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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Happy St. Patty's Day!

March 17th 2014 1:11 pm
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Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! I hope you're having the "Luck of the Irish" with you today:)

I had a good weekend, well at least the first part of it anyway. We finally went back to the cabin after 7 weeks! It was furever and I was never so happy to go in the car for my ride as I was this time cause I knew where we were going. I roamed around the cabin to be sure everything was in order and then I stole a drink from the dogs and hopped up on my loveseat and just relaxed! It was still chilly outside so we don't sit outside in the morning or night yet, but I don't care, just being back in the mountains was good enough for me:) All went good and I was enjoying myself until Sunday afternoon and that's why everything went wacky.

Mom did wash like usual, but this time the washer decided not to work and spilled A LOT of water all over the place. Mom and dad were crazy trying to clean everything up and I just stayed on my loveseat. They first started with the wet vac and it was loud! Then they started moving stuff in my direction (I was furthest away from the disaster area) and I was kind of getting boxed in, but I didn't move. Mom told me she promises that she wouldn't forget I was back there and leave without me. To be honest, other than missing my mom and dad, I wouldn't mind staying at that cabin:) Anyway, after they moved furniture, then they ripped up all the bathroom flooring and carpet from the dining area and back bedroom. It was a mess! But mom said I was very good and stayed out of the way. Yeah, like I was going anywhere after she boxed me in. We did finally leave around 530pm and we were all tired when we got home. I went potty in my box right away so mom let me roam around the house for a little (dad didn't know of course:) Later in the evening I laid on the chair with mom for a while and that was nice and we actually went to bed early, probably cause everyone was tired.

Other than that little "hiccup" with the washer, we had a good weekend. I just hope they get the stuff fixed back up fast cause right now we can't go to the cabin cause it's in disarray so paws crossed that everything is back to normal in 3 weeks when we plan to go again!


Stuck in crate

March 10th 2014 9:45 am
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Okay I gotta tell you, I was NOT a happy camper this past weekend. Mom and dad went to NYC for the weekend and I was stuck in my crate the entire time they were gone. In the past mom would sneak and let me out, but not this time. She said that since the carpet is cleaned and most of the smell from me pottying on the floor in the past, she didn't want to take the chance of me pottying again. Now, would I do that? Yes, of course I would and mom knew that so that's why I had to stay in the crate. I wasn't happy about it, but Poppy Waple did check on me eat morning to be sure I was okay and Kelsey came each afternoon and cleaned my box and pet me for a little so it wasn't that bad. I know if I'd be a good kitty and not potty on the floor I wouldn't be stuck in there so it's my own fault. Mom did let me out as soon as she came home and she laid with me for a while on the bed then held me on her lap later that night too.

I'm very happy to say that this upcoming weekend we are going to the cabin...YIPEE!!!! We haven't been there in what seems like forever and you all know how much I love it there so I'm doing back flips (not really), but I am very excited about going:) I'm sure it will still be too cold for me to hang out on the patio, but just getting away and having free run of the cabin again is very exciting and something I'm very much looking forward too! I'll be sure to tell you about my trip when I get back for sure:) Have a great week and purr at you later!


A very rough week

March 3rd 2014 12:05 pm
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Boy did I ever have a rough week. As you know it started off bad when I went for my yearly dental cleaning. Well let me tell you, it didn't get any better. The first couple of days weren't too bad, but the amoxicillian was upsetting my tummy and each day it got worse. Mom noticed almost immediately that I wasn't eating, drinking and using potty as much as I normally do and became very concerned. She called the vet and he said to cut my pills in 1/4 and give to me 4x a day instead of 1/2 2x a day. Now really, does that sound like it would make much of a difference to you? It's the same total amount but in small doses and I'll tell you, it didn't help. Poor mom was freaking out and because I wouldn't eat or drink over the weekend, mom was giving me water by syringe and I did eat a little on my own, but not much. Mom finally decided that she didn't care what the vet said and she stopped giving me my amoxi after Sunday morning and let me tell you, I started to feel MUCH better! I wasn't sick in the stomach and I ate and drank and you would have thought mom won the lottery when she came up and saw a big spot of urine in my box. She was jumping up and down and hugged and kissed me:) She was really worried that my kidneys were shutting down cause I didn't potty for a day. I just didn't drink anything for me to potty, but thanks to mom, I am back to my old self. She did call the vet Monday morning and told him what happened over the weekend and he wasn't thrilled about me not finishing the next 2 days of amoxi, but agreed that it was better and if the amoxi more than likely already did it's job in keeping infection away since my procedure. I am just very fortunate to have a mom who is attentive to my habits and who loves me enough to do what she knows is right for me. Yes the vets are smart and know what is good for me, but NO ONE knows me better than mom and I trust her totally!

