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Marmi's story

Can you believe it?

March 20th 2010 8:35 am
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Yesterday I was picked as COTD!! I was so surprised and Mom was too. I had a wonderful day in the spotlight.
I received so many gifts on my page and lots of messages from furiends and even wonderful furs that don't know me, but wanted to send concats to me.
Thank you to everyone and to Catster for my special day.


I've been tagged

November 15th 2008 2:31 pm
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I have been tagged by my Furiend Princess.
For this game I had to answer 10 questions:

1. How many toes do you have? I have 20 toes

2. Is you married? No I just like to have lots of furiends

3. Do you have short, medium or long hair? 
I have beautiful medium beige fur

4. Do you like to dress up? Not in real life, but I love all the dress up pictures Mom makes for me

5. Who has the stinkest gas in your house? 
MOL, I don't think any of us will own up to that!!!!

6. How many toys do you have? We have toys in every room, lots of them.

7. Is your tail straight, kinked, curly, fat, thin, or just right? I think my tail is just perfect.

8. Have you ever killed a real mousie? No, MOL I've never seen a real mousie.

9. Are you beautiful, handsome or ugly? Mom tells me I'm very beautiful, so I must be.

10. Are you King of the house? Queen of the house? or the Servant?
I am Queen of the House, of course.

Now I have to tag 5 furiends

I am tagging

Miss Dixie



March 28th 2008 1:42 pm
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I was a feral kitty living in the woods behind the house of a nice lady that put out food for us. I was a baby and liked the lady so I made friends with her, but she couldn't keep me because she already had a large number of kitties that she cared for. The nice lady called my Mom and asked her if I could live with her, so she brought me to my Mom's office and she fell in love with me.
She took me home and I found Bear living there. The next year I had a baby under my Mom's bed, and my human sister named her Squirrel because she said she looked more like a squirrel baby than a kitten. That hurt my feeling because I had never had a baby before and I thought she was so beautiful. After that Mom had me spayed (so no more babies). We adopted another kitty a month before Squirrel was born, and she was named Snickers. So we have 4 kitties in our family.
I like to sit in the bay window in the kitchen and watch everything going on in the neighborhood.

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