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The Mighty Adventerous Quinn!

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Secret Santa

December 13th 2011 7:54 am
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GOSH! I got a ginormous fish bowl with pretty fishes in it from my Secret Santa! Ginny, Nikkos and I are in PenPaws and we are doing Secret Santas, what fun! Ginny and Nikkos are nip-a-holics, tee hee.

I have been very busy over the Rainbow Bridge, welcoming new angels and keeping an eagle eye out for cooties!

Happy Cootie-Free Christmas!



November 24th 2010 10:05 am
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Oh NO!!! There are anonymous COOTIES! I just saw there are cooties running amok on my page, disguised as a blue ribbon. Time for ACTION! Time for Quinn C. CIC of Cootie Busters INC. to take charge!


General Quinn C.

September 15th 2010 6:44 am
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General Quinn C. here, with his army, ready to attack! Who are we attacking? Well, not rightly sure but I do know one thing, so many of my furrends are missing!! Where did they go? I'm thinking a rescue operation is in order. The question is, do we go for a full frontal assault or a stealth operation? I'm thinking of a two part combination. The plan is, to unleash hundreds of thousands of cooties. This frontal assault will be two pronged. First, it will create confusion and chaos, so the second wave of cooties can begin the frontal assault. While this is happening, I will lead the stealth kittens in so we can spring our friends!
Hang tight Freedom Fighters, Quinn C and his minions are coming!


August 19th 2010 12:26 pm
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Well dear furrends, it's been over five weeks since I embarked on my latest adventure. I've always love traveling and my Rainbow Bridge journey was, well, I'm not supposed to give out too many details. There are not a lot of rules up here, but giving out details on personal journeys is one of them.

I've been very busy meeting up with furrends and making new furrends. I've also discovered that there are COOTIES up here! What a surprise. My furrends said they showed up a couple of days before I got here. I guess that's why I had to make my journey so young.

Not only have I been spending a lot of time with furrends and fighting cooties, I have been searching for a Main Coon for mommy and daddy. I've been searching shelters high and low. My Sweet Sadie's mommy helped. We found a 3-4 week old tabby in Michigan. Mommy's furrends have been working like crazy to organize a kitty transport. And I get to head up the angel escort!


Silly Mommy

August 3rd 2010 2:13 pm
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Purrs my dear Catster furrends!!! Silly mommy fially set aside time for me to thank everyone for the special rossies and thoughs of love and comfort. Well, she started re-reading the rossie notes and started crying. I sure wish I could wipe her tears away with my wings.


Thank you

July 21st 2010 12:35 pm
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Gosh! I have been visiting my mom every day, pestering her to let me thank all my wonderpurr furrends for their love and support. So many rossies, p-mails and cards in the post!
And to let me write in my diary. Mum is still very sad and says she will let me thank every fur specially very soon. Please be patient with my clueless mommy.

Mum had a necropsy done to see just what called me to the Rainbow Bridge. Turns out it was Cardiomyopothy. I had a bad heart. Who knew? Mommy says I was so special and my heart burned too bright and too fierce. She says that instead of calmly burning for twenty years, I flamed for two.

Please everyone, know your love is helping my mum and family get through this shock. Meanwhile, I am setting to work to see that no cooties get a foot hold on this side of the bridge. Can't have cooties among the many wonderpurr angels!


Angel Quinn C.

July 11th 2010 6:36 pm
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Quinn C's Clueless Mommy here. Little Quinn suddenly became an angel today and I am not sure why. Friday evening he started breathing heavily through his mouth. After a trip to the E-Vet we found a normal temp and normal white blood count. The X-rays showed clear lungs and no obstructions. Did show swollen lymph nodes and lots of gas. He had a wee kitty cold, nothing major. Just a few sneezles. No goopy eyes or runny nose.
This afternoon his tongue turned blue so it was back to the E-Vet as quick as I could go. Ten minutes later, a bright orange star appeared in the Heavens.

Please everyone, do me a huge favour this evening. Give each and every one of your furbabies a big hug and a kiss between the ears. Do this and remember the moment. Remember it forever.


Attack of the COOTIES!

July 10th 2010 8:57 am
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Purrs my dear furrends. Well, seems your CIC (Cat in Charge) of Cootie Buster's Inc has succumb to a major cootie invasion. There have been a lot of sneezles in our home lately and I have been very busy fighting those sneezle cooties. Well, I think I worked too many hours because they got me and got me good. I am having trouble breathing. Last night mommy got really scared. Those cooties hit hard and FAST! I started dry, hacking coughs and mommy was afraid I swallowed something. I also am breathing very heavily through my mouth. Mommy was afraid I had pneumonia.
Off to the E-Vet we went last night. I don't like the VET! Thankfully my lungs are ok and my white blood cells are normal. I got a shot! And medicine. I sure hope they help kill the cooties. Mommy is really worried. I'm still breathing bad today.

Thank you for the pretty ball Auntie Hazel Lu. I hope I am full of energy to play very soon.

Thank you for all the purrs every one.


Purring for Eve and Muppet

March 3rd 2010 10:16 am
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Purrlease help my wishes come true.