Another reason I wasn't having a great weekend was cause Emilie came to visit. Don't get me wrong, I love her and all and she's usually very gentle with me, but I wasn't feeling good and she did seem to want to mess with me more than usual this past weekend. But mom did a good job at keeping her away from me. There was only one time when she snuck back to my room and when she was petting me she was a little rough. It didn't happen long though cause mom came back and saw her and stopped her thank goodness. But honestly, I'm not a kid kinda cat so even when I'm feeling good I'm still not comfortable around them. To each their own!


Vet visit

February 25th 2014 11:33 am
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO not happy with mom right now! Yesterday was an absolutely HORRIBLE day! I should have known it was coming when I saw my carrier in the living room. Honestly, I thought we were going to the cabin cause we haven't been there in so long, but boy was I wrong! Yesterday morning when mom put me in my carrier without giving me my pill first I knew I was in trouble and exactly where I was headed... to the vet! Yep, it was that time of year again and I know it's a necessary evil, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

The trip down wasn't too bad. I cried a little, but mom kept petting me so that helped me stay calm, but it was all downhill after that. The vet checked me out then started my hand scale. That's bad enough, but then he found that I had a cavity and he needed to extract one of my teeth. When I saw the needle coming I knew it wasn't going to be good. Although I slept through the actual pulling of my tooth, the before and after really had me worked up and I did my best to settle down until dad picked us up and I finally got home.

I heard mom talking to dad and the vet said I lost a little over a pound since last year. The vet said he was concerned with that and also because my heart rate was high. HELLO!!! Do you think that might have had something to do with my VERY high level of anxiety??? Mom wasn't worried too much about the heart rate and even the vet said that yes, he's sure that's why, but she is concerned about my weight and so is the vet. I do eat and I've actually not been vomitting much lately either. Dad said it's cause I'm getting older and losing muscle. Mom said she's going to keep a close eye on my weight cause I only weigh 5.1 lbs. I've been eating, drinking and using my potty like I should and I am a happy cat (although not at this moment) so mom shouldn't worry. Unfortunately this is part of getting old:(

Anyway, I didn't want much to do with mom when she came home last night and refused to lay with her on the bed or on the sofa. I know she took me to keep me healthy and I'm over it now, but it doesn't help that she has to shove a pill down my through 2x a day either. I did sleep with her last night and hung with her in the bathroom this morning while she was getting ready for work, but then she shoved that pill again and that upset me. I know, I know, I shouldn't be mad at mom and I'll try not to, but the next 10 days is really gonna stink!


The flu bug

February 12th 2014 11:38 am
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Mom has been hit with the flu bug and I sure hope I don't get it! She has been home all week with this flu bug thing and boy is she sick. I haven' seen mom like this in a very long time. She's either sick in the bathroom or curled up in bed or on the sofa. She even got that shot to keep the bug away, but it still got her. That is one nasty bug and it better stay away from me! I've been sleeping with mom when she's in bed trying to help her feel better and I've been on my best behavior using my litter box like I'm suppose to. Don't want to upset mom while she's not feeling well. She did go back to work today, but she's still not 100%. I suspect she'll be home early.

On another note, we're suppose to go to the cabin but now there is another winter storm coming so I don't know if we'll make it. We may get blowed out here at home, but there is no way for us to get in the driveway at the cabin and then into the cabin cause there's no one to blow us out up there. Mom said it depends on how much we get as to whether or not we go. I'm keeping my paws crossed that we go cause I love the cabin and my freedom and I know we won't be going again for a while.

Well, I'm gonna go back to napping and wait for mom to get home. If you have to be out in this winter storm, be careful and stay warm and safe!



February 7th 2014 5:49 am
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Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but mom has been busy and I just can't seem to get that typing thing down. She finally has a little time so I'll fill you in on what I've been up to.

Since my last post mom took me out of my room and put me in the living room with Echo for a few days. I was NOT happy about that at all! I was so mixed up where my crate was that one time I ran into Echo's by mistake. Needless to say, she wasn't thrilled about that, but she didn't bite me or anything which was nice. Mom shampooed the carpet in my room to try and get rid of the smell from me pottying on the floor. It did seem to help so dad is happy again. That doesn't mean that I'm allowed out of my crate, but he is getting a little better with letting me have more time in the bedroom. I'm going to do my best not to potty anywhere, but I don't think he'll ever let me have free run of the house again. I must admit though that I'm getting use to being in my crate and there are times mom wants me to come out, but I stay in there. She put a towel down for me to lay on, which she did in the past but I always pottied on it. But now I like having it to lay on and don't mind staying in there all day. Mom worries about me not getting enough exercise, but what she fails to see is that I didn't get even when I had full run of the house. Yes, from time to time I would run around like a nut for about 5 minutes, but other than that, I'd just sleep one place or another. That's what us older kitties do so she doesn't need to worry.

