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Angel ♥Kally Kat♥

Maine Coon/Domestic Long Hair [See My CatsterPlus Photo Book]
Picture of Angel ♥Kally Kat♥, a female Maine Coon/Domestic Long Hair

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"Tank mews Tundra, Mom & Furr Family! ♥Luvs iz 4 - eva♥!"

Home:Boston, MA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 14 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

Mai Meowmy made this fur me, me ♥luvs ya & misses ya!

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"Mai Meowmy made this fur me, me ♥luvs ya & misses ya!"

Me got Wings I can fly all ova da Rainbow Skies! Mommie made me this today, all by her selfy I ♥luvs♥ yew so much!

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"Me got Wings I can fly all ova da Rainbow Skies! Mommie made me this today, all by her selfy I ♥luvs♥ yew so much!"

Oh so purrity n

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"Oh so purrity n'pink! Thank yew Smiley C."

Auntie Pam & Mommy both putted in dat pink in mi nu wings me luvs♥!

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"Auntie Pam & Mommy both putted in dat pink in mi nu wings me luvs♥!"

Thank yew ♥Tundra & Family♥ Me luvs yur colouful & purrity Garden & furriends.

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"Thank yew ♥Tundra & Family♥ Me luvs yur colouful & purrity Garden & furriends."

Oh,so purrity thank yew Friday & mommy!
Our Angel furriends were waitin fur me by da Bridge,a beautiful place!

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"Oh,so purrity thank yew Friday & mommy! Our Angel furriends were waitin fur me by da Bridge,a beautiful place!"

Thank yew spunkyandcasper mi wunnaful furriends 
♥Love♥ yew so much!

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"Thank yew spunkyandcasper mi wunnaful furriends ♥Love♥ yew so much!"

Thank yew WeBeesSiameezers,purrity rainbow colours surrounds me with Peace & Luvs ♥

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"Thank yew WeBeesSiameezers,purrity rainbow colours surrounds me with Peace & Luvs ♥"

Mai Wings look so purrity, me can fly all ova da werld...

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"Mai Wings look so purrity, me can fly all ova da werld..."

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Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ Kally, Kally Kat, Kalico, Hot Fudge Sundae, Kally Kat The Miracle Kat.

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
September 18th 2002

September 18th 2002

Tortoiseshell and white

My Mama she's the best! I love it when she combs & brushes me effurry day I have lots of long hairs. Oh, those backyard birds if I could only get one or two of them, speshilly dem litta Goldfinches, I'm strictly an indoor kitty mol...

No Whistling allowed or I'll Bop you right on ya face. Oh my Cat she did bop me in my face! =OO= Watch those hands of yours, no touching my tummy or bum bum area, don't like it when mama trims my nails, better have some Treats ready & da gud stuff!

Favorite Toy:
Toy mouses, balls wiff dem noise in dem & catnip's pillows all over the house & mama's shoe laces.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Luvs to sleep on Mama's favorite kitchen chair or on hur warm lap & espeshilly hur warm shoozies tew nap on! *giggles*

Favorite Food:
Gotta have my morning butta & cream cheese. Just a litta lick! then it's my Speshill CKF pate`wet foods & some others usual "Weruva" & Tiki brand canned food, now I only want to eat chunky meaty dinners. None of that pate' stuff.

I tawk wiff my paws, I can be furry demanding & I usually get my way, becuz , I'm A Diva & Diva's always rule!!!


Arrival Story:
My Meowmy came to see me at the Humane Society where it was Love♥ at first sight =^..^= On a Sunday afternoon September 18th 2007. I walked right into the manager's office at the shelter eva so gracefully with my floofy tail up high. I jumped right up on her lap so lightly. I was in that shelter for 2 weeks, because my previous human owners were very elderly & yes they had to go far away to a (Nursing Home)I was feeling so sad ): & felt left behind. Then, my "lucky day" came & I was saved!

