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Another one!

May 10th 2013 11:45 am
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Mom went to the drugstore on Sunday to get some items she forgot on her first trip earlier in the day. This time, she came home with a KITTEN!!! (I didn't know you could get them at drugstores.)

Anyway, it's a boy and he's about the age I was when I was brought to Mom. He's also grey like me, but doesn't have a white spot on his chest. Mom says he was found in the parking lot and needs someone to love him just like we all did. I guess that's okay, but it's going to take some getting used to.

She took him to the emergency clinic since it was after normal hours for our regular vet. He's got an upper respiratory infection, was dehydrated, and malnourished. Gee, that sounds just like I was! The next day, she took him to our regular vet and they told Mom he also has ringworm. So, he's quarantined in the bathroom for now. I'm not sure what is, but it sounds nasty and the rest of us don't want it.

Meanwhile, Mom is trying to figure out a name for this little guy. No luck yet. The only thing she's called him so far is Swiffer. (He seems to pick up a lot of dust on his fur.)

We're all a bit bent out of shape right now. We didn't expect to have another roommate. At least we have lots of room outside to romp around. Might be a bit tight inside the house, but he is rather small right now. (I find it hard to believe I was ever that little.)

Once our little brother has a name, Mom will set up his homepage. One of us will have to do his typing for him for a while until he's bigger. I suppose that's okay, too

So....that's the big news for now. We'll keep you posted.

"Big Sister" Baxie =^..^=


Very very thankful

December 26th 2012 3:10 pm
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2012 has been a very good year for us. Well, except for Mom having a back injury. But that let her work from home for the past few months and let us go outside all day every day. We've been spoiled! But I think Mom has been spoiled being home with us all day. I don't think she's looking forward to going back to work, but it will only be a couple days a least at first.

The landlord was in town last week and mowed the grass. The leaves are all gone which is fine by me. I didn't like walking on them and now I can wander around in the yard more easily. I'm not sure what to make of all the pecans on the ground, but Mom says she's going to take care of that this weekend. They're kinda fun to bat around, but I don't think I'll miss the gazillons of them all over the place.

Penny added a diary entry today, but Lily decided she's going to wait for her next entry. Both of them are doing well. I just wish Lily wouldn't chase Penny up the trees or try to chase me. It gets really annoying. Otherwise, we're all getting along pretty well.

I've been playing outside a lot today once Mom thought it was warm enough to go outside. I pestered her by sitting on her keyboard earlier and she got the hint that I was bored being inside. She's so good to me I just can't get mad at her. She only has my best interest at heart.

Oh, it's time for a snack, so I'm gonna go and munch and get a drink of water. I hope that 2013 is as good for everyone as 2012 was for us!

Happy New Year!
Baxie =^..^=



September 28th 2012 2:32 pm
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Okay - I wasn't going to add a diary entry today, but I wanted to let everyone know how thankful I am. My birthday was on the 22nd last week. That means on October 22nd it will be four years ago that I was brought to Mom. I was just a tiny baby but I knew I needed a good home, so I crawled up someone's leg to get attention. Did I ever get a good home!

I love Mom soooo much!!! I am so thankful that she's mine. She's not feeling very well these days so I try to spend as much time loving on her as I can. Like this morning. She needed a break from work, so I sat right in front of her keyboard so she could hug me and snuggle her face into my fur. She says I purr like velvet and that makes me even happier.

I am so very thankful I have a good home. I hope all the Catster members are as loved as I am.



We moved again!

May 15th 2012 5:38 pm
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Hello everyone -

I want to say that dreams really do come true. Mommy kept telling us that she wanted a house with a big yard that was safe for us to romp around in one day. Well, that dream came true last month when we moved to the valley (near the river) into a one bedroom house on an acre with a 7 foot rock wall around it. Yippee!!!

Penny and Lily and I had forgotten what it was like to play in the grass. We'd been "indoor" residents for over a year ever since we left Phoenix. It didn't take long before we were having a great time climbing trees, running around, and chasing birds. Mommy is sooo happy and we're sooo happy, too.

We do share the property with Joe, but he's never around and we don't see him even if he's home. He spends most of his time in the garage. That's okay with us since we're a little shy around other people.

