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PorkChops! It's what's for dinner!

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March 25th 2010 2:53 pm
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So last night our pawrents looked into window treatments (dang those can be pricey) and other installation things they knead done. Luckily for me, PetSmart is next door (more or less) from Lowes and my pawrents went inside...

They came home with... A case of the Royal Canin Ultra light or what ever (blue can) of moist!!! AND it gets better... I'm told it's ONLY FOR ME!!!! While a few of my brothers loved it, it's MINE! ALL MINE!!! Lambie won't even get a bite! MWHAHAHAHA

MINE! MINE!!!!!!!!!! It's the only moist food I'll eat! Even as a kitten I wasn't thrilled about moist... BUT THE CASE IS MINE!!! ALL MINE!! ALL 12 cans are MINE!!!!!!!!!!!! But since it's so expensive, mom said I only get 1/2 a can a few times a week. That's fine by me 'cause it's MINE!! ALL MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


A moist food ME LIKEY!!!

March 22nd 2010 10:54 am
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I don't eat moist.... Sometimes I'll lap the liquid from ProPlan Salmon with rice... Somtimes....

Mom and dad bought some more of our Royal Canin Hairball food (dry) and they had a coupon at PetSmart near the bags of food for 1 free can of RC moist. So mom picked up 2 cans of the light blue can "light" food 'cause we have MUSCULAR dudes in our home.

Boogie and Mittens of course loved, so did Tiski, Hondo and Fido said NO THANKS (Fido usually likes most moist!) but I, Porkers, LOVEDDDDDDDDD it!

It's expensive at $1.29 a can (so look for that free coupon!) but mom said she might have to buy ME some 'cause I don't eat moist at all normally.... Weeeeeeeeeee


LAMBIE!! NOooooooooo

March 21st 2010 10:35 am
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Man it's been ages since we did diaries!!! Mom has been busy packing the past week and has about 40% of it done... YIKES!

She had to clean out our spare bedroom, and then packed the 4 closets full of boxes, and then the ROOM itself is about 80% full of boxes! We only have room for our computer desk and puter!! After April 30 we won't have the internet (just the iphone), as our provider is switching to Verizon and it doesn't make sense to start up service for 2 weeks when we'll eventually have Comcast in our house.

So I saw mom using her electric duster/air can and she was cleaning hard to reach things and in the corner of my eye, I saw... LAMBIE!! And JUST to be safe, she packed it with my other toys in a box. I told mom, "MOM!! Triple, Quad, Quint tape the box up! SULLY CAN NOT GET MY LAMBIE".

Sorry dude, the lambie is MINE and safe and that box is under another box safe in our alarmed current home :) MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Terrible Two's???

March 9th 2010 10:44 pm
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I've been hearing "NOOOOOOOOO, badddddddddd" more lately... Mom and dad went to our future home and after talking w/ the contractor dude, they drove down the street to dad's co-workers home, aka our future neighbor.

They have a daughter who just turned 1 last month. Our mom's were meowing and the neighbor said, "Paige has been acting up since she turned 1". Mom goes, "Porkers has too" MOL they laughed.

I can't wait to go strolling with a baby!!! The mom is excited to see my stroller and she laughs at the pictures :) I wonder if the baby will take my Lambie?



March 4th 2010 1:56 pm
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Dang, we're behind on diaries!! Been a while. Mom was busy last week as we got a ton of Amazon shipments as we finished buying 95% of the things we knead for the new house. Mom's now spending time looking for a new living set and bedroom set.

In the meantime, we're going out to inspect our house on Tuesday. We got word via FB that our pilars/sidewalk/and porch is officially done! In the meantime, they're working on plumbing and wiring. Wonder how long that takes?

2.5 months till we're outta here!


Shortest month...

February 26th 2010 10:29 am
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So this is the shortest month of the year yet mom said it feels like the longest month in a LONG time. I think it's due to the snow, and yucky weather?

Mom started SOME packing and she thinks it was a bad idea... Our spare bathroom tub is full of boxes and their closet is too... And she has only packed like .50% of the stuff we own! She can't leave the boxes out as the chubby boys sit on them and will break the continents inside...

She thinks her packing mishap the other day will be making her life more difficult in the next month or two (she can't get around well) MOL.

This has been a long month... Is it May yet?


Pansy the photographer...

February 22nd 2010 6:47 pm
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Oh my, just when you least expect it, SHE may strike!!! I was getting my Irish on earlier today with my beloved Lambie, when I was sent some incriminating pictures of me and Lambie having TOO much fun :)

I hope this picture doesn't get me in trouble with my meowmy!!

Although, being the youngest, I get away with a lot. I swear this is catnip juice!!


Ok mom, Vday is O-Verrrrrrrrrrr

February 22nd 2010 8:12 am
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C'mon mom!! She kneads to give us a new St. Patty's Day page 'cause I am 100% Irish and need some lovies!! Oh yes!!

But what has she been doing? Shopping online, making calls, throwing things away (INCLUDING SOME OF MY DECREPIT TOYS!!!). Good help is so hard to find...

Even Lambie is of no use in times of crisis like this!! Speaking of... I haven't seen him lately??



February 17th 2010 7:49 pm
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Still to this day, when I knead, I like to burry my head on what ever it is I'm kneading! Some examples include:

-My mom or dad's arms/body

I wonder why? Wanna know why? Well... I am not telling :)



February 14th 2010 11:39 am
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Wow, what a great Vday!!! I get to spend it with my brothers, pawrents and most importantly... LAMBIE!

Sully was super kind and sent me a rosette reminding me that Lambie is on loan *puts paws in ears, lalalalalala* and how he can't wait to get him back...


I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! Mom tried to take a snap shot of me laying next to her in bed this morning but my fur was messy so I scooted off... When Dad leaves for work, he brings in her cell phone to bed as he let's her know he arrived at work safe and sound (only during winter months as mom worries).

Yesterday she got a snap shot of Tiski laying on her, waking her up MOL

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