I was an older cat about 5 years old per da Vets sez & waitin to be adopted. I sure wanted an needed a furreva loving home with a little backyard. I need to chatter my teefies at all those birds & meet my new furry furriends; chipmunks, squirrels, Oh, we have wild rabbits that come every night to visit us. I love my new home. My Mama used to be a hairdresser & manicurist, Kats, I'm one furry well-groomed lady Kat. I have my own built- in day spa wut a kool place this is. When I first came to my new home I was underweight & had not been brushed. My coat was full of dandruff,furry dry, mama had 5 brushes full of old & loose hairs to remove. Kats, in no time at all I was looking like a brand new kitty. Now I have very soft & silky shiny coat due to the great combing & brushing. I luvs my Zoom Groom Massage brush, oh it feels so gud. Mama feeds me dats Royal Canin wet pate` food for Chronic Kidney Failure, I don't really like it but, it's what I need to keep me nutritionally sound. My food dishes are almost cleaned upps purrity gud, but I leave a litta bits of crumbs on my plate. I had a very nasty Feline Acne just my chin area due to stress & new changes. Mommy now givs me all glass flat dishes to eat my foods in, no plastic at all. I'm doing so good here I ♥love♥ it & I'm here to stay! :) Mees so tankful fur my Mama! Every night me & Mommy goes inn da kishen (my fabrit room)togetha & dats wheyah we haz (Me & Mommy Private Time!) She huggs me, give me kisses, den comes da best part; me gets da gentle wunnaful massages own lee I thinkish she bees rubbin me da right way & kinda like lookin fur eny bumps or sumtin dat shudn't bees theyah! Hur fingers are like magic! Mommy also, brushes me & combs my bootiful coat in da am & da pm! Most importance stuff iz, we say our purrayers & so furry tankful tew God fur awl we both have! We tell God to purrleeze halp awl dem kitties & hoomans awl ova da werld dat kneads his luv ♥ Den, Mommy goes tew beddy by. Den, I go & get my red toy mousie wiff da bell, it bees RED & me ate awf his ears!! Mol mol.. Den, I go tew da fut ov hur bed & dew my nightly drop awf my wunnaful catch ov da day; juss fur hur tew say; Oh, Kally Kat thank you so much honey, yoo did a gud jobbie bringing yur mousie fur me! Afta awl, dats wut us Cats are known fur, hunt fur mouse's kill'em only mees a house cat me don't kill'em.. =^..^= Me neva eva seen a reel mousie! Me sees any kind ov creepy crawlee wut eva dey bees, bugs, spiders lil ones, Am I suppoze to kill'em? Mommy duz dats so I don't get bit. She bees awlwuz lookin outts fur me, dats my Meowmy! Me luvs my MeOwmy so much me even putts my rumpy upps hur facey heheheee.... (showin sum luv & dat she's in my pack!) Now, me takes dat whole pillow she sleeps on every nite & splosh my selfies wiff mi leg ova & on hur neck, & face. Den, me starts washing hur hair, Oh no, she sez no Kally Kat, yoos gotta bad breath no washing my hair. Am I suppoze tew be insulted, gees, so den she cubbers upps hur hair wiff dem big blankets, ur like trying ta tell me; no washin my hair. Den, me gets kicked outts da beffroom. Me don't like dat! Some nites iffin me bees purrity luckie, I gets tew stay for an all nighter mol mol mol. Now, I'm an Angel ♥Kally Kat♥, me didn't feels so gud for a few days & made sum messes in da baffroom & da beffroom; me iz sorrie meowmy. Me had dat CKF stage 3, butt more like da 4th wiff that being da worsted one. Wen me iz knot feelin da bestest, me dun't feel like eatin eny foods! Watta, watta & watta......... dats awl me wanted! Den me pawed on ova to my mommy, wiff mi eyes half closed, =^)' ^= see, me wanted hur to see me & tellin hur, I no feels tew gud. She sez, oh Kally Kat my beautiful litta gurl I'm so terribly sorrie yur not feelin tew gud. ); ); Den she started wiff dem funnie litta noises like she iz gonna Kry & kry & kride she didded ););); Den we both went inna da baffroom & small boom booms me hazz dem small pudding pops litta piles ov dem & me even had dem litta piddles tew, bak & fort in dat litta box! Mommy had to git me awl washed upps, ova & ova again..... she always makes sure I'm clean from hed tew mi pawsies.... She tella me, it's okay honey & I'm going to take gud care ov yew. Well, Erff & Angel Furriends, it's da beginning ov the end. ); ); her litta body can't do anymore sufferings. I was not going to let her suffer one more day of this Monstrous CKF!! So off tew the Vet, next day late afternoon, I had to make that very painful & serious decision to let my ♥Kally Kat♥ lay to rest. ): ): ): ): I loved that litta gurl with all my heart & soul, there wasn't anything I could have done betta. I am so very sad & have cried each day since April 8th ! I miss her terribly, everywhere I go in my apt. she's not there, but folks tells me she is, but I can't see her, just her spirits.... Good by Sweet ♥Kally Kat Angel♥ (ILM) until we meet again one day & we all shall! Love, ♥Kally Kat's♥ Mommy Liz

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☆Diva on Demand☆

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Mi purrity red Hearts flurrterin
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Kally Kat luvs hearts!

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=^..^= Oh! Wut Purrity Kitties

I luvs purple hearts,so purrity!

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Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ sez, thank yew my wunnaful furriends!

Thank yew from all my furreva furriends!

May 22nd 2016 6:03 pm
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Hello furriends! Kally Kat’s Mom Liz here

I am so sorry it’s been taking me so long to get her Diary going.
I have been so sad & overwhelmed with grief.

Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ lost her battle with
CKF Renal Kidney Failure.

It’s been 6 weeks with out her not being here, but I have talked to her in soft whispers,
I love you ♥Kally Kat♥ my beautiful litta girl..

I feel so alone & empty, like where did you go, my beautiful Kally Kat sweet litta lady!?

