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Lucy's Log

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May 15th 2009 4:55 pm
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This week has been an odd week. Daddy has been missing the WHOLE week and today is Saturday and he still hasn't shown up. I spent this morning searching the whole back yard looking for him. He wasn't in the swinging chair (it moved when I jumped up!), or under the car or the caravan. He wasn't behind the shed, or in the trees or under the deck. I even checked out the guinea pig cages... Hmmmm.

It has also been the first week of cold nights. It got down to 10C (50F), well below what it should. I surprised meowmy by jumping up on the couch and sitting right up against her. It is the closest I have ever voluntarily got to sitting in her lap. She was absolutely thrilled! Silly woman, Iwas just using her as a heater!

With daddy missing in action, there has been positives. I have had lots of room on his side of the bed. Nice and cosy and warm with meowmy. The flannel sheets are on, how nice.

Meowmy also ran out of my special diet food. I've been having REAL food. Chicken and tuna and tins.... Meowmy says that ends today as she is going to go to get my proper food. I told her she didn't have to rush.

Also, Nermal, my friend from down the street, appears to want to move in. He is always hanging around for a cuddle and a feed. He gets my leftovers. Meowmy says he is going to be one chubby kitty the way he eats! Anyway, with daddy away meowmy hasn't been feeding him as much so he actually has gone to visit his own meowmy. I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm glad he is my furriend but do I want him to become my brofur?

I have to go and search more for daddy, well maybe a snooze in the sun first. Meowmy doesn't appear too worried.

Where oh where oh where could he be? ZZZzzzzzz...



May 9th 2009 4:37 am
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Hi everyfur.

I haven't had a chance to chat much lately so meowmy has let me update my diary. I have been discovering all new fun things to do. Things a year ago I would never have done.

One of my favourite games is one lots of cats are use to - follow me. I love playing with daddy. Either I follow him around or I make him follow me around. It's a great game.

This week I started a new game with meowmy. I have always been helpful around the house. This week I really became helpful as meowmy had the week off work. When she swept the kitchen, I layed in the middle. I then played with the mop as she wiggled it around for me. I helped her sweep and dust and do all the housework. It was such fun!

Boy! I don't know why hooman's whinge about housework, I love it! I could play all day! It is great having all this energy. Oh, I have to run, I have to go and watch cat TV (Guinea pigs in their cages).....

Purrrs and whisker kisses.


Biggest Loser

April 10th 2009 6:12 pm
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Yes, that's me. I've lost a total of 3.9lbs (1.8kg) and I'm now the skinniest I have ever been at my furever home :)

I'm officially 8.6kg (18.9lbs) down from 10.4 kg (22.9lbs)!!!!!!

Miss Shelly is very proud of me. Since I have lost weight everytime she says I don't have to go in to be weighed for a whole 2 months! She thinks I need to lose another 1kg (2.2lbs) to reach around my ideal weight. Wow. I'll be absolutely tiny!!!!!

I'm so happy!

Purrrs everyfur!



April 4th 2009 9:32 pm
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Meowmy has been busy finishing an 'assignment' on the 'puter. Hmmm. It means I haven't been able to chat to my furriends :(

I have spent the weekend trying to keep meowmy company but she wouldn't even respond to cute cat poses or requests for for food! Can you believe it? Ignoring me!

The nights are getting longer so I have been spoiling meowmy by letting her sleep a lot more, well no more! I demand to be noticed!

Despite the lack of attention, somehow she has continued on her flashy thing kick. I'm sure my retina's are burnt out! Daddy says I am positively look slim in some positions!

I guess that means I'm due for a V_E_ T visit for a weigh in....

Purrs and Whisker kisses


Flashy Thing

March 28th 2009 3:57 pm
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I think every cat on Catster knows about the flashy thing. Meowmy or Dah com up with a little box, flash a light in your face (usually at the most inconvenient time) and make funny noises!

Well, meowmy has been having fun using it on me, again. My question is does anyone know if that flashy thing is harmful? I mean it can't be good to be blasted by that much light so often! I was sure I was going to go blind yet meowmy kept saying 'open your eyes!' Maybe it causes a tumour! MOL!