Mommy will get some pictures of us at our new home posted as soon as she can. She's really busy with her new project and is gone a long time each day. She says she doesn't want to look at a computer when she gets home and would rather play outside with us. That's okay because we love being with her as much as possible.

Life is very good here in New Mexico.
Best wishes to all,
Baxie =^..^=


We've moved!

April 10th 2011 2:49 pm
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Mommy got a new job and we all moved to New Mexico in January. The car ride was long and Penny got all fussed up, but otherwise, it was an easy trip. We got there in one day, so we didn't have to stay anyplace strange at night.

It's a lot cooler here than in Arizona. In fact, the first couple weeks we were here it got down to -7 degrees. BRRRR! We didn't have our own place to live yet, so we were at a motel during the day while Mommy worked. We watched the snow out the window. None of us (me, Penny and Lily) had ever seen the white stuff before, so it was interesting watching all the humans fussing over it. The power went out a couple times and it was really cold in the room. It's a good thing Mommy had extra blankets with her. We stayed nice and warm.

The good news is that we have our own place to live now. Mommy found us a great townhouse with lots of places up high for us to jump up on and peer down on her. I like to nap on the "bridge" over the island. We also have a really high window we can look out of and watch the neighborhood. (We'll have to get you some photos so you can understand what this looks like.) The hallway is really long so we can chase balls from one end of the house to the other. Mommy says she picked the house because she knew we would like it. She was right!

That's all for now.

p.s. Oh, sorry we haven't posted pictures of Lily yet. She's settling into life here in NM pretty well. The two of us don't get along all that well, so we leave each other alone most of the time, but she and Penny have a lot of fun chasing each other around the new house. Now if the two of them would just shut up and stop hollering in the middle of the night, everything would be purrfect.


Did she tell you?

August 19th 2010 6:27 pm
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Did Mommy tell you that she contacted a breeder in England to find out if I'm a Korat or not? She sent some pictures and the nice lady replied back saying "yes" I'm Korat. Even though I was born at a water treatment plant and don't know where my parents came from, she thinks I look like a purebreed. Doesn't really make a difference to me, but Mommy seems to think it makes me extra extra special. She's been hugging and kissing me a whole lot more since then but I'm getting used to it.
Baxie "Blue"


Entry on Penny's diary

August 19th 2010 6:17 pm
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Please see my little sister Penny's diary. I put my entry on hers today.


I have a new sister!

July 1st 2010 5:48 pm
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Penny came to live with us last week. She wasn't being treated very well, and mommy said she might have died being out in the heat that day. But I'm happy to say she's in good health and is having fun chasing around the apartment with me. I know she's still a baby, so I'm not playing rough with her yet like I did with Zoe. But I know she'll be bigger one day and can be my new wrestling partner. In the meantime, I have someone to keep me company because mommy says she'll be going back to work soon and won't be able to stay home with me all day anymore. I know it really worried her that I would be home by myself again. But that's not a problem now and I'll be long as she doesn't keep attacking my tail when I'm trying to sleep. Baby sisters. Whacha gonna do?



Not sure what to do

March 26th 2010 1:46 pm
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It's been over 3 weeks since my little squirt sister Zoe took off. Mom keeps asking me this week if I want a "brother". Not sure what that means, but I think she's talking about bringing home another cat. I sure miss having my wrestling partner, so maybe this new cat can fill in. Besides, Mom's skin is too delicate and I've drawn blood from her a few times. She keeps saying "ow" whenever I play hard with her. Humans are such whimps! I suppose having someone to chase around the apartment during the day wouldn't be such a bad idea. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Baxie =^..^=


Happy One Year Anniversary Baxie!

October 22nd 2009 8:41 am
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It was one year ago today that a little grey kitten was brought to me at work. "Please, please, please, PLEASE will you take this kitten???' At first I wasn't sure I was up to taking on the needs of a tiny baby who was only about a month old. But very shortly, I fell in love with this little ball of fur and refused to give her up to anyone who asked. Now she's a big girl....and a big sister to little Zoe. I don't know if Baxie misses Phoebe or not, but she has taken to Zoe as if she was her own littermate. I am SO thankful to have this little girl in my life and to know that she was successfully rescued from feral life at a water treatment plant. She's now their unofficial mascot and loved by all who know her. Happy Anniversary baby girl! Love and hugs, Mommy.

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