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Betsy's Diary, by Betsy, with special help from Ghostwriter Nina

Emergency Cuddle-Bee

December 2nd 2004 1:52 pm
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Today when I woke up there was a fly buzzing around so I snapped at it with my snapper snout, but I am old and decrepit so I couldn't catch it. Nina got so excited that I was playing with a beetle (because usually I just sleep, purr, eat, growl and make poopies) that she had to have an emergency cuddle-bee and put off getting out of bed for another five minutes. She was late to work but she doesn't care, because I am far more important and I get cuter and cuter every single day.


Nina's Laundry

October 29th 2004 3:47 pm
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When Nina started doing laundry, I wanted her to wash my favorite pillow so I helped show her which one it was by throwing up on it. And not just a regular old hairball, it was a big choppy wet log of masticated cat food and water in the shape of my kitty cat intestine, which is the same shape that my poopies come in!! Nina wasn't very pleased but she washed the pillow anyways. After it was all clean and dry she put the pillow on the floor for just a moment while she put away some clothes, but it was too long for me and I threw up on it again. Nina washed the pillow a second time but still she left it on top of a pile of laundry instead of putting it on the bed for me to sleep on. I had a hairball on it, a little one though. Nina had to wash the same pillow again. She was scared to put the pillow back on her bed but she finally did. I'm so glad!!!

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