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-part feral

March 24th 1998

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Quite some time ago, two kitties, each app. five months old, appeared from out of the blue at our home in the country. They were scared out of their wits and starving hungry. For food they were willing to come reasonably close, but it took about three months before they would actually let us handle them. Since we already had four house cats at the time and did not want to add to that number, we decided to let them stay on as outside cats, and from that point on they became known as "the barn boys". Some years later we moved closer to town and they had to get used to living on the porch. Brother Felix went over the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago, but Merlin of late has been known to spend time in the house when the mood strikes him. We have to supervise his visits rather closely though, if he can't find an open door the moment he wants back out he will try to dig himself a tunnel, with rather unfortunate results for the rug. Our lab Lucky Luke, who is the darling of all our cats, (he loves them unconditionally and they return that love), has a roomy cedar dog house on the porch, with carpet, comforter and pillows to build himself a cozy nest. In the wintertime Merlin moves in with him and they snuggle up together at night. I would dearly love to get just one shot of the two of them, but there's a rug over the opening to conserve body heat and Lucky moves as soon as I open that flap. Oh well, I guess one can't have everything.

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January 29th 2012 4:49 pm
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Three weeks ago today, Merlin didn't show up for breakfast, which was unusual, but had happened a couple of times before. I went around calling him, but didn't find him. I had cut back some shrubs awhile back, so went to pick them up &
throw them into the woods. On my way back, next to our neighbor's fence, I saw a little yellow form ahead of me. I knew immediately that it was Merlin, and that he was dead. (I'm sticking to facts here, if I write about feelings and
emotions I'll come undone). I carried him home, held his little paws, (he wasn't in full rigor yet), and stroked his face, which wasn't injured, and told him how much I loved him. Then went & told my husband, who called our next door neighbors. They have five dogs, three little ones, one medium & one large. The larger dog, Lilly, they had had for about a year, she would sometimes come over & take away things that she found in the yard, but other than that no problems. Then app. three months ago they added the medium dog, Matty. Both Lilly & Matty came from their son's home, who wasn't able to keep them. They had been brought up with cats, so I wasn't too worried about them, except for the fact that Matty used to fight other dogs. I asked my neighbor to bring her to my house, so that I could see her reaction towards the cats. She was perfectly fine, so I felt reassured. We live on three acres, totally surrounded by trees, plus two outdoor buildings with catdoors, so there were
plenty of escape routes. I think that the dog, (I suspect Lilly), or both dogs, caught Merlin out in the open & instead of running up the nearest tree he ran for the porch & didn't make it.

At this point Lilly is tied to her house, Matty's indoors, so things are quiet & peaceful. The neighbors have bought an
underground electric fence system, & are waiting for a break in the weather in order to get it installed. But I will never feel
totally secure again, those systems are not 100% foolproof, it just depends on how badly the dogs want out. Keisha &
Sylvester are housebound at the moment, since it's winter it doesn't bother them much, but come springtime it'll be a
different story. And Sillyvester is VERY adept at opening doors. It's a shame, this is such a great place for animals, that's the main reason we bought it. Such is life. We tried letting Merlin come in the house as he got older, but he never got over the urge to spray, even though he was neutered. And then Sylvester followed suit, so it just didn't work out.

One consolation in this, if one can call it that, is that Merlin & his brother Felix, (who died four years ago,) were feral cats dumped near our former home. We already had four cats at the time & were not wanting to add to that number, I was going to take them to the shelter, where, undoubtedly, they would have been euthanized. We decided to let them stay on
as barn cats, and Merlin especially had a great life. I have hundreds & hundreds of photos of him, just doing cat things, so
instead of the beautiful green eyes I'll be posting some ordinary pics of him, just doing Merlin things, enjoying life. I'm glad he got those fourteen years and that we had the pleasure of his company! I'm sorry I didn't post his passing before, I just wasn't able to do it any sooner. I miss my beautiful boy.

I buried him in the backyard and set some pansies on his grave.

Thanks, everyone, for all your support and listening,

Merlin's Mom,



November 13th 2011 4:32 pm
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Many years ago me 'n my furbro Felix, who has gone on to some place called the rainbowbridge, somehow found ourselves at this place in the country with a big ole barn 'n a big ole horse inside of it. We saw some humans,'n we was afraid of them, but we was so hungry we just looked at them 'n cried, cause we didn't know what else to do.

There was four kitties living there already 'n one of the humans felt that was enough, 'n said we should go to the animal shelter, but the other one said that we would be killed there, (we didn't think much of that idea), 'n why couldn't we just stay in the barn 'n be taken care of with food 'n whatever? So they agreed on that 'n we became the barn brothers.

Me 'n Felix didn't care what we was called, we was just happy to have someplace to stay 'n be fed, but it took a long time before we'd let the humans touch us, cause we'd never learned to trust humans. They got us fixed 'n effurything, (whateffer that means, I didn't know we was broken), 'n they built us a nest up in the hayloft, much like the one that Samhain's pawrents made for their gang of ferals, which is what got me started on this in the first place.

Some years later we all moved to a different place, it didn't have a barn, so me 'n my bro had to get used to living on what they called a porch. That wasn't too bad, except for the cold winter, the humans tried letting us live in the house with the other kitties, but we did stuff that wasn't supposed to be done inside, I don't know why, we was just marking our new territory.

So we were back out in the cold. Felix didn't do too bad cause he had lots 'n lots of fur, so he didn't feel the cold too much,
but I was freezing, even though the humans had made us boxes with blankies to sleep in. We weren't alone on the porch, there was also a big yeller dog, living in a nice big house with pillows 'n stuff 'n he liked all of us kitties real well, so I
moved in with him in the wintertime 'n he kept me warm through many a cold winters nite.

Well, earlier this year the big yeller dog died 'n I missed him, but I missed him more when the cold started to creep in. I didn't want to go in the doghouse by myself for some reason, until one day there was a trail of Nip leading all the way into it. There was a new fluffy blankie 'n a cuddly catbed on top of all the other stuff that was already there, 'n it was all nice 'n cozy, so I decided to give it a try. Well, it was real comfy, but what made it real warm was that one of the humans comes out in the evening when it's gonna be cold that nite 'n covers me up with another soft blankie 'n pulls down that big ole cover on top of the house so it covers up the entrance 'n keeps the chill away. So living in the doghouse is pretty comfy these days.

If any other fur wants to try it, come on over, there's lotsa room in there!

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