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My goodness!!


May 12th 2008 7:39 am
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Tewday Meowmie puttid me in da Kat Rume so BBBT cudd wandur abowt withowt encountering me .

Then latur she pikkt up La Bee Bee Bee Tee and opened da dore of my Kat Rume and Bee Bee Bee Tee started to go "AHHHWAAH WAAAAAAH!!" reeeel lowd!! So Meowmie sed "Iz she gonna PEWK in my armz??!!!AAAAGH"

So Meowmie puttid BBBT down and tride to keep me from running owta da Kat Rume, but I wuz wareing my Hyperspeed High Heels and I FLEW outta dat rume ..... and BBBT -- who had REELY been "AH WAAAH WAAAH"ing becuz she wantid to fite me -- FLED and I ran aftur hur and Meowmie sed "oh no!! Hur HARTY!!" and she ran aftur me -- and BBBT and I was a-growling and a-snarling and we wuz a-waving ower frunt pawz in the air at eech uthir, MOST mennasinglee ....

and then... My SILLEEE Meowmie startid to LAFF!!!!! becuz sum ladee started Caterwauling some Opera Mewzik, reel lowd, on da Radio Masheen wile me and La BBBT was a snarlin and a-shreekin at wun anudder!!!

Meowmie, YOO hav a warped senss of Hewmor!!!

Ennyway, Meowmie sed "I do not DARE to pikk up BBBT!!" I think we awl noe why.

So she WUZ abul to pikk me up withowt getting shreddid and she put me bakk in da Kat Rume and sed "Sorry Cee Cee -- I'll let yoo owt a little later on purrhaps!!"

And she kept hur wird! She finally puttid BBBT in hur bedrume and klowzed da dore -- and now I am sahayin' abowt da whole apartmint while Miss Larjius Lardbutt sleeps on Meowmie's plushy sleeping bag, behind klowzed dorez.


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