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My meows and purrs

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My real nature....

September 26th 2010 9:42 pm
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Dear Diary,

Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! I am doing ok and kicking. I was kind of away from the interwebs for a while... long story short: this is the fifth city we've lived in 6 years, many new changes.

I turned SIX years old last June, pretty impressive huh? I am a Sensational, Superrific, Scintillating, Superb Six years old Amalia. know what? It took SIX years for my human to realize what my true nature is. Her 'revelation' came one day she was trying to brush my hair. As usual, I was growling and biting that hideous thing she was using on me. Of course I was growling! She was using a brush designed for cats! for animals! I just wanted to destroy that thing. Can you imagine how humiliated I felt?

Well, at some point short human saw the light and decided to pick up the same comb she used for her own hair. "NOW that is MUCH more appropriate" I said, and rewarded her with a purr. What a difference, being brushed with a real comb that is *not* designed for animals, but people like us.

'Cause, I mean, yeah! I am a person. It took human SIX years to realize she and I are the same.

Now that she uses a people's comb to brush my hair, it is sooooo enjoyable! It has become one of my favorite times, it makes me purr like crazy.

(By the way, I am a no-cat person. I really don't appreciate those two felines, Mabel and Suki wanting to sniff my butt as if I was one of them. eeeek)

~ Amalia ~


How long has it been?!

September 18th 2010 2:21 pm
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Dear Diary,

My goodness... long time no write.

Short human, the other two cats that live with us and I have been through many many changes... again. I should get an "Amazing Traveler Cat" badge or trophy. In 8 years I have lived in 5 cities, two different countries. We've been through quite a few life changing events.

... But human and I (and, well, the other two cats I must tolerate) stay together, strong! And the Catsterland community and friends are always there too.

Actually, a couple of months ago we came back just to check out other kitties, and found out the super cool precious Mercy had passed away. Have to admit we cried.

~ Amalia ~



January 5th 2010 11:19 am
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Dear Diary,

....where to start? Oooh my goodness, so many things going on these last few months.

Bad news first: I got a bath last week. Human said I didn't look orange anymore, but brown. That is offensive! Does she think I cannot clean myself?? But... but... you know what? I actually enjoyed the bath. Really. I don't know if it was the warm water, or the shampoo, or the loving rubbing with the towel. But, really, I liked it. It made me happy and I felt like being extra loving to human for several days. Maybe this California water is different.

...did you hear that??!!! We moved to the other side of the country!!! Another adult human started showing up at our place in Louisiana. And then I saw the familiar packing and putting things in boxes. You know, short-human and I have moved from Indiana to Singapore and then to Louisiana. I knew what was coming. We left Louisiana and moved to California with this new human, whom we call big-human. He is nice, but I don't totally trust him yet, you know he has to earn his place.

The other news are that I have two new kittens.... *sigh* I am not too fond of their extra energy. The first one is Suki; Mabel has adopted him like a son. I keep my distance. The other is a human-kitten. Ooooh dear, that human little girl has so much energy!! She came with big human and adores Suki. Well, they are so similar in the amount of energy that they store in such little bodies.

So..... it was another airplane ride for me, and new beginnings for short-human and I.

... and two new humans I have to train *sigh* They are so lucky I am patient.

~ Amalia ~


Cats don't play, we train!

September 16th 2009 12:30 pm
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Dear Diary,

What's up with people not respecting us? I officially became the eldest family member when I turned 5 years old, which is 36 in human years. My person needs to be reminded.

I can ignore the laughing and giggling during training sessions, but falling asleep?? Like a couple of nights ago when I decided to train at 2am. I picked a pipe cleaner (those things are hypnotizing!!!!), brought it to bed and said "purrr Meow!" ("I need to train!"). Short human wakes up and says "aaah he he he kitty wants to play". She did pick up the pipe cleaner, started moving it but fell back asleep in seconds. I had to keep waking her up. I mean, instead of focusing all my attention in the exercise I had to keep pouncing at her and meowing. Unbelievable.

On the other hand, it has come to my attention that other humans were supposedly "advising" on how to keep me from chewing cables. As soon as I figure out how to get rid of that horrible smell around cables and be able to eat them again, I will go after you humans.

~ Amalia ~


Today I chewed cable #1901453456

June 24th 2009 7:00 pm
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... actually, I lost count of the number of cables I have yum-yummed. Today's treat was short human's cellphone charger.

I don't swallow cables, I just love chewing on them. It is good for my gums *naughty look*

Short human is very nice, she covers the cables for me to play hide-n-seek. I walk around my territory, sniff around until voila'! I find a surprise cable hidden under some blankets or something else.

The first time I chewed something, short human was all melodramatic "Nooooo kitty! Cables are not food!" . That was because she was still new at cat companionship and didn't know that everything belongs to me. Later on, she would just sigh and say "oooh kitty, you destroyed yet another cellphone charger/headset/etc....". Now she blames herself: "oh nooooooooo!!! why didn't I hide that in another place?!!"

and that is how you train a human =^_^=


p.s. Happy Summer!!! Thanks to fantabulous friend Hazel for the beach ball!


