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April 26th Busy bee today

April 26th 2008 4:56 pm
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I am suprised I have time to put something in my diary, but decided to take a break from work. Today I have been so busy. I had to help my momma get ready for her hiking and picnic trip. I know I will miss her, but she deserves to go hiking even if she is taking that stupid happy dog. I will have some peace from the dog. After Momma and the rest of family left for the hike and picnic. I had more work to do so really had no time to miss momma. I had to patrol house to make sure no cats or other intruders came on to property, had to watch birds to make sure they knew I could catch them if I wanted to, so do not get to cocky, had to take several bathes as I need to look good,and I had to take care of Sophie. She was so sad her family left her. She cried and cried. I sat with her, and tried to comfort her. I think she was glad I was there. We both ate some food to comfort us, and we did get a few minutes of rest in before the family came home, Well, I think I will go see what is going on in neighborhood.


April 28th the bird convention

April 28th 2008 7:44 pm
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Today started out as my usual day. I got up read paper,ate, did patrol, watched the neighborhood, and visited mom. I was having my afternoon snack, when all of the sudden I heard a chirping noise. Then more chirping, and more chirping. Naturally I ran to my back door, and what did I see. Birds
hundreds of wrens in my backyard. They were in the trees just chirping away.
I was so mad. I could tell by the looks on their faces they were laughing at me as they knew I could not get outside. Oh man momma needs to get less restrictive so I can show those snotty, cocky birds who is boss. Eventually they got tired of chirping and looking at me. They flew away, but I know they will be back. Oh I just wish momma would let out to get those snots. I gotta go see if they are back
Peace to all (except birds)


April 30th What is up with dogs

April 30th 2008 5:04 pm
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Hi all
During my meditation time I have been thinking what is up with dogs. I have a dog sister and she is a bit nutty. She always wants to be with her humans I do not understand that. There are other things she and so me other dogs do that are strange. For example my dog sister lets her humans put a string on her collar and go outside for a walk or runs with them. It looks so silly. Everytime I see her I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. I have seen other dogs do the same so I know it is not unique to her. Another thing theydo is they go with their humans in their cars. I do not understand wanting to go somewhere with the humans. Riding around in a car is stupid, from what I hear most of the time they just sit in car while humans go is some building. My dog likes to go hiking and eating a picnic. It makes no sense to me. If you want to go for a walk, walk in neighborhood. What is the big deal about eatting out of some kind of basket. We eat out of a bowl it can not be that different. Oh well my dog is strange, so are the rest of the dogs in the world. I guess we just have to accept them for who they are.


May 2nd a little of this a little of that

May 2nd 2008 5:33 pm
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Well things are going well, birds are not around to much. I hate the wrens who walk around my yard with their cocky little attitudes. I just which my family would let me hunt, but of course they won't. They think birds have a right to exisit. I agree with that, but they can exisit in someone elses yard.
My human sister bought me a new brush. It is ok as far as bushes go. It get a lot of hair out and does help to keep you cool However, I hope I do not go bald. I saw my fur and MOL it was a lot. Fortunately, we have a hall mirror and I looked, and I still have a lot of fur. Just to be on the safe side I asked Sophie to look at me, and she said I still have plenty of fur. I was glad to hear that.
My other sister bought Sophie and I a new toy. It is pretty cool. It had to be put together, and thankfully Sophie was able to help put it together.
This toy is two stories and there is a lot of climbing to do. There are also strings attached which makes it fun, especially for Sophie.
My mom has to have eye surgery May 12th. I am worried as I do not want momma to lose her eyes. What would she do if she could not see her pretty kitty every day. She would be so sad, plus she would look silly without eyes. I am very worried. I wish her doctor would let me help with the surgery as I am sure I could help make sure no mistakes were made. I hope Momma is ok
Well, I am going to go get some dinner (yeah)


May 5th I am worried

May 5th 2008 4:48 pm
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Today I had to stop my diet. I am very worried, and I like to comfort myself when I am worried, plus momma got me some good tasting snacks. I love momma for that. She really knows what a cat likes especially me. anyway, I am worried about a lot of things. Here is just a few of Lucy's worries for today
1. Worried Obama will not win in both Indiana and North Carolina
2. Worried that Obama will continue to lose support
3. Worried about the Polor Bear. What is going to do when there is no more glaciers
4. Worried about the about birds. When are they going somewhere else
5. Worried about Sophie she has two or three lumps on tummy
6. Worried about momma's eyes
7. Worried my human sister will brush me later today.
8. Worried Abbey will still my food.
I think that is all I have to worry about today. I am sure the list will change for tomorrow. I just wish I did not have to worry so much.
Gotta go worry