We also went to the cabin last weekend. It was nice cause I had my freedom again and even slept on dad's lap a little which shocked everyone. Even though he yells and makes me stay in a crate, I know he loves me even if he won't admit it. I did play with mom a little with a piece of floss. Mom bought me all these toys, but my favorite thing is floss, yeah, I know weird, right? It's the simple things for me:)

This week I've just been hanging out. I've been sleeping on mom's lap downstairs while they watch TV almost every night. Mom loves when I do that and I'm getting use to it now too and enjoy being with everyone instead of upstairs by myself. All in all, life is pretty good. Having all my freedom would be better, but at least I have a roof over my head, food for my belly and a family who loves me:)


Yipee, diary pick!

January 31st 2014 7:42 am
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Catster has honored me again with Diary Pick...thank you Catster! My dog Chloe was picked by Dogster yesterday and hopefully my dog Echo gets picked one more time before everything closes down. It would be a great way to go out!

Not much has been going on around here. I'm still banished to my crate when no one is home, but that's only during the day. Believe it or not, when dad gets home from work, he let's me in the bedroom unsupervised. Don't worry I haven't pottied in the bedroom again. Mom holds me on her lap at night while we watch TV and I like that a lot. I also get to sleep with mom all night too which is nice. We are heading to the cabin today so I'll get my freedom back, at least for a couple of days:)

The weather is starting to warm up so maybe I'll get to venture outside a bit this weekend, you never know?

Well, that's about all I have for now. Thanks again Catster!


Why do I keep doing it?

January 27th 2014 9:14 am
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Bet you can guess by my entry title what I did? Yep, I pottied on the floor yet again, but this time it was in the bedroom. Fortunately dad doesn't know because I would be gone. Mom was NOT happy and I got my nose rubbed in it and put in my crate. Mom is sooo upset cause she's trying so hard for me not to be stuck in the crate 24/7 but I'm not giving her a lot of choice in the matter. She said if I potty in the bedroom again and dad catches me I WILL BE GONE and that would break her heart. Not to mention no one will want a cat who won't potty in the box. I don't know why I do it cause I don't do it at the cabin. Yes, at night mom closes the door to the bedroom and I'm stuck inside with them, but Echo wakes her in the middle of the night to potty and I've done the same in the past and mom always gets up and let's us out to potty. Why I didn't wake her last night I don't know? Mom cleaned my room up all nice yesterday, shampooing the carpets and everything and I am a little upset cause my crate is in the living room until the floor dried, but still, that is not a reason and I did it before mom moved my crate so there is no excuse. The vet says there is nothing physically wrong with me. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP CAUSE I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY HOME and mom doesn't know what else to do:(


Opps... I messed up!

January 22nd 2014 6:27 am
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Well I did it now...I messed up BIG time! Dad caught me peeing and pooping on the floor so I'm sure you can guess what that means...yep, back to solitary confinement:( I am only allowed out of the crate if I am in the bedroom WITH mom and dad or downstairs laying on mom's lap. No more roaming the house:( No more sleeping on the bed during the day when they are t work:( No more freedom:( I know, I know, I shouldn't do that stuff, but I just can't help myself. I had all the freedom in the world, but now dad said unless I am directly with them, I'm in the crate. He told mom he's serious too and the first time he catches me out of the crate and not with them, I'm gone! Mom told me to hang in there and that we'll be moving to the cabin hopefully next year and then I'll be free again. I know it's my own fault, but it really stinks! But at least he still lets me sleep with them at night and it was nice laying on mom's lap last night while she watched TV so it's not totally "solitary" confinement. I guess I don't have a choice so I'll just have to deal with it.


Relaxing weekend

January 20th 2014 10:26 am
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We went to the cabin this past weekend and it was very relaxing. It was cold at first cause we only used the gas heat and it took a while to warm up, but once it was warm, it was nice. I even slept on mom's lap a little this weekend which made her very happy.

I played with my dogs and Echo got in trouble when she chased me away from her water bowl. Yes, I have my own water bowl, but the dog's water bowls are so much better:)

Last night I watched the football game with mom. Our Patriots lost which really stinks, but at least mom didn't yell too much. Sometimes she gets so into the games and yells that I take off cause of the commotion.

I need you all to say some prayers for my family this week if you don't mind.

Grandma is really sick and may go to hospital today, we're waiting to hear from doctor. Dad has his surgery tomorrow and mom has her test on Wednesday. So we need lots of prayers that everyone will be okay. I would be devastated if anything happened to any of them:(

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