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Little Man of the House

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My Big Birthday!!!!

February 19th 2009 6:05 pm
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Wow, I am one years old today!!!! Happy Birthdays o me! I am getting lots of presents from my catster friends and I get chickens for dinner! REAL chickens!!! Me and brother are so big now. Whata funnest year it has been. Mamew can't believe how fast our first year went by. She is lucky for having us!



December 20th 2008 4:50 pm
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Oh My CAT!!! thoses kittens my Mamew tries to catchem today are demons! Her try to get all 4 and her boss is helping her and she got bited HARD by one of them and them so CRAZY they all gots away too. How can anything look so cute be so mean! Her saw the MamaCat too, her a feral and maybe the kittens are too wild now for pets. Her sure wants to help the devil babies but dont know what to do now. Maybe gets a trap and catchem but then what? Anyway them scared to death now getting chased around like crazy and probly wont come back even for eatings. Oh, forget it already Mamew! You gots me and brodder, what a lucky! think of that. We are enough kitties here already.


New Adventures

December 17th 2008 8:38 am
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Mamew has been busy for helps me write but today we can. Today is raining. It is fun and new for us. It smells good and makes fun things to swat at on all our windows but you can never get it! So fun. Everyone should try it. At hers work Mamew went to feed the birds outside yesterday and 2 kittens ran out of a bush and around the corner and hiden in a locked area. Mamew coaxed them outs with food and there are 4 of them! They are so cute. Very fluffys. She never saw a mama kitty so her left food and waters for them. Today her was going to go in on her day off to catchem them but it is raining and so they probably wont come out for eating. Poor sings are probably wet. Dang. Poor poor babies. Later her will see if the man will unlocks it and let her try to catchem. A nicest lady wants 2 already if we can get them. They will be very cutest Christmas kittens. About 5 or 6 weeks old, her thinks. I cant waits to see them!



November 16th 2008 7:30 am
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Today our air is so smokey and we are a little bit scared. Mamew is keeps the windows closed but we can still smells it. The other kitties who come to eats breakfast didnt come today, I guess them is scared too. Mamew is worries for all the kitties and doggies in the places where all the homes are burning down and lots of pawrents who couldn't get home to get them. Oh we hope they are all Ok. We hates it when California is burning. This is terribles.



November 14th 2008 4:53 pm
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Bonbon is ok. She came to eat last night. whew. Mamew is so happy. Now if onlys we can catchem her!


Where is BonBon?

November 11th 2008 8:07 am
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BonBon seems to have disappeared. Mamew was never able to catch her again. She wouldn't go in the trap or let her near her since she escaped. She's still hoping for the best but... the coyotes are getting more and more bold, coming out in mid-day now. Their food sources are drying up so they're really hungry. Mamew makes sure we never get a chance to get out. She brings Kirby in as much as possible but he is always ready to go out after about 15 or 20 minutes. He's not ours afterall but Mamew sure wishes she could have him. His Ma doesn't seem to care about the coyote situation at all. Everyone has warned her no avail. We just pray for his safety. We love sweet Kirby.



September 12th 2008 4:59 pm
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Mamew is sad. The little kitty her rescued and was nursing backs to health ripped the screen part and scaped. Awww Kitty.


I a scariest Pirate!!!

September 7th 2008 8:49 pm
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Yo-ho-yo-ho hoody hoody hooo! Looks at me! Ims a scariest pirate now! Finially Mamew hads time to make me a big boy page instead of my baby page! My furiend Morgan the Pirate Gato teachens me to be a pirates like hims! I founded a steel wool pad and pretended it was a big shark and I kilt it! What a funnest day today!!!!



September 3rd 2008 8:05 pm
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Brodder is a Diary Picks Of The Day??!! AGAIN??? Dont makes me beat him up Catster!!!!!


Fun things I likes!

August 24th 2008 1:39 pm
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This is actually a answer for a question from my favorite group "Silly Sabsters" but it works for my diary entry cause Mamews too busy to helps me so much and her says 2 birds and a stone. Huh? Question is what kind of toy is fun but it's not suppose to be a toy. Me and brodder has been busy discovering this subject alots lately.
Have you ever got a holds of a roll of paper towels? Yee-haw! I knocks one off the counter and I wrestles it and shreads
it to pieces! Works good try it!
Also when Mamew was out shopping my broder gots a hold of 3 bags of birds seeds and tored the packs open and we swats it all over just like a funnest snowglobe!
Then when Mamew cleans up the dogs business outside she found some little logs maked out of birdseeds!
Oh mew-mew-mew!!!

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