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Love That Bob

I found a mousie!

April 25th 2008 2:05 am
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Yep, a mousie! Someone left it on my page! It was either somefur very shy
or like brofur Normy said it was one of those femfurs trying to be tricky.
They didn't leave their name, but I'm OK with that because I now have my
very own mousie to play with. I hope if it was one of those cunning femfurs,
that she is very pretty. I like smart ones too! I guess I shouldn't be surprised
after all I do have that Elvis Presley lip curl going for me and we all know
how the ladies loved him. I will have to keep a close watch on that mousie,
I have already seen the others looking at it, and this one is all mine!


Darn the Luck!

May 12th 2008 5:31 pm
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I just got to im with a darling named Lily and I go to visit her page and I
can't get to it! I just get a message saying internet explorer can't open it!
So I thought I would be cool and sneak to her page through her brofur's
page-same message. So Lily if you are reading this, please know that I am
not ignoring you sweetie. Love Bob


I've Been Tagged!

May 22nd 2008 8:36 am
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What fun! Lily tagged me and I'm gonna get to tag four other furries! But first I have to list some things about me!

Four things I love to do:
1 Cuddle with meowmy-my favorite!
2 Playing with my brofurs and sisfurs.
3 Playing in our outside pen.
4 Chasing grasshoppers.

Four places I love to be:
1 Wherever meowmy is.
2 Fairly close to the food bowl at all times.
3 Outside, with the breeze blowing through my fur.
4 As far away from the swatting, high strung femfurs as I can get.

Four things I love to eat:
1 I am satisfied with dry cat food-not a picky eater.
2 Buttery baked potatoes.
3 Bacon on occasion.
4 Chicken

Now it's my turn to tag!
1 Norman Bates
2 Garfield
3 Athena-she's beautiful
4 Beautiful Baby


Five Fabulous Things About Me

May 25th 2008 7:39 pm
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I've been tagged to play the fabulous five game! I get to tell all of Catster five great things about myself and get to run tag five pals! Sounds like great fun!

1. Females confuse me, Norman my brofur is trying to help but I think he might be confused too! Marie says he is a chauvinistic pig male-whatever that is!
2. I love everyone and have got my nose slapped a few times by some of the less cheery cats in my household!
3. I had to get a chipped fang tooth pulled, so now I have a very handsome Elvis Presley sneer!
4. I am not a natural bob tail, but since whatever happened to me was before meowmy got me -she has no clue. But my tail is short and very crooked!
5. I would love to get outside and eat some bugs!

Now I get to tag! Yippee!!!
1. KC Sunshine *PAWS*
2. Pumpkin
3. Milani
4. Margo-she's cute
5. Bobby Boi



June 2nd 2008 1:17 pm
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Well once again as bad as I hate to admit it, Norman was right! Femfurs are crazy (at least most of them). I had a pretty little orangie Oklahoma girlfriend and she dumped me! To top it off she was such a coward as to have a friend do it for her, her friend is very sweet though and I certainly didn't mind getting paw-mailed by her! I think I will follow Norman's advice and stay away from femfurs for a while, he seems to do just fine being a bachelor-he's actually having the time of his life, partying with buds Octavian, Odin, Tuffy, Slappy and a catzillion others! I love my brofur Normy, he's always there for me, I will just have to learn to pay more attention to what he tells me from now on! Don't get me wrong we have lots of wonderful mature femfur friends who we dearly love, Catster friends are the very best!


Me? Tagged?

November 6th 2008 7:55 pm
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I never get tagged to play, I am so happy finally I get a turn! The game is simple, just list 5 pawsome or amazing thing about yourself and tag 5 pals!

1. I have a short tail, not a bob tail just short. Meowmy is unsure why, I was two when she got me, but seems to be from a mishap.

2. I love everyone! I get my nose slapped occasionally from less than congenial furs!

3. I love to cuddle under the blankets between meowmy and daddy.

4. Meowmy found me injured with a broken leg in the road and my owners did not want to pay for my surgery, I don't know why, I am a good boy.

5. I like to eat bugs!

I am going to tag:

PeekABoo-my brofur's pretty girlfriend.
Morgan -a beautiful orangie like me.
Zippie-just because I love that name!
Mr Norman Bates-a great artist cat.
Oreo-hmmm..that makes me hungry.


Tagged Again!

November 8th 2008 9:23 am
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I have been tagged by Isabelle Love and Jasmine Delilah to play tag. My brother Rupy also got tagged, so we are going to tag the same pals. The game is list 5 things cool about yourself, or more if you want!

1. I have a fang tooth missing, so I have a crooked smile, my meowmy calls it my Elvis Presley sneer!
2. I am a large cat-some might say fat.
3. I love everyone, including the vets.
4. I used to be an outside cat (before meowmy got me), now I live inside so I won't get hit by another car.
5. I have a cool outdoor pen attached to my house via a pet door, so I can go outside protected from harm. (you can see it on brother Lewis' page, it's made from a metal double carport kit.)

I tag:
Mama Kitty

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