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July 18th 2012 4:25 pm
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I can't believe mama is doing this...she asked me tonight "are you a good boy" and I said "yeah" (well as close to yeah as I can get) and now she said she's gonna post it here! MA.......
(Silly human!)


Mrrowsers, I'm DDP!

July 17th 2012 11:02 am
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I'm so happy that Catster selected me again as a DDP! Tank u Catster!!

I don't have anything new to report really. Mama says she is ready anytime fur the Lord to bring her anofur kitty. She loves me & Solomon, but just misses having a little girl.

Last night we got tuna juice! Mmmmmm!!! We don't eat the tuna humans do, mama gave us some once and we didn't eat it...but we wuv the juice.
Then Solomon was bugging mama fur treats, so much so that he was trying to rip the box open! MOL Mama gave us some but then locked it up so we couldn't touch it. Darn.

OK nap time!

Daniel Baniel


update 7/16/12

July 16th 2012 6:18 am
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Hi efuryone!

Not much new to report except that mama of course misses Greta.

Me and Solomon are doing our best to comfurt mama. It seems to be working fur the most part.
Yesterday, I came ofur to mama and mama thought I could use a hug. So she picked me up and held me. Well I haven't really been a big fan of being held, but I thought I'd see how it felt.

It felt REALLY GOOD. I purred and purred and purred. Mama probably held me and snuggled me fur about 2 or 3 minutes. I nefur knew how good being held and snuggled felt til then. Then a little later I came ofur and she knew I wanted anofur one. So she held and snuggled me again. Oh I really loved that. Now just so you know, I'm bigger than Greta was so it's a little more difficult to hug and snuggle me, but mama did so anyway. I really loved that.

I should also say that I still don't like being picked up and held except when *I* want it, unlike Greta, who loved it no matter when. But at least it made mama miss Greta just a little less.

Of course mama still wants anofur little girl to love. She's not even sure God will bring anofur kitty tho she thinks He will. She doesn't want to pin her hopes on it. She's still sad cuz she couldn't adopt that ofur kitty (Monkee). She said to us she had a dream about adopting a little 9 week old tortie girl who was deaf, but in the dream she couldn't adopt her cuz she had 4 cats. MOL Mama sure has some crazy dreams.

Keep purring and purraying fur God to reveal His will about anofur girl kitty. We'll keep comfurting and enjoying mama in the meantime (and even after anofur kitty arrives, if one does).

Daniel Baniel


sad update

July 13th 2012 9:50 am
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I am sad to say that the Lord has been leading mama to not adopt cute little Monkee...she really wanted this girl since she reminded her so much of Greta....but it just was not meant to be. Fur starters mama was concerned I might hurt her, since she's only 3 months old and I'm a big kitty. I am the "alpha male" of the house and I let the ofur kitties know it. In fact, Solomon and I pick on each ofur nearly every day.

Also, we couldn't find anyone who could make the long journey of bringing Monkee from her home to mama's. It would be expensive fur sure and mama doesn't have that kind of money.

So, it appears that Monkee's current home will be her furever one, altho we could be wrong. Mama is so sad that things didn't work out but she has to trust God. We have asked Monkee's mama to keep us updated on her progress, since she is a cute and sweet girl.

In ofur news...
The Lord has told mama to NOT adopt or look online for anofur kitty, to instead let Him bring the one He wants her to have. Everything in His time. He knows she might not make a good choice and also she does not want to get anofur one just because she misses Greta. We know there are lots of kitties on here who need homes, but since God has told mama to NOT look fur a kitty on her own, she can't start looking on here or anywhere. People have suggested going to shelters or looking online, but God said to not do this. Mama doesn't question God if she can help it. MOL OK?

Now wanna hear about me? I thought so ;)

I'm talking more to mama! She just loves that. She's trying to get me to carry on a conversation with her, like Greta and her did. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Hey, I'm independent. Respect me! MOL!

Solomon and I do fight but we don't draw blood. Mama always breaks up our fights tho. It does concern her.
OK I need to close this. Pray fur mama and us and we will do the same fur you! ;)

Daniel Baniel



July 10th 2012 9:03 am
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Hello again efuryone,

Well as some of you know one of our Catster furiends mentioned to us a pretty little black kitten girl named Monkee (that's a funny name MOL) who needs a home. Mama has said she'd purray about it and she still does not know what God's will is as to whether or not to accept this kitty. As of this writing the answer seems to be "no" but we need confirmation. :(

She's taken a bit of heat from misunderstanding folks who say mama should go to a shelter and adopt. I will remind efuryone again...we are Christian kitties, and mama is a Christian. She herself has said she would WUV to go to a shelter and take home a new cat. -BUT- and this is the important thing - God has told her to not do this, to instead wait upon HIM to bring the cat He wants her to have...IF He wants her to have one. He knows mama might not make the right choice, and that His timing is perfect. After all Greta hasn't even been gone a week (my sisfur passed away July 4) and maybe it's just too soon.

I also want to remind efuryone that me and Solomon were not shelter kitties. I would've been one if mama didn't adopt me...I'd been to 2 other homes befur coming to live with mama...and my owners up til then were going to dump me outside when a furiend of theirs said they'd take me to a shelter, but check with my mama first. Mama asked the Lord if I was to be hers and He said yes. I've lived her 3 1/2 years now and it has been great.
My brofur Solomon wasn't a shelter kitty either, he lived outside (not by his choice) and came around his foster mama's home fur food daily. Foster mama told my mama about him and they both purrayed and God revealed this was the ofur kitty He wanted mama to have.

We have nuttin against shelters but since God has told our mama to not adopt from there and to let HIM bring a kitty to her, just wanted to clear that up. Please don't hate on her fur that, she is obeying God.

