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Squirrel's Story

My Birthday

August 3rd 2008 6:15 am
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Yesterday was my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was 3 years old.
I had a wonderful day, Mom had a Birthday party for me at Cobblestone Square and so many furiends stopped by.
We played croquet, had a pinata to smash open, and a big giant inflatable frog to jump around in.
There were hamburgers and hot dogs, pizza and two birthday cakes and ice cream.
I received so many great presents, a birthday hat from Dusty, and cupcakes from Chadwick, a smoothie from Onyx, Cinder, Rose, Horus, Daisy Mae and Orion, the pup.
George, Merry and family sent me a rose, and Spanky and the gang at Fancypants Cafe sent a heart.
I received a smoothie from Pumpkin and Cody, a beach ball from Hermie, Blackie, Cashew, Mootie and Pooh Angel, and another smoothie from Pooh and the Carolina Crew.
Tinkerbell Pixie Dust and family sent a birthday hat and Miss Dixie Monroe sent a beach ball. Max sent a birthday hat and Maggie, Aggie, Ralphie, and Sedoso sent cupcakes.
And I received a star from my special furiend named Squirrel.

It was the best birthday a kitty could ever hope for. Last night Mom gave us TUNA for a treat for my special day, and I got lots of hugs and kisses from Mom.

I am a lucky girl.


6 things I don't like

July 1st 2008 8:08 pm
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My new friend named Squirrel, (just like me) invited me to list 6 things I don't like so here goes:

I don't like for company to come over because I run and hide under the bed until they leave
I don't like to be held
I don't like it if Mom tries a new food, I like my tuna and eggs
I didn't like it when Mom caught me teeing in the laundry basket cause she scolded me
I don't like it when Mom leaves to go to work
I don't like having to share Mom's attention with my furblings


A name for Squirrel

June 29th 2008 3:29 pm
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I was born under Mom's bed on August 2, 2005. I was the first born of 3 kittens by Marmi. The second baby was stillborn, and the third was a very small orange baby.

Marmi was a feral cat that lived in the woods behind a friend's house. The friend was already taking care of 11 cats and just couldn't take in anymore, so she asked to Mom to take her. Mom brought her home and named her Marmalade, Marmi, for short. Mom kept her inside, but somehow she got out and we were the rest of that story.

I was the biggest and strongest baby. When I was born, my human sister said I looked like a baby squirrel instead of a baby kitty and the name Squirrel stuck.

I am very skittish even though I live inside with 4 others kitties and Mom. I like to sit next to Mom and sleep with her, but I get scared when she walks into a room and I run. Mom says I get the "deer in the headlights look" and bolt.

Marmi is still skittish too, so whenever anyone comes over all they see are two streaks flying thru the room and under the bed. Mom's family calls us the "Phantom Cats" MOL.

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