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A Kitten Tale

Oh, Dog, I missed you

August 25th 2005 2:04 pm
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Mom and The Dog went away for over a week! I missed them so much. But now they are back, and I have been chewing on The Dog's tail nonstop so she knows how much I missed her. I also try to get her to play by running up and slapping her in the face. For some reason Mom and Dad yell at me for this. I am just trying to make sure everyone has fun. Someone has to keep the games going, and I don't see anyone else volunteering.


Dogs are cool!

February 25th 2005 10:17 am
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Dogs are the absolute coolest, and I am determined that I will be a dog when I grow up. I've been told it won't be an easy transition, but I am practicing. When The Dog is lying on the loveseat, I jump up there and lie down too. Look at me! I'm a dog! Easy. When she gets up in the morning, I go lie on her dog bed. Again, easy. I also try to ingratiate myself to her so she will let me in The Cool Dog Club. I am friendly and say hi to her. Then she gives me a kiss. OK, so dogs have big tongues and that is kind of gross. But I am willing to make that sacrifice. I also bring her my toys to play with. Unfortunately she just holds them with her paws and pulls out all the stuffing. She also ate all the fur off of Japanese mouse. I guess this could have made me angry, but look at this way: someday I too could have that kind of destructive force. I must learn from her, and that knowledge does come at a price.


A dog?

December 14th 2004 8:36 am
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So Mom brought home a dog, of all things. I am certainly not sure what to make of this. The dog is a girl and is apparently something called a Doberman. All I know is that she is BIG. When I get the chance, I sneak up behind her to give her a sniff. But sometimes she catches me and then she rushes at me and Mom has to stop her. Then I give her the hiss and puff my tail up so she sees how big I can really be. Luckily we have the condos so I can watch her from a safe height. I really fail to see how this development was necessary. I even found one of my fluffy cat toys covered in slobber. That's just gross. However, the dog does not get to sleep on the bed, and I do. She has her own bed in the corner, whereas I can sleep anywhere I want. I like having Mom and Dad sleeping upstairs. When their alarm goes off, I jump on the bed and tell them to get up now. Of course, to them it just sounds like I am purring like a madman, but it is still nice to have a job to do.


Life changes

November 12th 2004 3:10 pm
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So Auntie moved out and took Max and Jackson with her. I know she has been planning this for a long time (since before I came to live here), but it is still hard. Sometimes I just have to walk around the house and cry because it is sad not to have her bed to sleep on. I miss playing with Max too. He was the first cat friend I made when I moved here. Mom says they are happy living in Virginia now, but that they still miss us all very much. Auntie sent pictures of the new apartment. Max was sitting in the bathroom sink. He did not fit too well.

Of course I still have Nigel and Diesel to play with. And Mom and Dad are repainting the upstairs bedroom and say they are going to move upstairs (right now they live downstairs with the rabbits and the guinea pig and the mice). So soon I will get to sleep on their bed. But right now they won't even let me play in there. It was lots of fun at first. They were putting down dropcloths and taping, and I got to run around and help. I was a Very Big Help. But once the painting started, they kicked me out. No fair! I have to sit on the other side of the door and cry. Sometimes I shove my arms under the door and feel around with my front paws. But to no avail. They just don't understand what a big help I could be. I hope they finish soon. Then we can all sleep on the bed and be a happy family.


Been caught stealing

October 18th 2004 11:17 am
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Mom now says I am something called a "kleptomaniac," whatever that means. I found a bag of dried lentils that I thought would be nice to have, so I grabbed the bag by the corner and backed my way into the den. I put the bag of lentils in my spot in front of the television. That is where I keep my toys. I have the tiger tail, my feather toys, the Japanese mouse, various balls, a belt that went to Auntie's robe, and my enamel pot. The pot was in another room and I used to play with it there (it is fun to jump in) but my Auntie moved it to the television area with the rest of my toys. There are so many things around the house that I would like to play with, so I just move them to the den where everything is easily accessible. That is also where I keep my ribbon and the ball of yarn that used to belong to Auntie. Come to think of it, most of the things I steal, I mean borrow, used to belong to Auntie. She is very nice to let me play with her toys. My new obsession is paper. It is so much fun to chew! Luckily Auntie leaves lots of paper around, so there is an endless supply. I found this especially fun piece of paper stuck to the frame of her fancy bed. I tore that right off and brought it into the den. When Auntie found out she kept going on about how that sticker said that her bed is made by some fancy-pants furniture designer. Whatever. All I know is that it was delicious.


Monday, September 20

September 20th 2004 2:30 pm
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So apparently at my new home we go to the vet every Sunday. We have been the last two Sundays. I think this is stupid, and I really have to question the sanity of the humans. Last Sunday we went and they squirted some stuff up my nose. Yuck. We came home with these two tubes of stuff. The first one Mom squirted on her finger and swiped on my tongue. OK. So that's rude, but I can handle it. The second one was pink and chalky. Mom tried putting it on a plate to see if I would lick it. "It's supposed to taste sweet," she said. I might be young, but I'm not gullible. So then she grabbed me up and tried to squirt it in my mouth from a syringe. Disgusting pink chalky stuff! I didn't swallow any of it. I just let it fall out of my mouth so I had a long string of pink drool hanging there. I put on my best pitiful look, and Mom took me to the kitchen, wiped my face with a wet papertowel, and apologized profusely. Good. She should apologize. She also promised that she would not give me any more of it. She says I just have to take the first medicine from now on. Apparently all of this yucky stuff is because I have had the green apple quick steps recently. Mom thinks it is because I want to eat the adult food instead of the kitten food. Delicious adult food...

Anyway, we went back to the vet yesterday. Fabulous. Why is this place supposed to be so appealing? There was a dog there that was barking so loudly. I jumped and cowered every time he felt compelled to make noise, so Mom started putting her hands over my ears. If we are going to do this every weekend I am going to need some earplugs. The vet this time was super-nice though. She fawned on me and told me how cute I am. She is a Very Smart Vet. She just looked me over mostly. Apparently Mom is worried because I am sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. The Smart Vet thinks it is allergies, so now I have to take pills! Last night I was good and swallowed it like I was supposed to. But I am NOT willing to do this twice a day. That is nonsense. So this morning when Mom gave me my pill, I acted like I was choking on it and then started foaming at the mouth and flinging yellow pill foam everywhere, including on her pants! HA! Tell me again why I didn't win an Emmy for dramatic performance? Hopefully Mom learned her lesson and I can get out of taking my pills too. Anyway, again she apologized profusely, and then she played tiger tail with me to make up for it, even though I know I was making her late for work. Too bad. It's not my fault that she wants to take time from her morning routine to shove nasty stuff in my face.

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