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Im's Kirby!

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Great News!

July 20th 2009 12:09 pm
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My neighbor who lives next door to Kirby just came to my door to tell me she saw locked Kirby inside his house. He was crying to go outside but his owner wont let him out. I knew she was getting upset that he was staying at my house so much. She does this occasionally-re-establishes ownership. I am just thrilled that he is safe and alive and at least he is not in danger of coyotes or cars running him over. I miss him SO much though and if I ever have the chance of having him for myself I will take it! Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. I am so relieved and yet so troubled that she couldn't even bother to let me know he was Ok. It has been agony not knowing. My neighbor told me the woman has no heart and I'm starting to believe her.


Hoping thru Heartache

July 18th 2009 5:48 pm
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I have been hoping not to have to write this but Kirby has been missing for over 2 weeks and I am running out of hope. Even tho he is not my cat, I love him like my own and tried to get him used to being an indoor cat over the past 6 month or so. I had him in overnight and about 50% of the daytime up from 5 minutes when I started with him. His owner leaves him out all the time and whenever she sees him staying at my house alot she re-establishes ownership of him by keeping him in, but usually only for 3 days to a week. She's not someone who will answer the door or talk to the neighbors so I left her a note last week and asked her to please call me and let me know if Kirby was OK. She never called and so I put ads on craigslist and have been checking daily with the local shelters. I walk around and call him and check sheds and ask neighbors if they've seen him, but nothing. I can't seem to mind my own business when it comes to him because I just absolutly adore him and don't know what to do. Please purr for Kirby and if you are Pray-ers, please pray. I can hardly bear his absense and look for him constantly. If he is gone, she doesn't even go outside to look for him. He's so wonderful. Just don't know what else to do...?


A Catnip Fiesta!

June 21st 2009 9:56 pm
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Oh my KITTENS! Did you ever has a day when the heavens just opens up and dumps blessin's on yours cute little noggin for no good reason? I has no explanation for what has happened. It's not my birthday or Christmas or anything day. Ma came home from Petsmart from working with the kitties with a bag and puts on the floor. Her went and layed down to rest a bit so course we has to explore what's in the bag. Hmmm...Bag of Dry Food...good...12 pack of wet food...good...and what's this? A container... that smells insanely good! We pulls it out and prys off the lid and the next things we know...we are havings a CATNIP PARTY! Yahooooo!!!!!! We throws it all over the kitchen floor and were rollings in it and flinging it everywhere and wrestling each others in it! This can not be happening! We were delighted and completely intoxinated with our new found happy drug! Then like all goods things... Mama ruined it! Her came around the corner and says OH MY GOSH YOU CRAZY CATS!!!! Her gots the broom and sweeps up all our fun. I even tried to make her stop by biting her hand but her didn't stop and it was over way-way-way too soon. Then her laughed cause we was still coated in catnip and swatting each other like drunken little knuckleheads. Oh, it was bliss while it lasted! Thank you heavenly Catnip gods for the best day I will always remember for all my nine lives!



June 2nd 2009 8:58 am
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Ma has beens busy working at the adoption center she has beens volunteering at at PetSmart since her retired from the post Office. This is much more funs for her. She cleans em cages and plays with all the wonderfulest cats and there are lots of kittens too. It is sad there are so many cats wit no good home. But her is happy cause there were 4 cat adoptions in 4 days! And 3 were for grown cats! Yay! This is a happy news day! But her really smells funny when her comes home. We likes to sniff out all the many cats on her clothes. This is a fun game for us.


The good life

March 1st 2009 8:06 am
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My foster Ma is finially retired so hopefully she will help us more wif our pages. I spend more and more time here. Sometimes days and nights at a time. My favorite spot is the bill basket. It's so cozy. I still dont get the cat box thing. Sometimes I uses it but jeez, when I gots to pee-I gots to pee! Biggest Boy still knocks me to the ground and pins me sometimes but then him licks my head and lets me be. Yes Biggest, we knows you are the king here! All hail Biggest-who is now actually smaller than Boing'e but them don't know that. All in alls-life is good. We hasn't seen coyotes in sometime and my bladder is fine and dandys. Ma just slips a little apple cider vineger in my foods sometimes and I pees like a racehorse! MOL. (I don't means to be vulgar but my life on the mean streets is pretty instilled in me.) It's good to bes Kirby.


