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Animated Wing Maker Needed!

April 11th 2016 11:40 am
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Hello everyfur. Catster Kally Kat #816792 went to The Rainbow bridge. Her sweet, sweet mommy would love a pair of Animated Angel Wings for Kally Kat. Can anyone please help? Thank you so much.


A Christmas Quote!

December 14th 2015 10:42 am
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May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! ~Author Unknown


Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha!!

June 5th 2014 4:39 pm
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MOL! Its my 12th Gotcha Day! It's been a good day. Mommy sang to me and we cuddled a lot. The weather has even been good! Sunny and in the high 60's to low 70's. We have had the window's and door's opened and the birdies have been singing to!!
Thank each and every one of you for the pmail's, comment's, pictures and rosettes!! So very sweet! You all have made today a wonderful day fur me.
I tell you, even with the fleas and attack's, Cat/dogster still ROCKS!! I am so glad that so many of my pals have stayed and are waiting it out. We just have to be patient. You know that saying- Good thing's come to those who wait :)
Thank you again wonderful fur's ♥


I'm 12 Year's Old!!

May 1st 2014 3:40 pm
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OMC! Time sure is flying! Today is my 12th Meowday. Seems just like yesterday I was an itty-bitty kitty :) I'm still a small cat just older.
Today had been very nice. Thank you all for the sweet pmail's, beautiful pictures and wonderful rosettes!!! I love you all. I'm glad that we can all be back on here again. It was no fun at all for the two day's we couldn't get on. Hopefully thing's will just keep getting better and better!
I's also Royal Member of the Day at Princess Divas & Prince Charmings. I also share this day with 2,734 other kitties and some are even pal's MOL! I tried to take the Birthday Stroll a few times but the page will not change :( Oh well.
Thank you all again ♥


Love You All!

January 16th 2014 1:32 pm
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We have read about the end of dogster and that is very sad :( We have made so many friends here. Had lots of fun and there has been lots of sad times to. Thank you all for the friendship and love. If anyone want's our email or Addy just send me a pmail. We will never forget you sweet fur's ♥


Go Tell It On The Mountain

December 22nd 2013 12:00 pm
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We are posting Christmas Carol's that we like, hope you do to!

While shepherds kept their watching

O'er silent flocks by night,

Behold throughout the heavens

There shone a holy light

Go, tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

The shepherds feared and trembled

When lo above the earth

Rang out the angel chorus

That hailed our Savior's birth;

Go, tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

Down in a lowly manger

The humble Christ was born;

And God sent out salvation

That blessed Christmas morn.

Go, tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

When I was a seeker

I sought both night and day

I sought the Lord to help me

And He showed me the way.

Go, tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

He made me a watchman

Upon the city wall

And If I am a Christian

I am the least of all.

Go, tell it on the mountain

Over the hills and everywhere

Go, tell it on the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Friend's ♥


My 11th Gotcha Day!!

June 5th 2013 5:45 pm
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Meow! That's a lot of Gotcha days MOL!! Its been a very good day. Sunny and we have had the windows and doors opened. Thank you all for the pmail's, rosies and pictures. Catster and Dogster have the sweetest furs around!!


My 11th Meowday!

May 1st 2013 6:42 pm
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Today is a very Happy day for me. It's my 11th Meowday! Oh boy, I have had a fun day. I got hug's and kisses and played and mommy sang to me :) The weather was even great! It was in the 80's so we have had the window's and door's opened all day.
Thank you sweet fur's for the pmail's, Pictures and rosettes. You sure know how to make a kitty feel good. There are 2,688 cat having a birthday today. Now that's a lot of cat's!! Thank's again ♥


I'm Cat of the Day!!

September 22nd 2012 10:49 am
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OMC! Me and mommy just couldn't believe it! We didn't know till mommy got an email notice from Face Book. Weezer's mommy wrote on my mommy's page to congratulate me! We check email's first and there it was! I'm having a great day to. I've received many pmail's, rosette's and beautiful picture's. Thank you all so much. Thank you HQ for the wonderful Honor :) Catster is a very fun place and is full of the best, caring and loving fur's. Thank you all for the great day ♥
PS - I've been sending thank you pumpkin's and inviting everyfur to the pumpkin patch. So come on over and we can all carve pumpkin's! MOL!


Who Are You Tag!

August 23rd 2012 10:08 am
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I was tagged by me sweet friend Jezebel. Here goes!
1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.
I love jumping on and running through all the gift wrapping papre! It is so fun and I even bite the paper MOL!

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek? In a big cat kennel cab/carrier.Also I lay low behind a recliner.

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit? The manager of a pet hotel and I am!!

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.Batting paper and high jumpng to the counter's!

5) What's your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates? Running and jumping in front of her at a counter.

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I think to a beautiful beach.

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What? Drinking water from the kitchen sink.

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast. The big dust bunnies that the doggies create MOL!

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guests....what is your dread? Being in a room with Nekko, he is alway's bugging me :(

10) I’m not so sure if Zach and Zoe are going to have coed ships this year or not, but in any case, which ship would you want to be on: Zach’s, or Zoe’s? I'll sail with Zoe!

Now I'm tagging some frined's, hope they want to play but it's ok if they don't. I still love them all!

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