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My Life, by... a Princess

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February 2nd 2005 12:42 pm
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Last nite Meowmie was in the study, working on the puter -- I, Princess am not allowed in there because there are too many stacks of things and I knock em down. Well.. I was in there. Meowmie was too busy to get me out. Until she saw -- Me, Miss Princess thumping around on my kitty-butt, REALLY
strangely, on Meowmie's desk -- aaaagh!! What was Miss Princess about to do !!!

SO Meowmie ran and grabbed me, and picked me up and found ... a BIIIG UPC BAR-CODE Label stuck on my kitty-butt -- I had brushed against something with a loose BAR CODE Label and it had stuck to my kitty-butt and I thought it was attacking me. So Meowmie took it off and even forgot to take ME, Miss Princess, out of the study -- she was laughing too hard. "Oh Princess!" She said "' This Bar Code is NOT going to eat-you-up!!!" And she LAUGHED and LAUGHED!!!

WELL!!! Of ALL the indignities!! I just sat myself up to my tallest height on the desk and GLARED at Meowmie for a long time, for laughing at MOI, and daring to insult my dignity.

Frankly, if anyone needs a BAR CODE on their butt, it's Big Bad Baby Twinkle. You can TELL her Supreme LARGENESS that I said so.



December 17th 2004 8:56 am
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I gots cancer again. Another lump right above where the first lump was. The vet stuck an ouchie in my lump and later told my Meowmie that my lump had cancer cells. Meowmie is saving up her tooth-repair money for my surgery (This'll be two surgeries in one year for me!), and is looking for a financial grant too.

She's giving me Flor-Essence with my breakfast and "The Missing Link" with my supper, to keep my strength up. I dunno -- are you supposta run and play and beat up Big Bad Baby Twinkle when you gots cancer??? I do. I also gained back some of the weight I lost, so now I am a substantial 9 pounds.

Boy am I getting ALOT of love and kissies.


Going for a Ride in the Car (NOT!!!)

October 26th 2004 12:31 pm
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I go "meowmeowmeow get me outta here!" when I'm in the car (I go in my carrier) but that BIG BAD BABY TWINKLE usta ride in the car (tethered, wearing a safe secure harness and sturdy leash cuz she is ALL over the place) and look out the window (Meowmie turned on the AC and did not open the window because cats can squeeze out of some really tight places and she didn't want BBBT to do that!!!!) - so BBBT looked at people stopped at the stop lights and the people usta go "Aaaaaw!" and they would smile. But she had a Poopie problem and Meowmie learned to bring LOTS of newspapers with her.

Once Meowmie took me (I was in a harness and leash and safely in her arms!) to Starbucks (I daintily ate a piece of Cherry Danish and had some whipped cream! and everyone was SMILING!) , and then another day she took me to the Ice cream store and even though people had brought their DOGS to B&J's, WE got THROWN OUT!!!! SO Meowmie wrote a nasty letter to the Ice cream store people and got an apology and 2 free coupons and got told that even DOGGIES wasn't supposta be in their stores either (Health Code!).

THEN she took me (harness and leash) to see the CIRCUS horsies and eleephants when they wuz camped out in my 'hood! Two people with a baby came by and we let the baby (carefully!) pet me and she SQUEALED so happily that we all laughed. Then she carefully took Baby Twinkle the next day and the HORSES LOVED HER! (she LOOKS like a horse -- hee hee)

Then BBBT got TOO BIG to handle reliably when she was on the leash (even in Meowmies' arms!) she'd get scared and panicky, so Meowmie said "Kid, it's MUCH Safer if you STAY HOME!"

And Meowmie noticed I wuz shaking ALOT when she took me out so we never went out again ( except to's.....ugh).

But Baby -- wow, put her in a carrier, put her in the car, and she explodes from BOTH ends!! (Don't tell her I said that!), so... NOW she hasta FAST - before she goes to the vet's -- and now she gets there MUCH cleaner!!!!



October 4th 2004 1:14 pm
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Boy was I glad Meowmie was home this morning!!! I ran past the curtain that hangs in front of the bedroom door and unbeknownst to ALL of us, there was a loop hanging from the bottom of the curtain and I got my FOOT tangled up in it!! But I didn't know that -- I thought something had attacked me and was biting my foot!! So I screamed and screamed!! Cee Cee and Big Bad Baby came running up to see what was wrong!! And Meowmie came running and my poor little foot was so badly tangled it took her a while to untangle me. Then she checked to see if my foot was broke but it was not, so she carried me gently to a chair and set me there so I could enjoy the sun and calm down. But I was ok so I jumped off the chair was sashayed back inside to see Meowmie take down the curtain so NO ONE would get tangled again.