Anyway, I was trying to sleep - flash, flash, flash.
Trying to have a bath - flash, flash, flash.
Decided to check out the garden - flash, flash, flash.
Tried to run up a tree for a scratch - video!

All I can say is that hoomans are strange when they have a flashy thing in hand.

I guess the most positive aspect is that I finally had my main picture changed! That is moi! As of yesterday! I think I look particularly fetching!

Purrrrs and whisker kisses....



March 26th 2009 1:18 am
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Wow! I got daily diary pick yesterday! How exciting! Thank you to my furriends for the rosettes!

Mummy loves it. She took a snapshot of the page to keep furrever! I've been honoured twice now :)

Mummy says I've been furry good! I kept her company whilst daddy went on a trip. Technically overseas - Norfolk Island. Not quite Australia but almost. I slept with on the bed with her and made sure she had plenty to do at night, getting her up to keep me company - lots.

Nermal, my furriend from down the street, thought it was a great game and came and joined me. Whilst I went outside to play he kept mummy busy by sneaking inside. Over and over. MOL! It was three o'clock in the morning and a great time to play!

When daddy came home it was great. He stayed the whole day with me and mummy came home early. Fun! The tree cat helped keep the fun going by sneaking in an open window, again around three o'clock in the morning. Mummy and daddy had fun playing chaseys around the house with the tree cat. Finally the tree cat went out my window.

Everything is back to normal now. I'm glad. It was all fun but a cat has to get her sleep.....



March 21st 2009 4:45 pm
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Weekends are the best time of the week as the hooman's are here...except last weekend. I didn't tell you what they did. I should have known something was up when I walked into the kitchen very early on Saturday morning and mummy had FILLED my lumpy bowl with food. FILLLED. Do you know what that is like for a kitty on a dieT? It is like discovering treasure!

I went to eat and mummy - YES mummy - said to dad. "Maybe Lucy can have breakfast tuna blah blah blah." I wasn't interested in anything after TUNA word. I went to daddy and did the biggest smooch on his leg and he gave me a big plateful! More than I ever get.

Now, I must admit that the penny should have dropped. Treaty and lumpys to my hearts content. But it didn't.

"Bye bye Lucy". Mum, dad and the cousins left. They ALL left together. In the same car.That should have been another hint.

I wasn't too worried. Went about sleeping, eating, playing with my furriends. Even invited Nermal in for a snack. I'm a generous kitty with such a bountiful lot of food. It got dark. No one came home. I sat around patiently. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. No one came home!

Bitey the tree cat came in and cleaned up my food. No one came home. Bitey found some 'chocolate'. She wasn't too impressed but ate one just to teach the hooman's a lesson.

The sun came up. Still no one. I am not very impressed by this time. Still waiting and waiting. I had to sleep as I was so weak from lack of sustinance. Still waiting.

It was almost the end of another day. Finally, they were home. "Where have you been?" I demanded as they all came in the door. They stepped over Bitey's handy work. Mummy found the half eaten chocolate. I followed them to the kitchen. "Feed me!" So what do they do? I'm fainting from hunger and they all cuddle me! Yick!

But then, tuna, lumpy's and more cuddles. It was good to know they hadn't abandoned me! But boy are they paying for neglecting me!

Purrrs and whisker kisses


St Patrick's Day

March 17th 2009 2:50 am
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I am not an Irish Cat and I don't live with an Irish family, yet St Paddy's day is a special day. Mr Skins was rescued by Daddy and Aunty P when she was so young her eyes were closed. She was fed with an eye dropper and everything. Can you imagine that!

21 years ago Mr Skins gave birth to 4 kittens on my mummy's bed. They were intial called 1,2,3 and 4 as mummy was determined not to get attached to any of them and give them away to good homes.

1 AKA James Tiberius Majellan AKA Chookie was the only boy. He went to live with Aunty P and lived a happy long life with her.

2 AKA Pennelope Prudence Farthing, 3 AKA Alexandria Cleopatra Eastwood Wellington-Smythe, and 4 AKA Spinner never left until they became angels! MOL!

