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Weekend with Grandma

August 5th 2013 11:18 am
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This past weekend I got to spend some time with grandma. We all went to the mountains Friday afternoon. Grandma was so surprised at how quiet I was on the ride. Mom told her that's what my "kitty downers" do to me. Mom wishes I would. When we got there grandma was worrying cause mom let me out of my carrier on the patio and grandma thought I would run away. What she doesn't realize is that mom told me there are things up in the mountains that can eat me so no chance of me wandering off that's for sure! So Friday night when it was dark mom started the fire pit and our friends Pam and Dave came to visit. Mom let me out and I was loving it! It was the most beautiful night, the nicest I've had in the mountains so far, and there were bugs crawling all over for me to chase:) Grandma couldn't get over how much I seemed to love it outside and I didn't leave the patio. I even took a break from chasing bugs and laid near the fire for a while. I was loving life at that moment:)

Saturday everyone was gone a good part of the day so I did my usual and slept. That night it looked like we were going to have another nice evening by the fire. We were all relaxing listening to music, the fire was going and I was stalking bugs. Then it all changed. Grandma said something and I knew the minute she said it that things were going to get bad cause I felt mom get upset. You know how us kitties tune in to our people and I've been with mom so long that I know when she's really upset and let me tell you, she was REALLY upset! I immediately went to the door and wanted inside away from the explosion. I wasn't the only one either, both my dogs were there with me. Well, before we knew it mom was packing up, mom shoved a pill down my throat and ten minutes later we were on our way home. I was NOT happy! Not just because I didn't want to go home, but also because I just got over my first pill not too long before and now I was given one again... not cool. I know mom was worried about that too and made grandma keep checking to be sure I was okay. Mom thought about not giving me a pill cause it was so close to the other one,but she knows how upset I get and she was afraid I'd give myself a heart attack so the pill was it. Anyway, it was a very quiet trip home with no one talking. I was glad to get home with that much tension in the air.

Yesterday mom was home all day and I laid with her for a while on the chair, but then I went up on the bed, curled in my ball in the sun and slept. When I'm not in the mountains, the bed in the sun is my second favorite place and I was taking advantage of it and sleeping off the last of my last pill. I sure hope that never happens again.

So as you can see I had a good and bad weekend. If that thing wouldn't have happened with mom and grandma it probably would have been close to the perfect weekend for me, but it did so hopefully the weather is getting cooler and we'll get many more nice weekends in the mountains.

Well, that's about all for now. Sun is shining on my bed so time for my "catnap"... MOL:D


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