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Iz a super model now

July 27th 2011 7:08 pm
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Mama entered me in the strike a pose kitty contest. But so far mommy has only voted for me..

Oh well, I guess I am not so sexy as she is always telling me. I knowz there are thinner kitties out there.

This morning mommy grabbed me when I was pawing her. She scared me a little. She quickly kissed me and hugged me. She is still sleeping on the couch. Too hot upstairs. Then she let me go. I figured it would be an even exchange kisses for crunchies...well eventually.

I hope we can play tomorrow. Although I have been sluggy lately. But yesterday she was resting on her couch and i was sleeping near my perch (window) and she was laughing at me!! She said-- Leo you are whistling through your nose!!
I looked up and wanted to say well duh I was fast asleep! Dork. She woke me up...with her silly giggling.


Mew Mew ...

July 26th 2011 5:20 am
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Mommy slept down on the couch last night! Even though it was cool enough to go back upstairs. We only have the box that makes cool air down in the family room... so she has to sleep on da couch in da summer.

She opened the window for me last night and I purred and roosted there. I was very nice and did not punch her or jump on her head. I did rest on the couch arm by her head and stare. I wonder if that's why she woke up so early?

purr with yaz later
Leo Da Foosa
wild exotic kitty


Well mommy has come home!

July 25th 2011 1:50 pm
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And boy did yell at her... She has been gone petsitting for many days. I was left with the other human who does not enjoy my early morning activities like mommy. When I go to wake her up she will kiss me quickly then hide under her covers. Or she will say... "oh, no beast, not now... it's only 5am. Go back sleepies"

Then I go away and come back later and punch her in the face! One time she intercepted me... kind of took me back. Generally, she's very clutzy. But she caught my paw before I hit her and would not realease it!! I could her laughing in her pillow as she still had my paw!! I was not amused.

She just gave me crunchies but I would like some fish meal...I like all of the Fancy Feast fish food. Very yummy.

Well, Leo signing off
for now


Hunting season

May 16th 2011 3:16 pm
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So my kitty finally started his spring hunting. I was wondering when he was going to catch something. Usually, we have an assortment of chipmunks, bunnies, moles etc...

But I still would like to know why he beheads them and eats the heads...


Santa is coming.

December 24th 2010 3:31 pm
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I keep going to the window to see if santa is here. Momma tried to put and santa outfit on me. DID NOT LIKE... actually i did at first. It was soft material. Just a colar and little santa hat. Too tight!!!! I think one of the pictures loaded. I was trying to take the hat off.

I have been sleeping all day. I just came down and mommy gave me crunchies!!!

I hope I get lots of cat nip for xmas.....

Purr with ya later!




December 5th 2010 2:50 pm
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Mommy and rested yeterday in bed. Then today I rested on her belly. I was cold and was getting warmed up. We napped!!!

I am in my rocking chair now by the fireplace waiting for santa... I have a while to go, I guess!

I got diary of the day again... I think....

Meow!!! I must bathe now....



December 1st 2010 5:53 pm
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I suppose I am thankful that Thanksgiving is over! MEOW! Mommy was gone for a very long time. Boy was I very upset and pissed at her!!

I went to a very different kennel this time. Only Meowsers were in the room with me. I was in a 5 story glass cage. I really thought that mommy gave me away! :(

It was ok. But I was really getting cabin fever. They would let me out a bit. I would walk around the room and sniff. And meow to them. They were nice girls though... I spied on them and spied outside too. I had four walls made from glass. So I could see all around.

Mommy will be home for the most part during xmas. Santa comes then!!! I love Santa. He is good to me.

Tootles LEO



November 16th 2010 6:37 pm
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So mamma brought me to vet yesterday. I got an ouwy shot in my rump. I was not a happy beast. Later when we were how and mommy would come near me I cried because I didn't want to be picked up. I have been in my own bedroom for yesterday and today. That shot knocked me out!
Not in da mamas bed. I am sort of mad at her.

At least they did not cut my claws. She has been coming in to kiss me though. Hopefully, I will be better tommorow and we can purr together.

Right now it will take a while to forgive her though... ugh..can lay that down way... hurts... boy this sucks...



11/12/2010 FURDAY...( Friday)

November 12th 2010 6:24 pm
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I got 4 new furiends on my guest book thingy. It's so cool, it has a map and tells where all da other kitties are from.... too awesome.

Well, So far Precious has remained downstairs only. She barks alot though.... very noisy.

I have been resting in mommies bed all day. I hope she wakes up early tommorow. I hate waiting for breakfast. :(

Otherwise, nothing has been going on....I am enjoying resting...


OMG.... dudes...

November 11th 2010 3:48 pm
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Remember that puppy that I scratched this summer? It's back!!! It just wants more pain!!!! Brother is back to fix things and the little puff ball came with him!!!

She is a bicheon frise.... mama likes to cuddle with her on the couch and go walkies with her. But this time mama has been up stairs and stays surquestered with me. So it's fun.... she's not fidgeting too much. Most of the time I can't rest with her when she is awake. For a couch potato she moves around alot while being couched.

So my food is up here for now. I hope she brings my box up too... I think I got diary of the day again. Which is cool!

Buddie left me a blue zealie....MEOW! Feel da luv... purrs everywhere... thanks....


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