My schedule keeps me busy most of the time.

Well, I know I had to make a decision, but I wouldn’t let her suffer another day!
When she came to me on her last night, looking so sad & her eyes were half closed, Mommy, me don’t feel tew gud….
I told her I know sweetheart you don’t, I am going take care of you.
Then, I knew it was that time to make a very important decision.
); ); );

Rollova link:
Mommy crying, more tissues pleeze!

Kally Kat’s Vet, Dr. B said to me, that you took absolutely the very best care of ♥Kally Kat♥.
She told me I know your strong & that’s good, but you will go through the stages of loss & grief!

Most importantly, rememba all the wonderful times you have shared.
I made a special Shrine over where she would sit on her high rise perch.
All her toys, are there & many pet loss cards too & beautiful litta cut out hearts!

Dr. Brainard & Vet Tech Jane both were there in a special room prepared for her departure to the Rainbow Bridge.
It was peaceful & not at all rushed.

I sang that beautiful Hallelujah song ♫ to her as I have so many times. Also, telling her just how very much I love you my ♥Kally Kat♥ even just humming the tune.

This song was originally sung by the great Leonard Cohen.
Rhema Marvanne is a gospel singer & sings Christian music at a very young age of 8 years old..
Her Mom passed away from ovarian cancer, she sings for her Mom.

Rollover link if any of you care to listen to it.

Beautiful music


They explained each step carefully to me, about how she would be cremated & I told them, please scatter her ashes, remains over the Pet Cemetery where all the other Cats also go too.

Then, they sat me down & let me hold my litta gurl for the last time.

Many of Kally’s furriends at Catster & Dogster have been just so
Wonderful in giving her & me her Mom so much love & support.
Thank you Watch – Cat for your love, support, it means a lot to me!
Catsters/Dogsters is my online family too!
There are days, when it’s most difficult I’m not able to come on.
Now, I can do it, thank you from all of her furriends & mine too!

roll ova to see mai new wings!
mai purrity new wings, now I can fly all ova heaven & erff!

Thank you all for those that have given so many
beautiful “Furreva Gifts & Rosettes”, “Special Gift Rosettes” too!

Oh, all those “Photo Mementos” are just beautiful.
I had some difficulty trying to upload them from the Photo Manager. the animated one I made for her juss won't load up for me, but at least you can view it here.

My Photo Memento I made for my sweet litta gurl!
Roll ova the green link,

New Group invite to the,
“Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies”
Angels Helping Angels!

Rollover green link to see the purity glitter Rainbows
purrity Rainbow colours

Thanks for all those nice “Pawmails” too.
Very special thanks to one of Kally Kat's furriend for the beautiful Pet loss cards in da mail, oh & some beautiful e cards frum Mommy's brother my Uncle Stevie.

She received, so many beautiful Special gifts, Oh, those beautiful White Wings, I when I saw her gift box coming in so fast & couldn’t help, but cry. ); ); );

It really was so very heart breaking to visually see all this for my beautiful Angel ♥Kally Kat♥

Thank yew all furriends & Guardians for your
“Phenomenal Love & Pawsome”Support!

Luvs yew,
Angel ♥Kally Kat♥
with all my ♥♥Heart♥♥


Aw SO purrity n'pink! ( :

April 27th 2016 4:10 pm
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Luvs mi Pinks, Thank yew Angel Rebby! :o )


I'm Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ & Mi Wings are really movin bak &- fort ! Pleeze read bout me, thank yew!

April 26th 2016 6:24 pm
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Lookie heyah, my Wings are really moving! =^o o^=
Mommy is dubble shocked!

Mommy here,

Kally Kat is now an Angel,she was laid to rest her beautiful litta body!
I knew that this was the beginning for her end.
She could no longer hold her own, with that horrible disease
CKF renal end stage!
She passed away on April 8th 2016

I miss her so terribly it hurts my heart & soul.. Trying to hold on all her wonderful happy memories the good ones & they were so many!
I gave it my all for her, she was my beautiful litta lady cat in Pinks & ♥Hearts♥

I haven't cried all day until now,More tissues purrleeze! ); );

I also have cried every day since the 8th of April.
It is so real & I'm so broken up over this, oh, Kally Kat just know that, I love you more than eva!

Now a few purrs of words frum Kally Kat:
Mommy iz so furry tired it's been a really furry tuff week since I left hur.
She wants to get a Diary going to thank all my furriends 4 awl dey gave me, but this is a mini- test diree okay!

So, me will be bak before yur know it! Mommie kneads more time.
She was so overwhelmed & shocked from all the love & support poured in from so many of our 4 - eva furriends.

Even, our own Watch - Cat John trying his bested to keep all in order & afloat ~~~~~~~ We loves ♥♥ ya!

We love, Catster/Dogsters like our own family wiff furrs & their wunnaful pawrents!

Memba wut she alwayz tells us,
Luv iz 4 - eva & eva!

Kally Kat & her hearts

ღ ღ

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