Kirb's been Sick.

January 4th 2009 9:04 am
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I'm writing for Kirby here, I'd like to share how his week has been. Although Kirby belongs to my neighbor, he spends most time with us because his owner neglects him. He's out to fend for himself almost 24/7 so I started bringing him in to keep him from the coyotes. He's so used to us now he even spends the nights. Yay! One day the Animal Control lady was here, they keep picking up any strays to keep the coyotes away, and she was looking for Kirby. She saw him as she drove by and luckily I saw her-seeing him. I ran out and grabbed him and brought him in. When she drove back around she parked, got out with the long looped stick and searched for him everywhere. I watched her from my window thru a crack in the blinds. She drove around 4 more times and couldn't figure out where he went. I felt like I was harboring a fugitive! Needless to say I adore him and wish I could adopt him but his owner is not open to talking to me about him. I've tried. Lately, he has had blood in his urine. He was straining to pee just a small bit and it was bloody. I know she wont take him to the vet and I can't afford to right now so I looked for natural cures on (They have a great PET section) People raved about Apple Cider Vineger for UTI's so I started sneaking a little in his food and added it to all the water bowls. Yesterday he was finally able to pee a lot though it was still bloody. This morning his urine was clear! It is also helping my dogs skin problems, sneaking it into plain yogurt for them. Apparently it balances the alkaline. Well, just wanted to share in hopes to help the health of all our pals. ACV is super cheap too, I paid less then $5.00 for a gallon. I once spent about $600.00 to clear up a UTI in my puppy. Hope everyone has a very happy New Year! Cheers!


A Good Christmas

December 24th 2008 9:20 am
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I haven't been able to writes for a while but things are good here. I has been getting so used to Pixie moms house that I have been spending lots of time there and even spend the night a lot. The boys play with me even tho I dont always understand their huge need to swat and wrestle. Sheesh. Kids. I dont even mind the dogs anymore and they dont bug me much anymore either. I gets lots of treats and food to eats. My own Mom doesn't seem to care. The coyotes have been coming less and less. All the neighbors has been trying to drive them out by chasen them and throwing rocks. Pixie mom only lets me back out if it is day time and checks for coyotes first. Still scary but it's better than me be outside all night and mornings when coyotes hunt like my own mom lets me. Pixie mom hopes she can have me someday. It's good to be adored!


Beated Up

September 1st 2008 11:44 am
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Last night Pixie-mom hears loud crazy cat screams and hers runs out side and found a big cat beating me ups. I was on the bottom and she thought I was dead and my furs was all over the place. Luckly I wasnt hurt too bad but the thing thats upsetting Pixie-mom is that My own mama-owner didn't come outside till all the neighbors were at her door and when hers comes out she didn't act very concerned. Her still left me out all night so Pixie-mom brought me in hers house for a while but I left out the dog door in the middle of the night. This morning there was a huge coyote outside and scared Pixie-moms kitties to death and grey kitty ran away in time thank kittens. Pixie-mom is so so so worried for me and Grey Kitty outside all the time. She doesn't know what to do. It's a scary world out there sometimes.


I back

August 24th 2008 3:37 pm
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I have been away for while. My ma has been keeping me in more so I hasn't visited too much like before. New things. I gots a nice new orange collar and black tags and me and Gray Kitty are friends now and share the treats at Pixie-moms. Pixie-mom named him Sqeekie cause him sqeeks like a mouse. Him's a little wimpy yes. Her will make him a page but her camera broked so it will has to wait. And still no Pixie. She is missing 8 months now. We still lookens for her and love her and miss her. Ah Pretty girl...



May 11th 2008 7:58 am
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Pixie-mom is very worries for us from coyotes. there are 2 more kitties missing from ours park and her so scardey for me and big gray cause we stay outside all the times. Her tried to keep me inside her house but I hates to be in too much and i scape. Her tell my mom coyotes by our house buts im still outs in the morning and nights when coyotes come. Her thinks big gray doesn't have a home cause him comes to her door and cries for feeding. Pixie-mom doesnt wants to leaves foods out cause racoons and possums and skunks comes and that makes more coyotes come here too. After big gray eats her takes the foods in but hers still so worrys. I hides from coyotes, ims a big very braves kitty. Don'ts worry Pixie-mom.

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