Boy was she worried!! AND me too -- when I went back into the bedroom the first thing I did was I searched and looked to see if that bad curtain was hiding somewhere to attack me again!

A long time ago she cut the venetian blind cords into two pieces so no one would get tangled up in those!! And she always hides the plastic bags cuz once I got ahold of one and it got caught around my neck... And it goes to say that we never get to play with string or rubber bands.

But no one realized that the bedroom door curtain was getting unraveled on the bottom. Wow. I am so glad she was home..... I coulda gotten badly hurt...... even lost a foot.



September 16th 2004 11:57 am
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Well, it was just a little lump but my Meowmie got really worried when she gave me my usual belly rub and found IT. So she took me to the vet and I sat patiently while they fished around for THE LUMP. They found it and the vet stuck me with a hurtie!! Then I went home. I played, ran, and cavorted, and didn't think much of the lump -- but the biopsy came back as HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, so the vet said "Based on my experience with this kind of biopsy, we better operate". Meowmie borrowed some money, and I went into surgery (she has kitty insurance so she got back $500. whew).

Oh, I was soooo groggy and hurting when I came out of surgery -- one of my bosoms had been removed and I had a BIG Frankenkitty scar with BIG stiches all down my shaved belly . Meowmie felt SO BAD for me!! When I got home she put me in a BIG doggy playpen with very high sides (she had built up the sides so I couldn't jump out). I had to stay in there for TWO weeks!!! I had food and water and soft blankies and a litter box (far away from the food!!). At first I didn't care. Every day Meowmie would give me the painkiller that the vet gave her for me, and would feed me and clean up after me. She kept me in her bedroom and she had to roll over her bed to get from one side of the room to the other -- she really loves me. She even kept BIG Bad Baby Twinkle out of the room bcuz every time that Big Bad Baby would come into the room she would reach in with her paws and try to STEAL my food!! Baby didn't even say "How are you feeling today?"

Meowmie would let Cee Cee come in once in a while to see me cuz she knows Cee Cee loves me. And Sweet Cee Cee would stand outside of my cage and cock her head and look at me. Then Meowmie would take her out of the room, so I could sleep.

At night I would moan and put my paw out of the cage so Meowmie could hold my paw as we went to sleep.

She even had to put an Elizabethan collar on me cuz I would try to eat the stiches.

After two weeks EVERYONE was happy that the stiches were out and I could sleep on Meowmie's bed once again.

So I got a tummy tuck out of this, and now all my hair is growed back, and I play and run and do all kinds of mischief. I really am grateful to the vet for being so good to me -- and to Meowmie for finding and reporting the lump.


Me and the Boidies

September 16th 2004 9:14 am
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I LOVE to watch burdies!! If Meowmie sees one she'll say "Laaadies.....BURRRdies!" and Baby and I RUN to the window -- sometimes we bonk ourselves on the windowpane so Meowmie securely taped a full length piece of sturdy plexiglass carefully onto the window and to the other big windows in the apartment so we can lean onto the plexiglass and we don't break the window!!!

(Meowmie also made sure that EVERY screen that is on the windows is DOUBLE screened (NO fiberglass -- we put our claws thru that stuff in a second!) -- she even did it herself!! The screen frames are strong and sturdy and well-attached to the windows so we don't fall out. The kitty living below us fell off the balcony and they luckily found her wandering in the parking lot TWO WEEKS after she fell off- she was real skinny but ok -- a miracle).

One day Meowmie heard me calling to her in the special way I do when I bring her a toy mousie. So she said "I am busy -- I will wait intil Miss P brings me her toy" But I was Soooo insistent that she could tell I was very emphatic about showing her this toy. So she came and I met her halfway in the dimly lit hallway and she said "Are you bringing me a...glove????" And then she saw tthat it was a Mockingbird in my mouth, neatly folded up -- it was alive and well! (Princess is missing 7 teeth -- 3 removed, 4 never grew in, her father musta been her uncle!).......

Then just before I placed it at her feet I heard her exclaim "Oh @#$! it's a BIRD!!" and Woooo! it flew up into the light fixture and pooped even worse than I ever did in my whole life!!! (and I AM a poopster supreme!).....

