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Late Birthdays are Great!

May 18th 2009 5:39 am
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Friday, May 15th was my birthday.
Less than a month ago my brother Kufu died suddenly and needlessly and since then my Mom has not been herself. She cries alot. On May 4th my sister Meme got a birthday rosie from her boyfriend which reminded Mom that May 6th was her 4th birthday, cuz until then she had forgotten all about it.
On my birthday my Mom never even looked at the computer cuz she was busy helping my hooman sister decorate for a surprise birthday party for our Papa Roy. So on Sat. morning when she sat down at the computer she was again surprised to see that she had missed MY birthday too. HQ sent birthday wishes to me and my friend Pooter's left a birthday ladybug and a cupcake for me on my page, asking if she had missed my birthday. So Mom & I sent her a pmail telling her that she hadn't missed my birthday......but Mom had!
Then my friend Pooter's posted a message to let all of our Catster friends know that Friday had been my birthday.
I started getting all kinds of happy birthday wishes and rosies from lots of kitties.
I got a yummy shrimpie from Fredericka & her family.
I got another yummy shrimpie from Millie.
I got a kite from Mr. Sam.
I got a flower from my friend Wally and another from my bestest girlfriend Lily.
I got a Nummy Num Num Num cupcake from Little Bit & her family.
I got a cupcake from my friend Striker & his family, and another from Lewis & his family.
I got a special world globe from our friend, Angel Amelia.
Mom gave me special steak mooch two times on Sat. and I let her give me extra makes her happy!
So I had a weekend long Birthday to make up for Mom forgetting the "real day"! But wait.....there's more!
This morning when Mom sat down to the computer I had a rainbow on my page from Navin AND he even wrote a song for me! Mom copied it down to put here in my diary!

When I think of class and style
I think of our Bud Miles
With his gorgeous tabby fur
And his ingratiating purr
Miles surely made a stir
In his forever family home
(but it took his siblings a while..
to leave him alone!)
But patience is a virtue
As Miles knows
And there is no more hissing
Whenever he goes
in the same room with his siblings!
And good thing too..
For what joy Miles brings
To his loving mom
Happy birthday Miles!
I hope you enjoy your Cougar song!

All my love,
Navin R. Johnson-Davis

Thanks Navin....Mom & I LOVE my song!
And thanks to everyone for all of the Birthday Love.
It seems having a Late birthday is GREAT!


Hunting gone awry

April 4th 2008 9:20 am
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I had quite an adventure yesterday! Since no one around here seems to want to be my friend yet, I've had to resort to creating my own entertainment!
I caught a bird!! Mom was checking on us kitties outside when I walked up onto the front porch with a bird that I'd caught in my mouth! Instead of being impressed and praising me for my hunting skills, Mom freaked out! Still haven't figured that one out. She was saying something to me through the door, I couldn't quite understand her so I walked closer to the door. She then opened the door and I thought she wanted me to bring my prize into the house so I could give it to her purrsonally! But as soon as I got right to the open doorway, she shut the door quickly and told me, (and you're not going to believe this part) "No Miles, put the bird down. Put him down now!"
AS IF! Was she out of her mind? Put the bird down? Didn't she understand that if I did that he'd get away? I love my new Mom and appreciate all she's done for me so far but I have to tell you, I think she's defective in that she knows nothing of hunting. Which is why I volunteered to do the hunting for her. But instead of appreciating my efforts, she wants me to "Put the Bird Down". Hoomans......who can firgure them out?~!
She ran to get the camera and that's when it all went awry. The bird was wiggling and since Mom wouldn't let me in the house I had to figure out what to do with it. By the time she got back with the camera I had stepped into the garden to get a better grip on the bird, but he got away instead. And you won't believe this either, but Mom actually cheered. She's nuts I tell you! No bird, no picture, no fun!


My Life was about to change, but I didn't know it!