Wish #1:
Many of you have read the heartbreaking story of my furrend Eve. I never got to meet Eve, due to the neglect she suffered at Okefenokee Humane Society in Waycross, GA (Ware Co.) Meowmy and Eve's to-be adoptive Mommy Terry, along with their friends, are asking everyone to write snail mails or emails to the folks on the list below. Be polite but ask for an investigation into the conditions at OHS. So far, we have had only one noncommittal reply. You can read my back diary entries for that actual letter. If enough of us write and express our concern for the animals still there, surely someone will listen to us. Please help us bring Justice for Eve!! (Eve's Page) nd-kitten-blog/humane-society-it%e2%80%99s-not-always-a-paws ative-place-part-1/2010/02/16/(Part One of the Catster blog about Eve)

Eve's Petition: You can sign now!

People to Write for Justice for Eve: (Email is fine, but sometimes 'snail mail' gets more attention and is harder to ignore. We only have emails for some people.)

Jim Brown. County Commissioner
Carlos Nelson County Commissioner
Victor Aldridge County Commissioner
Kathy Davis ( not animal friendly) County Commissioner
Gene Dixon phone (912) 285-1319 County Commissioner

The mailing address for those listed above is:
Ware County Board of Commissioners
P.O. Box 1069
Waycross, GA 31502-1069


Gail Boyd County Manager

No Address for the OHS Board Members but here are the emails:

Deen Strickland O.H.S Board President
Dr. Jim Morton O.H.S. Vice President
Sirena Cady, OHS Treasurer
Susan Winge OHS Board Secretary.
Dr. Wes Blount
OHS Board Member Veterinarian ( Was doing weekly visits)
Darla Moumberg OHS board Member
Millie Hopkins Board Member past president
Heidi Flowers. OHS Board Member

You can also snail mail Dr. Blount at this address.
Dr. KT Blount
Satilla Animal Hospital, Inc.
511 City Blvd.
Waycross, Ga. 31501
Dr. Blount is a vet serving on the OHS Board. He is the only person to respond to Meowmy's emails. His very short, very unhelpful response is in my previous diary entry.

Tommy Irvin
GA State Commissioner of Agriculture
Georgia Department of Agriculture
19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


The man in charge of all shelters receiving public funds in GA.

Mary Green
Division of Animal Protection
Georgia Department of Agriculture
19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

It is her responsibility to oversee all shelters in GA that receive public funds. Her office would be the one to conduct such an investigation of OHS.

Even these state officials, whom Meowmy supports with her taxes, will not respond to her emails or letters. Please join those who BeliEVE in Justice for Eve - and all animals who are abused or neglected!

Wish #2:

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight...I wish I may...I wish I might...find justice for my friend Muppet and the FLOCK cats. - Muppet's page

Muppet is my furriend, and she's a survivor! She was at a huge cat 'rescue' called FLOCK. These cats were left to starve and several hundred did not make it. Muppet was critical but she was so strong and fought so hard to live! And she did! Best Friends Rescue took over and thanks to hard workers like Muppet's wonderful furever mommy and others, the surviving cats had a chance for happy, healthy lives.

Unfortunately, the case against the bad people who ran FLOCK was DISMISSED!!!! I'm going to quote now from Muppet's diary:

"...And on this note, and the main reason for my diary entry, we are asking all of our Catster friends to please write a letter to our District Attorney, Bob Beckett, letting him know how outraged every animal lover is that his office failed to properly see that there was justice for Flock. Although he has filed an appeal, we want Bob Beckett to know just how many eyes are upon him and how he better not let his office mess it up this time! Meomy was told that this case was ‘purposely hidden so the outcome would be a dismissal.’ And in today’s paper it states, “Beckett’s notice of appeal was filed yesterday. Gibson (General Council for FLOCK) said that surprised him because he and Beckett had struck a deal that the case would go no further.” Struck a deal? Humph!!

If everyone who cares about this case could please write a 'snail mail' letter to Bob Beckett, it could really help this case a lot. We need a flood of mail to come in. And thank you to everyone who already have sent letters! *grateful hugs*"

Mr. Robert Beckett
District Attorney, Nye County
1520 E Basin Ave
Pahrump, NV 89060

I'm just one cat, but I speak for so many when I beg you to write to DA Beckett and to those with authority over Okefenokee Humane Society. Sadly, neglect and abuse of helpless animals happens every day. Usually there isn't much we can do. Here is the chance for caring, truly HUMANE people like my Meowmy and Muppet's Mommy to join your voices together and take action! Write DA Beckett, please. Write or email those in Ware County who can help the poor animals still at OHS.

You CAN make a real difference! They may ignore a few of us, but they cannot ignore us ALL.

Bless you for caring! Thank you so very much, HQ, for giving us the opportunity to inform Catsters and Dogsters about these heartbreaking cases. We love Catster!!!


Life saving advice.

December 26th 2009 10:49 am
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My furriend Mr. Lolly's mum found this! It is truly live saving advice!!!! Purrleas, purrlease call! It could be YOUR life you are saving!

Call the Nestle Crunch Hot line at 1-800-295-0051 . When you are asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, just wait quietly for about 10 seconds and you will smile. Promise! Then press 4 listen to the options...then press 7.

Be warned, it is not for the faint of heart but if you are infested, it WILL save your life.

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