Now that I've said that, mama is not sure she will be able to get this kitty. Monkee is a real cutie I will admit, but she lives fur away, I think her mama said Kansas or Missouri....well my mama lives in NY state, in the suburbs of Albany. Mama has said she doesn't have that much money and noticed transportation costs are anywhere from $120 and up. We don't have that kind of money. :( And we know that of course anyone who could make the trip would need gas money and ofur things. We sure wouldn't expect anyone to do it fur nuttin, not fur that long a trip. We are NOT the kind of kitties or humans who would make someone travel long distances and not be reimbursed financially.

So the odds are not in mama's favor...and mama is thinking maybe the Lord is closing this door. It's kinda sad cuz mama really likes this kitty, but she knows and I do Miss Monkee will STILL find a grrrrrrreat home. We would like little miss Monkee to keep in touch with us so we can see her progress! Meanwhile maybe someone else out there would love this precious girl.

Bye fur now efuryone.
Still purraying,
Daniel Baniel


purrayers needed

July 9th 2012 7:10 am
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Hi kitties and humans,

Well mama is asking fur your purrayers fur clarity regarding something.
She thinks the Lord may be saying that He will bring her anofur kitty and to name her Serena, but she is not sure. My mom is not just bipolar but she has ADHD and her mind is overactive. Sometimes she thinks she hears from God but is not always 100% sure. If it is true, mama would love to meet Serena when (or if) she arrives. But she doesn't want to pin her hopes on something false.

So those of you who are Christian kitties and humans, can you agree in purrayer with us (me & Solomon are Christian kitties too) fur God to clarify Himself in this matter? Tank you!

Mama thinks anofur male wouldn't be good fur us since 1) I'm a dominant pursonality and 2) we have a small home, and 3 males could lead to fights.
If God really is going to bring anofur girl and mama is to call her Serena, mama would love anofur black kitty or a calico or a tortie. But like we've said, it's up to the LORD.

Oh also I'm getting to be a real talker. I talked up a storm with mama this morning. I'm especially talkative when I'm hungry. Any of you get that way? Solomon however is a quiet kitty. The only time he really talks is when he's traveling. Even then he does it just fur a while then stops.

OK I gotta go and take a nap...

Daniel Baniel (the maniel) ;)


Angel? and comfurting mama

July 7th 2012 4:23 pm
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Hi again,

Well we have a little update on mama's getting anofur kitty. Gamma has offered to give us Angel, a pretty 9 y.o. girl she owns....mama does know about Angel and she loves her...but she is not sure if this is what God wants. Fur starters, mama is kinda hesitant about adopting an older kitty only cuz she just lost a kitty and doesn't want to have to put anofur one to sleep fur a long time...and since Greta was only 12 when she died AND Buster was 8...she is fearful an older cat will not live much longer and she just isn't ready fur the heartbreak of putting anofur one to sleep yet.

Angel might not want to travel to anofur home...she might not adjust well...
she might not get along with me and Solomon either...

Also, God may not want mama to have Angel. He may not want mama to have anofur girl kitty at all.

So, while we are all grrrrateful to Gamma fur her suggestion, again I say what mama says: IT'S UP TO THE LORD.

Now that's that taken care of...on to comfurting mama. I'm talking more now. Mama sure likes that. She's playing with us lots. We found Greta's red ball, and we chase that sometimes but not as much as Greta did. Lately it's been hot and mama gave us ice cubes to play with. We weren't too interested in those but she also put ice cubes in our water....mmmmm those are SO nice and cool! At night we both sit on the bed, tho I like to look out the window most of the time. Solomon WUVS to sit next to mama's pillow and he often puts his head on mama's face. Mama says that feels SO GOOD....she said she never wants to leave him.

Well I'm glad we are helping mama out...tho I do miss having a sisfur to pick on! MOL OK bye fur now.

Daniel Baniel



July 6th 2012 2:58 pm
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Hi again efuryone,

Well mama is already saying she's ready to take in anofur girl kitty. She said she will always miss Greta but she's ready to fill that void and wants anofur girl NOW. (sigh) But she ALSO said she's not about to go and pick one out, because sf two things: 1) she needs to know if it's God's will, and 2) if she doesn't hear from Him then she won't do anything. My mama is a Christian lady and she told me and Solly that she wanted SO MUCH to get anofur boy kitty when Buster died (whoever he was), but God said not to adopt one and that He'd put whatefur kitties He wanted her to have in her path. Little did she know He'd send TWO boys! ;)

I'm starting to pick on Solomon a little more now that I don't have Greta to pick on anymore. But guess what? Solomon is starting to fight back. Mama always intervenes and stops any fights. Gee, I can't harass anyone without them giving me a fight! That's no fun.

Me and Solomon are trying to comfurt mama, tho she isn't crying as much now. We are such good kitties that we know mama needs us now more than ever.

Please pray along with us fur God's will as to whether or not we will have anofur sisfur. Tanks!

Daniel Baniel


We are down to 2...

July 4th 2012 7:15 am
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My sisfur is gone....mama said she had to put her to sleep cuz she was dying...she said she was dehydrated and weighed a little over 4 lbs. (she should weigh 9).

So now me and Solomon are the only 2 kitties in the house. It's too soon to see if we will have a 3rd kitty again, and is completely up to the LORD...but meanwhile me and Solomon will comfurt mama as best we can. I don't have anyone to pick on now! MOL

Please keep my mama in purrayers....this will be a hard day fur her fur years to come....

Daniel Baniel


DDP again! Already?

April 22nd 2012 7:23 am
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I can't believe it, I just come back and next thing I know I'm DDP!
You folks at Catster sure have good taste. MOL

I didn't mention that during my sorta "vacation" at Gamma's, mama noticed I respond well to the name "Kitty" and she thinks that may have been my name befur she adopted me. What do you think?

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