☆ ☆ Five ☆ Cinco ☆ ☆

June 3rd 2009 8:23 am
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Dear Diary,

Ok let's get to the discipline stuff first: Short person is on notice! After I was so nice and named her "official transcriber of Amalia's memoirs", she has had the audacity of not uploading my thoughts since last year (*gasp!*). She claims to be busy with "work" not remembering that taking care of me is her job. I mean, look at my new profile picture: I had to go close the laptop and say "hey you, pay attention to me".

Well.... I am giving her another opportunity, but for now she is going back to being an intern.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ And now to the GREAT news of the day ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆

I am a Fabulous, Formidable, Fanciful, Flawless, Fearless and Fantastic FIVE YEARS OLD cat. At least short person didn't forget that and prepared my traditional wonderful meat breakfast with sprinkles on top (crunchy treats).

Catster-ville masters gave me 5 paws, and treats and congrats. Cute huh?

I am fantabulous.

~ Amalia ~


I am a lap cat??!!

October 16th 2008 5:18 am
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Dear Diary,

Long time no write... My human was swallowed by "the outside" for many days... But I'll let Mabel talk about it.

So I realized I have a weakness (*blush*). I have a terrible attraction to blankets laying on short human's lap.... You know, I am very conscious of my personal space, I don't like people holding me for more than 3 seconds, and I don't cuddle but keep my distance when we sleep together. But a blanket-on-the-lap is addictive! I see human sitting on the sofa and the minute she puts the blanket on her lap, I *must* jump and get there.

I tell her "you'd better not move because I am napping" and she complies. Good human.

~ Amalia ~



September 18th 2008 5:43 pm
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I have been inducted in the Honor Society of Catsterland's September 18,2008 Diary Picks !!!

Short human, official transcriber of my memoirs, jumped out of the chair this morning while checking messages on the computer. Then she came to hug me, kissed me and said congrats. She was all "omg-omg-omg kitty this is so cool!"

...and I was like: "mmmeow purrr so who deserves an extra treat?" =^_^=

======= woohooo ===========

Awesome day. And awesome friends sending awesome gifts and messages. Thanks Hazel Lucy; ♥Korey♥ (aaaarrgh, captain!); ☆The Pawsee☆; the family of Buddie, Mookie, McKenna, Ricki, Angel, Victor Gibbs and Jason Cash; and Chelsea Louise for making my day!!

~ Amalia ~


Evacuating and coming back

September 10th 2008 11:30 am
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Dear Diary,

We had to leave home at the beginning of the month because of Gustav. Kitty sister Mabel wrote about it in her diary.

After we spent an eternity in the moving thing ("car"), we arrived to a house with 2 people and 2 cats in there. And we stayed there for a whole week. During those days, Mabel turned 1 year old (it's about time she starts behaving like an adult!) and I sort of got used to these humans. I wouldn't let them touch me (oh no!) but I loved "flirting" with them by showing my belly and rolling all over. They say I am beautiful!

... I don't want to talk about the cats. You see, I have enough with baby sister Mabel...

You know what Mabel did while we were riding in the car??? She rode for a looooong time all curled up in human's lap. I was jealous!!! So when driving back home to Louisiana, I made sure Mabel had no access to the driver's seat:

I sat in a thingy they have between the two front seats. Human was like "aaaah Amalia you look like a dog!"... what the heck?? I am no dog. Anyway, whenever Mabel made attempts to go to human's lap, I would yell and hisssss and growl.

So, Mabel spent the ride back sleeping. I don't understand why she was so calm, I mean the thing was moving!!!!! She just curled up and went to sleep. She only got up once to go to the kitty's restroom.

All the while I took the responsibility of being co-pilot: keep the driver awake. I did it by yelling MMMEEOW! MGWAAAAAO! during all the 12 hours we were riding. You know, I also had to express my disagreement with car rides.

When we got back home, I immediately jump to the bed and slept straight for a whole day. That ride, keeping my balance and keeping human awake was exhausting! Human should be thankful.



Scratch the belly

August 6th 2008 7:23 pm
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Dear Diary,

Remember 3 years ago when I had a surgery? Something about me "getting fixed"? Remember I had to stay at the vet overnight, then had fever when I went back home? And the hair on my belly was gone and it was very sensitive so I would bite *any* hand that would come near?...

I just found out it doesn't hurt anymore! It actually feels good when human scratches it. Nice. So I let her do it.

So it only took me 3 years to get over that surgery....

=^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^=


woohooo!!!! Catster-masters had this cool idea for "kitties on a budget" and my awesome-great-wonderful friends filled it!

Thanks to Gizmo & Max, Smokey & Punky; Cali, Leo & Lucky; Morgan, Ripple, Sin et al.; Diego, LuLu & Furie; Sissy, Luke, Cooter, Simon et al.; and Cali, Leo & Lucky!!!


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