Catster friends will know that Mr Skins lived to the ripe old age of 20 and Princess Penny to 19. It was after they became angels that they helped mummy and daddy find me!

So, St Patrick's day is a special day because it brings mummy memories of holding Mr Skins paw on the bed whilst the kittens were born. Penny was a difficult kitten from birth and daddy had to help remove her sac and give her mouth to mouth as Mr Skins was too busy with Majellan! Wow! Daddy is so kind to kitties!

When I hear that story I know I'll be spoilt like I deserve furever! Even if they do abandon me for a weekend, but that is another story!

Purrrs and whisker kisses!


Weigh in - again

March 6th 2009 4:59 pm
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Daddy refused to take me to the VET for a weigh-in. He was so ashamed of caving in to my gorgeous golden eyes. He was convinced that I had PUT ON weight. He also hates me crying all the way to the VET and all the way home. So the dreaded task was left to mum.

I had had a tough night last night. Cousin accidently locked me out for the night. Mummy realised at 4 am and came to my rescue, fed me with a gentle reminder of the up-coming weigh-in. I ate and I went to sleep on the other cousin's bed.

I slept and slept. In fact I was still asleep when daddy came and woke me and shoved me in the torture box (cat cage). I cried. Daddy carried me out to the car. I cried. He put me in the car. I cried. He put the seatbelt around the cage. I cried. I stuck my paw between the bars begging to get out. I cried. He closed the car door. I cried. Mum backed out of the drive. I cried.

Daddy out of sight - I curled up and spoke a few times to mummy only. She was really good. She spoke to me the whole way to the VET. It was nice and calming so I didn't cry much. At the VET she cuddled me (yuck) and made sure I was feeling safe. I then was called in....

Mummy pulled me out of the cage. I was put on the scales. I was so scared I was shaking, but I didn't wiggle and jiggle. The scales bounced around and around. Finally the verdict. 8.810KG. A loss. A little loss. I was 8.96 last time. What a relief!

Mummy said I was a good cat and gave me a cuddle. It could have been better so she said I wasn't allowed to give daddy the big eye treatment if I continued to want to lose weight. What? This dieT thing wasn't my idea in the first place.

Then it was hometime. I only cried one or twice because I didn't want to go into the car again. We drove home - no crying. We drove into the yard - HOME. Mummy stopped and opened the cat cage and I was able to stretch. I asked to be let out. Mummy came around and opened the door and I was free!

Straight under my deck to recover from the ordeal.

Oh! I still rule - weight loss EVERY weigh-in. I'm the best cat at the weight loss clinic! Lucy Rules!

Purrrs and Whisker Kisses



February 21st 2009 3:59 pm
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We have been having quite a bit of rain lately. The yard is lovely and green and the grass is growing very long. The guinea pigs love it as they have lots and lots of extra stuff to eat. Daddy isn't so happy as it means mowing the lawn.

As long as I can remember it hasn't rained this much. Something about a "drought". This is more like it is meant to be, raining regularly in the evenings during summer.

I don't know about this rain in summer. It makes it hot and sticky and my moulting fur doesn't want to leave. I love pats to remove the fur, but not the brush. Well, maybe afterwards I appreciate the lack of loose fur, but not at the time!

Rain also means that I can't go exploring around the yard. It is quite yicky getting wet fur. Not a good look! Even when it isn't raining it means I get wet paws. I can't roll around in the dirt; it isn't dirt anymore it is mud! Thank goodness for the carport! Nice dry bits under there to role around in. A girl has to have a regular dust bath to feel good!

But the rain isn't all bad. One of my most favouritest things if fresh rainwater to drink. Mummy noticed early on that I would go seeking anything that captured the rain and sit there and drink. I'm not big on a water bowl with tap water, mummy had hardly ever seen me drink from it. She says it is important for me to drink lots of water on my dieT as it is based on dry food.

I must admit it is pretty funny seeng mummy dashing out to put bowls and buckets where the rain is gathering most! she doesn't seem to mind wet fur! Mummy says it is all worth it to see me having a hearty lap of water! My favouritest drink - Rain Water!

Purrs and whisker kisses

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