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Play Day!!!!!!!!

June 7th 2009 7:09 am
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Grammy was up early, early today and we are in a playful mood. The birdies are just coming out and they are hungry. They are eating their bird food and getting worms. The chipmunks are out running around also. Have'nt seen the rabbit yet. It's as big a Zeke and he weights 20lbs. PJ's young ones are up and ready to roll, so that's what we're doing. When Meowy finally got up, she said everyone out of her way or I'll move you. Grammy told her, she would have to move their little condo first. They had moved it down the hallway. They have been making noises and messes all morning. They have toys all over the place. Wish you all could see the mess this 5 little monsters can make. What one doesn't think of, the other does. Myself, I just love to play. Meowy put the birdie video on for us and we are watching it off and on. Boy are we all wound up!!!!!!!


Rain Rain Go Away ................

June 4th 2009 12:44 pm
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It's a rainly day here in Maryland. It's also on the cool side. We don't have a much to do today. The birdies are singing loudly, but not showing themselves much. We are basicly laying around. Grammy is cleaning and has that noisy thing that sucks up everything. I had just gotten up into the window and she came in the room I was in and said Fanny I'm going to vacumn. I took one look at her and a big jump over the noisy thing and said SEE YA! Guess the next thing she'll do is wash the floor and when we walk all over it, she'll get upset. I don't know why we have to walk on a wet floor, but we all do. Grammy says she should just paint the floor with all our little footprints. I think that would be cool! Hope everyone has a Great Day!


Cleo wrapped me!

May 31st 2009 8:19 am
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Today started out great! I was busy playing and enjoying myself . I started following Cleo around. Everywhere she went I followed. Than I got to chasing her and just touching her with my paw. She hates it. She runs and hides or just go off somewhere. Well after awhile I left her along and it was time for me to rest. Grammy was loving on each of us and it was my turn. We were sitting at the dinning table and She gave me kisses, and rubs, and told me how beautiful her Fancy Pants is. Cleo was on the hutch eating some dry food and all of a sudden she wrapped me, while Grammy was still holding me. Well I swatted her back and Grammy thought I started it. Thankfully, Meowy saw it and told Grammy Cleo came from behind, looked over Grammys shoulder and took the first swat. I told Grammy I was INNOCENT!!!!!!!


Memorial Day

May 23rd 2009 11:05 am
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We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Remember why we celebrate this day. FREEDOM!!!!!

Today Grammy is cleaning everything in sight. All our stuff is outside on the clotheslines, on the patio, in the yard. She's Crazy. Now we are going to have to work overtime putting our scents back on everything. The nice thing about it, is she left us on the porch around 6 o'clock in the morning. What a TREAT! It's getting hot, so most of us are just laying around, doing nothing. In the evening some of us are going outside for walks and others are going in the cat enclosure. Can't wait till Meowy comes home from work. Grammy might take me in the stroller. I hope, I hope!


Happy Mothers Day

May 9th 2009 12:11 pm
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We would like to wish all the Mothers at Catster & Dogster, a Happy and Safe Mother's Day.


Where's the RAIN?

May 6th 2009 12:54 pm
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Hey! Where's the RAIN? I almost forgot what a sunny day was. I can't believe it. Grammy opened the windows and let us go on the porch. Life is wonderful. Just laying around in the sunny windows, watching the birdies. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day.


The Missing Slipper!

May 5th 2009 8:24 am
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Hello Everyone and Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Grammy finally found her slipper. Grammys slipper has been missing for a few days. She always keeps them together in the same place. Somehow, (no one knows) one slipper was missing. Grammy looked under the bed, under the lounge chair, behind the chair, and in the closet. No slipper. Pappy was on the floor looking for something he dropped and Grammy asked him to look under the chest of drawers to see if the babies took her slipper under there. GUESS WHAT! There was Grammys slipper, along with six balls, a paper towel roll, and a cat nip toy. Grammy can't figure out which of the little ones took her slipper, cause we are to big to get in that little space. HONEST WE ARE!!!! Got to go it almost lunchtime. Hope everyone has a great day.


Happy/Sad Day

May 1st 2009 7:01 am
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Today is one of those Happy/Sad Days. Today is our sister, PJ our brother, Kahless and our nephew Fozzy Bears BIRTHDAYS, it is also our niece, Tigger's 1st Birthday. We will celebrate all their birthdays, but must celebrate Tiggers at Rainbow Bridge. We feel better knowing she is with her Uncle Yoda and her friends at Rainbow Bridge Celebrating. Oh, how we wish she were here on earth with us to celebrate all the Birthdays together.

We Wish everyone with a Birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY where ever you are.

Have you loved your pets today?



April 29th 2009 8:34 am
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We are missing our Tigger's, but know she is in a better place. We would like to Thank All of you for your purrs, prayers, emails, pawmails, and gifts. They are all treasured and we know they come from your hearts. It's great to have so many furiends and friends.

Today is a little better day.
Earlier this morning the babies were running up and down the hallway. Just being silly, and chasing each other. Breakfast was like always. The babies rush to eat theirs and than think they can go steal the others food. We have a rule at feeding time. If someone leaves their food dish than anyone can have what's left. The babies, like to change this rule by, taking their paws and pulling the bowl out away from who's eating. When they get caught, however they are warned and told if they do it again they go to jail. Sometimes they listen and somtimes they don't and must go to jail.

It's a much cooler day and the clouds are hiding all the sun. We have had some rain and may have more later today. Most of us are just laying around for our morning naptime. Hope the sun comes out and we can open the windows and the doors. We want to go on the porch.

We hope everyone is having a great day. Stay healthy and safe.



Sad News

April 28th 2009 6:51 am
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Sad News
April 28th 2009 6:48 am [link to this entry]
We have some very sad news to report to our friends today. Tigger went to Rainbow Bridge today. She was such a GREAT LITTLE GIRL. She fought a hard battle and looked to winning until today. Early this morning she could not walk and was spitting up fluid. We knew this was it. We called the vet. and they helped her cross over. However before we went Grammy took her for one last stroller ride, which she seemed to enjoy. Even thought there our 18 cats in the house, it's so quite. We will miss Tigger, but will never forget all our good times. Rest Peacefully Our Little Angel Tigger. We Love You. If you would like to send condolences to her, this is her ID#828689.

We love you Tigger,
Uncle Kibbles, Uncle Francis, Uncle Yoda, Uncle Zeeke, Auntie Cleo, Uncle, Tator Tot, Uncle Kahlass, Auntie Moo-Moo, Auntie Tommie, Uncle Harley ( her adopted mommy), Uncle Davy doodles, Uncle Roemo ( her eating partner), her real mommy PJ, brothers Fozzy Bear, DC, sissy's Onyx, Toe, Mishka, Zelda.
Her Momcat, Grammy, and Dadcat

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