Now, we live on da 5th floor!! And we kitties get to go out on a thoroughly catproofed balcony top and bottom fencing with the big flowerpots securely sitting over the fencing that extends to the floor of the balcony and beyond)-- but the top of the fence is "only" 7 feet high (we can't jump that high, and we 3 specific cats can't climb the fence, which is sturdy chickenwire reinforced with posts) and there IS a gap WAAAAY up there and the people next door (whose Cat is named BART and Baby hates him) were feeding da burdies and so this juvenile mockingbird flew over the gap and landed on MY balcony and.... what a prize to give my Meowmie!!

So Meowmie did the unthinkable -- she LOCKED me up in the bedroom and I started screaming becuz THAT was MY bird-- and then Meowmie got the broom and gently herded the burdie into the livingroom (HONEST, the bird was ok -- scared but not hurt), closing all the doors behind her and this burdie landed next to Baby who was SUCH a DOOOFUS and did nothing but stare at it! and then the burdie FLEW off the balcony......

Then Meowmie let me out -- and I RAN to the balcony and heard the burdie squawking to its relatives and my ears perked up and I thought it would VISIT me again, but it was wiser, and it never came back....... and then Meowmie shut the balcony door and went to clean up the rest of the burdie messes....... But she said to me "You are a GREAT Hunter" (well, she is, it's a cat thing, but I would prefer they don't kill any birds or micies), and then she said "But it makes me sad to see a hurt burdie or buggie or mousie". I understood her but I can't help it -- it's a scillion-year-old cat thing, so it's a good thing that we are indoor kitties.

A year before that, I found a GECKO on the brick walls of the balcony!! Meowmie trie to rescue it and bring it in so she could put it in a cage and find its person, (this place AIN'T gecko city, it gets too cold) but its feet were holding on to the bricks so hard that it would not let go, and it eventually crawled upstairs but the people upstairs couldn't find it either......

Then this morning there was a BIG fat Bluejay screaming on the windowsill. Baby and I ran to look at it and it was NOT skeered of us, and then Mewomie told us that Blue Jays sometimes attack sweet kitties and we were very happy that it did not decide to ring the doorbell and come in to visit us.....

PS from Meowmie: Miss P brought me a mousie -- NOT a toy mousie -- a few days after the burdie incident-- I THOUGHT I heard some scrabbling in the walls and I realized the cats were VERY interested in that noise. But this poor mousie... was not as lucky as the birdie was... I immediately put up screening over the bases of the heat registers, which is how the mousie came in. Now now the mousies can't get in, and there are no more mousie victims. The vet told me that Princess could get tapeworms or parasites from the mousie, or... could be poisoned if the mousie had eaten mouse poison, so I had Princess tested and she was ok)


Speaking to the pet communicator

September 16th 2004 8:51 am
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My Meowmie is so nice to us!! She knows people who can TALK to kitties, and they come over and talk to us!! (We understand a little of what meowmie says to us, but Meowie Zowie!! the Pet Communicator can REALLY talk to us!!)

I told this nice lady that I was so happy that someone (meowmie) took me away from a house full of kitties where no one played with me except when I was a kitten, and they would always pick me up by the scruff of my neck even when I was a grown up lady kitty!! and some of the kittes in that house were nice to me but a black kitty used to jump all over me-- he thought he knew everything! I couldn't stand him! And the poeple -- I was so mad at them -- "Why do people have kitties just to have kitties?" I said, meaning that they just HAD cats and didn't treat them like citizens of the world, and I DID NOT like seeing me and my kittyfriends being treated like toys. They got rid of me because they had too many kitties and some of my family members were in the shelter too!! I don't think they all made it!! (Meowmie -- I was so sad that some of her siblings may not have been adopted....)

Anyway, I also told the Communicator that Music had been coming out of my Meowmie's stomach that morning and Meowmie was so surprised!! She had taken down her guitar that morning and played sweet music for me -- I liked it!! But she forgot all about it until I mentioned it to the Communicator!!!

Then this nice lady asked Meowmie if she was working at a new job, and Meowmie was SO surprised and said "Yes, how do you know?'. The lady said to Meowmie : "Princess tells me you are much happier now!" (boyoboy my previous job was horrendous, and Princess was picking up on my emotional state! The Communicator also told me that Princess's Cancer came from absorbing my emotional upsets, so I said "No! I can't let THAT happen to her again!" and promised Princess and all my kitties that I will be more in charge of my emotions and to give them LOTS MORE special love from now on!)

Note: Every time (3 times in the past 12 years) the Communicator comes (3 different ladies total) to talk to my kitties, I notice an interesting change in dynamics for the next several days -- my kitties seem to be happy that they CAN communicate with me, and what they told the communicators is a GREAT help in the way I can relate to them and I canalso better understand their needs and their unique outlook on life!!!!!!)

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