May 10th Jumping for joy

May 10th 2008 8:24 pm
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My cat sister who I love with all my heart is getting better. We heard from the vet today, and she did have cancer. However, when he took the tumors out of her, he thinks he got it all (yeah). I am so happy my sister will be all better soon. She has a lot of stitiches, but they will soon be gone. I do not know what I would do without Sophie. Sophie and I love to play a night, and I do not think I would ever find another friend who loves to play a night like she does. It makes Momma so happy that Sophie is well. It is nice to see momma not worring about Sophie.
Obama is also doing well. Many superdelegates have signed up to support him. I am so glad he is going to make a excellent president. Sophie and I are planning a party to celebrate when he becomes president.
Despite all this good news Lucy does have 1 worry, and it has to do withMomma. Momma has her eye surgery Monday, but I am sure she will be like Sophie, and her eyes will get all better. Maybe she will be able to see me better. That would be cool if momma could see better. I just hope her doctor knows what he is doing.
The dog Abbey better leave momma alone while she is recuperating from the surgery. She can not take her for evening walks so Abbey better not ask.
My human sister can walk her.


May 14th Call me nurse Lucy

May 20th 2008 4:39 pm
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BoyI have been busy taking care of my momma and Sophie. Both had surgery, and did well. Sophie had tumors removed which were cancerous. She has a ton of stitches, and has to wear a cone around her neck. She needs me to help her take a bath, make sure she does not over do, and check on her. I also have been watching birds, and the neighborhood when it is her turn so I have been doing extra duty. She also needs me to comfort her when she is in pain or just lonely and scared.
momma had eye surgery. She had tubes put in here eyes to keep pressure from building up and hurting her vision. She does not need to lose any more vision. She was not a good patient, as she was to rest after the surgery. She did not rest, but visted her grandsons, and my other sister. Then she wander around and kept running into things. A couple of times I had to duck and cover or she would have ran right into me. However, momma got patch of eye the next day, and is seeing good. Sophie gets her stiches out tomorrow so I guess I will retire from nursing.
Looking foward to the election tonight. Obama is going to get enough delegetes to be so close to getting the nomination he can taste it. It is going to be so cool. I wish I lived in Oregon.
Peace and go Obama


May 23 2008 update on my patients

May 23rd 2008 7:38 pm
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Today is a good day for me. Sophie is finally back to her old self. She was not able to play and jump as much when she had her stitches, and now she has had them out for three whole days and she is back to fun loving self. I no longer have to be her nurse.
Momma seems to have recovered from her eye surgery. However, she has to wear these funny dark glasses when she goes outside. They are so dark you can not see her eyes. It is kind of scary to see a person without seeing their eyes. She has to see the eye doctor next Friday so we see how well her eyes are doing.
My dingy dog sister had minor surgery to get rid of a foxtail that was in her foot. I am not going to be her nurse. This was her own fault. She needs to look where she is going. It is getting a little old almost every year she has a foxtail in her paw. Well I going to go celebrate my patients are on the mind
Peace to you


May 30th A nice day to be me

May 30th 2008 4:17 pm
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Well today has been good. I am looking forward to Tuesday it will be the day that hopefully Senator Obama will become the democrat's nominee for president. I will be so glad, and hopefully he will become president. Tuesday we also have an election offices other than president. My two favorite Durston and Brown will get the democratic party's nomination. It will be so good. I am hoping they will both win in November, and they will be able to help Obama.
Peace Lucy


May 31st A fight between two cats

May 31st 2008 5:36 pm
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Last night Sophie and I had a fight. I was so mad at her. Last night she decided she wanted to sleep in the chair in our room. Why I do not know. She always sleeps in bed with our human sister Linda. However, last night she was in my chair. I jumped in chair and started hissing and hitting her, of course she did the same. Eventually, Linda woke up and she took Sophie into her bed, and I got the chair. I had a good talk with her today, and explained the chair is mine, and not hers. I hope she learned her lesson. Just cause she had cancer is no excusse to still from another cat.

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