March 29th 2008 3:34 pm
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So, as I was saying in my last installment of this story, the food lady & I had developed a routine, she fed me twice a day and we had periodic visits throughout the day. I now had a cozy bed to sleep in at night and during the day if I wanted to. So what if I couldn't go into the house with the food lady when she went in......well......I really did want to go in with her, but she wouldn't let what could I do, but look in through the glass doors? Then one day I was sorta hanging around close, waiting for the food lady to open that can of food for me, when suddenly she showed up, she opened the can, I came running and then the next thing I knew, she's snatched me up and put me in her car! Hey what's going on? I say!! I was a bit worried and stressed for a bit(Mom says it was only about 5-10 min.). Then I thought, what the heck, and I settled down in the floorboard behind my Mom's seat. We drove for a long, long time and then when we stopped, my new Mom took me into this room along with my bed, food and water. I was really scared, there were all these different smells and I'd never seen this place before. My new Mom visited me and talked to me alot and told me I'd be going to a doctor soon and then I could come into the house with the rest of the family.
I caught a glimpse of some other kitties when Mom would go in and out of the door. I was very curious and anxious to meet them.


During the Intermission of my "New Home Story" I'm playin'- tag!

March 3rd 2008 7:58 pm
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Hooray! Today I was tagged byJonas, one of my new friends!
The rules of the game are when you get tagged you have to tell 7 things
about yourself, it can be anything really. It can be secrets or special
qualities you have, whatever! List them in your diary along with the rules
for the game and your TAG list of the 7 buddies you tag. Make sure and
paw-mail everyone to tell them they have been tagged and direct them to
your diary-something to keep in mind when writing your 7 secrets,
others will be reading it! Now, just so you all know this is a game,
and no gets mad if you don't have time to play-no big deal! We'll
invite you another time or you are welcome to start a game yourself.

1. Nobody here in my new home likes me or wants to play with me.
2. My Mom says I'm such a calm, laid back kitty that she just can't help but love me and so will everyone else in time!
3. Mom offered catnip to me, but I just wasn't interested. Mom was a bit disappointed but says she'll try again another day!
4. I have a rip in one of my ears, but I'm not telling how I got it!
5. I LOVE canned food & wish I could have it ALL the time instead of once a day at 6pm.
6. Mom says I sleep in the funniest positions!
7. I have looooooong legs!

Now I am going to tag some other kitties
1.Amelia #421905
2. Jason Hopper #292502
3. Vincent #422069
4. Pooters #294072
5. Captain Morgan #333719
6. Angel Bill #462594
7. Sky #355828


She's Back!

March 3rd 2008 8:26 am
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Guess what? The nice food lady showed up today (she'd been gone for several days, thought I'd never see her again), and I was so happy to see her and the food too! We started up our routine again, only this time, she would show up outside periodically throughout the day to visit with me. I started sitting in her lap sometimes and we would have long talks. Then one evening, after the sun went down, I was checking out the back porch at the house where the food lady always disappeared in to. There on the covered steps was a big square soft bed. I crawled into it, got nice & cozy and went to sleep. Life was looking up!


My First Week

March 3rd 2008 8:10 am
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Dear Diary,
Wow, has my life changed! I was living on my own, out on the streets, begging for food, constantly searching for a warm place to sleep, just a short couple of weeks ago.
Let me tell you how I met my (new) Mom. I was sitting on the railing of a porch, trying to convince someone to let me in when this lady walked up to me and started talking to me. Now, I'd never seen this human before so I wasn't too sure if I could trust her. I sat and watched her & listened to her for a little while, and then she walked away. Later that same day I was wandering around when I heard a can open and heard someone calling, "Here kitty, kitty." I ran to investigate, just in case they were talking to me and there was that lady again. Only this time she was holding a can of food. She placed it on the ground and invited me to come & eat! Whoopie!! I gobbled it up! The wind was blowing very strongly from the north and it was cold, cold. While I ate, the lady scrunched down beside me and guess what? I couldn't feel that cold wind! She petted me and talked to me while I ate. Then once again, she was gone. But soon I discovered that we were to develop a routine (I love routines). Once in the morning she would set down a can of food and once in the evening she would set one down. Then one day the lady was not there, and neither was the food. I was very sad.

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