back... so I get to go pick you up... this is going to be so hard~ I won't need your carrier this time-- and you won't be making that pitiful meowing crying sound you made when we'd go home... I used to feel so bad when you'd whine like you did ~ but I had to keep you in your carrier to keep you safe...

I knew this was going to be hard but wow- -it's exactly a week later that they called me... Gosh I haven't even picked out a pretty urn for you... I start looking at them then my tummy hurts and I start to cry again... nothing seems to suit you... how would YOU want to be remembered?? (I don't want to get something that Stormy can break if she gets on the shelf y ya know!) Do you want a stone, or a box, or a vase or OMG too many to choose from!! I want something pretty that makes me think of YOU when I see it... not something sad-- but I don't think I could handle one of the painted ones that looks like you... that'd be too hard on mommy... to see your sweet little face everyday but know that you're not really there...

Ok... I'm so lucky that they're patient w/me here at work... and I guess they're used to me crying in my corner... lol. Mommy's gonna dry her eyes and suck it up for the rest of the day...

Hope you're having fun w/Franky... hey-- if you see her, tell Lexi HI!! Ms. Pat still misses her as much as I miss you!! Oh and Mitizi and Pierre... me and Meowmaw miss them too, so wave a paw at them for me please!!

I LOVE YOU Sweet angel!!!


Almost a week...

January 5th 2009 7:54 pm
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**This is Chrissy's mom here**

Well baby girl tomorrow will be a week since I carried you to the bridge... I have my good moments and my bad moments... I've not made it to good DAYS/bad DAYs yet... I'm still working on it...

I cry over the stupidest things... when I went to Walmart and they only had the "Multiple Cat" formula of the litter we use. It hit me that I don't have a multiple cat household anymore... I cried in the middle of the store-- your little brother just looked at me like "that's my job to cry momma".

Then today at work Ms. Pat gave me a beautiful card and statue to put by your urn, when I finally pick one out... thats been a challange too- deciding what urn is GOOD enough for my baby girl. Then when I got home Dr. Taylor had sent me a beautiful letter reminding me how I had given you a beautiful wonderful love filled life... OMC talk about the TEARS!!! I'm going to frame that one. And after I gave your little brother a bath- and his little pile of dirty clothes were in the hallway floor~ as I walked by them..I said- "Chrissy, you need to get up before I trip over you...oh wait, thats not you baby girl... "

I mean I KNOW you're 'gone' running around on the rainbow bridge... because i was holding you when you left me... but I keep expecting you to jump on my pillow or meow at me from the counter... All those little things you always did...

I MISS YOU SO MUCH MY BABY GIRL... and know that I'll never forget you!!! Sissy misses you too and is always looking for you!!
Have fun with your new boyfurriend... sad when my cat has a date and I don't!! LOL I love you baby.

Love your mommy!


Day 3 from the Bridge

January 2nd 2009 10:15 am
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Well I've been at the Rainbow Bridge three days now-- and I'm getting useded to my wings... I have had a couple dates already-- *sigh* his name is Franky and he's a really sweet (and handsome) mancat!! I never thought at my age I'd be going out! MOL!!!

It's beautiful up here.. I've had fun running around~~ it's been so long since I could RUN!! I've been able to run in catnip, and drink from creeks of cream... and Franky showed me the Window to Earth- where I can check on my mommy when I want!!

New Years Eve we went to a party and right before Midnight I flew down (with help-- hey my wings are new!) and kissed my mommy~~ I think Adam saw me!! Ya know he's still young enough to see Angels!!

I know mommy misses me but I want her to remember I'm BETTER here-- I'm not hurting, I'm happy, I'm healthy, I dont have that UGLY scar down my back from my surgery to try to take away that NASTY tumor... I'm WHOLE again!!! And MEOW I'm purrrty!! Like when mommy first got me, my eyes are shining again!!! I miss my mommy too-- especially when she cries for me... and I know she will for a while... but mommy-- I LOVE YOU and I know you did EVERYTHING you could to make me better~~ now YOU has to know that!! OK??
(I hope she reads my diary!!) Take care of Sissy fur me, and she'll take care of you!! I've taughts her well you know! ;)

Well I needa nap befur Franky and I has dinner together tonight-- and I promised Muffin I'd take her for a roll in the catnip fields befur dinner!!

Love you all!!!
Chrissy~~ Angel


Going to da bridge....

December 29th 2008 8:01 pm
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well tomorrow is my trip to da bridge... should i packs?? Or dos you think I should just go wif nothing?? I hears dey has everyting a cat could wants there--

I has lots of furriends who plan to meets me der... thank goodness beclaws I'm scared to even go outsides da house-- much less a long trip to da bridge...

i've got to spend lots of time wif mommy lately... snuggling (well I don't really like to be HELD anymore beclaws my tumors hurt) but she sits by my counter and lubbs me-- she gives me special fuds too... Kiggys' mommy-- my Aunt becky says I'm in Kitty Hospice... mommy laughed at dat... I has no idea what she means!! MOL..

My little body can't handle the tumors anymore and so I know I will be better off on da bridge- waiting fur my mommy-- (and sissy and brudder) but I will bes sad... beclaws I knows mommy's eyes will leaks a LOT...

I hopes Stormy takes good care of mommy-- my uncle Bootsy is lubbin' a lot on her-- and sleepin' wif hers while hims is visiting...

I lubb you all my furriends... I'll try to write from da bridge-- to lets you know I am here and how I is doing... neber furgets me-- I'll be watching over each of you!!!!!!

the soon to bes an Angel... Chrissy



December 26th 2008 7:29 am
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Did everyone has a good Chrissy-mas??

Oh boys... Chrissy-mas was exciting at ours house this year... my mommy's mom, my meow-maw-- broughts her dog- Snowy and hers new cat Bootsy to my house... one time, last night-- I thought my sissy Stormy and dat dog was gonna KILLS each uber... Sissy hit da dog... den the dog went after Sissy (who don't gots claws no more) so I hadda drag myself off my counter from my nice warm beds and tell dat dog who was BOSS!! Is MY HOUSE still... I's NOT gone YET!!!

I did get to lay in da sun for a while-- meowmaw bringed mommy two window seats fur me an sissy to enjoy while I'm still here... mommy put me up in it~~ I LUBBED it... silly mommy, why we not had des befur now?? I was up more den I's been in a LONG time-- of course I was guardin my house but still mommy was so happys to see me movin' around... she put da gate up so I couldn't gets out and chase da big dog MOL...

Meowmaw just tolds mommy I had growled at Bootsy all murning... mol-- silly boy cat!!

I do have to ask dat yous keeps purring fur me and Stormy... I only have four more days to be wif my furmily... it's sad but we all knows its the best ting fur me... meowmaw saids I was 'pitiful'!!! (not a nice ting to say meowmaw-- but is true... :( ) Stormy will has a hard time adjusting when I's gone-- she is trying to learn to be da alpha kitty already-- but still looks to me, I's been in charge A LOONNGG time!!

Ok my shoulders hurts from typing and being up so much...
I lubb each of yous for all you do's fur me...

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