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What's in a Name?

June 1st 2008 8:26 pm
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We have all stressed over what to name our babies, our pets and some of even our cars(Dad), but what really is a name? A name may distinguish us from each other, but a number would do the same. All of us furs know our pal's names, but few of the pawrents ever exchange that information online. So, I have come to the conclusion that a name is simply a tag, people don't trust, honor, or love because of it. The most important distinguishing factor each of us have is our heart. So to all of you nameless hearts out there, a big thanks from my meowmy's nameless heart for all the kindness and friendship you have shared with my family. We love your hearts!


Sad Days

May 27th 2008 2:43 pm
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Meowmy lost one of her best friends yesterday, who was also a great animal lover. She was a very kind woman who never let a animal go without help it might need. Meowmy also lost one of the trhee newborn kittens she was nursing today, so far the other two are fine.


They Look Like Mice!

May 25th 2008 9:47 pm
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Late Saturday evening meowmy got a call from her mom saying that one of the cats her neighbor left behind was very sick. Well, meowmy did what any of us would do ,she rushed right over. The cat named Fuzzy was in severe respiratory distress and meowmy noticed she was also pregnant. So meowmy called the vet and asked them to meet us at the hospital. The vet took some x-rays which revealed one lung fully condensed and the other with only about a third function, no way she could survive the night. She was so exhausted, she didn't even seem to know where she was and she was suffering something awful. Meowmy ask about saving the kittens, so they did a saunagram to check and see if they were still alive, they were. Fuzzy didn't have milk yet so they were at least a few days away from being born, they are very tiny. They all three fit in meowmy's hand and still haven't gotten all the hair on their faces yet, but so far they are taking a bottle very well and seem healthy. They have to be fed every two hours and kept warm. We have one dark tabby, one that appears to be solid black and a dark orange one-they look like mice! So for any of my friends reading this please say a extra purrayer for these sweet babies, it will be greatly appreciated. Meowmy believes strongly in the power of purrayers, and you guys are the best at it by far. Love all you guys so much, I have enjoyed Catster more than word can say, Norman


Yikes!! I've Been Tagged

May 15th 2008 9:43 pm
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OMC I've been tagged! I hope I don't get this suit dirty! I haven't played tag in quite some time, so coming up with seven things about myself should be easy!

1. I love CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I have a secret crush on Pooters.
3. Octavian and Odin are my bestest buds!
4. Sweet Face is my favorite group!
5. I am very intelligent!
6. I have a sometimes wicked sense of humor!
7. I am addicted to imikimi and Blingee.

Now I'm off to tag seven pals, carefully! I'm not through pretending to be David Letterman yet and I sure as heck don't want to get into trouble for getting his suit dirty or tracking dirt onto the stage!

Chazz 705208
Pooters 294072
Sammy 679925
Mittens 497651
Oreo 677614
Samson 639342
Alfie 418058


Bothersome Chickens

May 12th 2008 4:59 pm
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Yesterday one of my friends Tuffy sent me a photo of a group of chickens that have been bothering him for quite some time. Seems like according to him they chase him and peck at him, ummmmm I'm wondering why is he running? Chicken is very delicious. I had meowmy put the picture up for my background in tiles so it would look like there was more of them! They are safe for now though , I'm busy pretending to be David Letterman!


My Sisfur Marie

April 28th 2008 5:34 pm
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My contrary little sifur Marie is sick, we are all sad. Marie has a chronic
problem with her colon, a weak spot in it causes her to get blocked up
occasionally. The last time it happened she spent 5 days in the hospital,
and she is there right now. They are trying to resolve the problem without
surgery, we will hopefully have some idea if that is going to be a possibiliy
tommorrow. Meowmy is sure worried and since I am the smartest out
of all the cats here it is my job to take care of meowmy. Meowmy has
had a very tough year. I sure hope we have some good news in the
morning, I think I am actually gonna miss getting her claws across the
top of my head tonight. *sigh*


Rustle tackled and tagged the Blingee Monster!

April 3rd 2008 10:09 pm
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Name four jobs that you've had.
1 I raised Harvey without any help from any femfurs of course he
was already a couple of months old when I got him, but didn't
have a clue on how to be cool!
2I am the chief chicken taster!
3I keep everyone in line even the humans!
4I have to do all of the thinking amongst the cats, the rest are a
little light in the head.

Four places you have lived.
1I was born somewhere near the grocery store, lucky me or at
least I thought so.......
2Well no luck at the grocery store, I was hoping to move in there
but they wouldn't let me in! Some wiseace even slammed the
door on the end of my tail!
3Hey that lady's carrying out cat food to that big red mobile
home, Meow! Meow! wait for me!
4Well turns out that wasn't a mobile home, it was a Ford. The lady
with the food took me home and theres a pretty calico named
Wanda here that likes to treat me like I'm all hers!

Four places where you have been.
1The grocery store, as you know that didn't work out well at all!
2The place where Dr Bill is, he loves us. My picture with my Prince
of the Week crown 3-8-08 is still hanging there, nearly a month!
3Outside on a leash, it was lots of fun till water started falling out
of the sky on me. That was scary!
4My outside pen, I am the ruler of that area, no question about it.

Four places you'd rather be.
1 Kentucky Fried Chicken
2 Chicken Express
3 Would like to get a round trip ticket to Rainbow Bridge to visit
my meowmy Wanda.
4 Would love to visit Octavian and Odin, in fact I think I'll go over
to their page and paw-mail one of them.

The Blingee Monster is fix'in to tag the
following 4 friends.



Stumbling Around

March 16th 2008 5:49 pm
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Today I got mail and not computer mail-real USPS mail! My good buddy
in Sonoma sent me fresh catnip Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. good! I was
standing up on my hind legs begging (don't tell anyone about the begging
thing) before she even got it open! Then I went and jumped on the bar
stool so she could give me some-ya see only one cat will fit on the stool
and that's where I go when I don't want to share. She gave me a pinch
and I sniffed it and rolled round a bit, ate a bit and started to roll around
a bit more and ended up rolling off in the floor! Oh, I didn't hurt anything
'cept my pride and at the time I was so HAPPY even that didn't hurt
much. Yea, I love my nip. Thanks a heap Slappy, you sure grow some
rear-kick'in nip.


Help, my meowmy has the glitz bug!

March 11th 2008 7:15 pm
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It all startes about 10 days ago when she was surfing the web for a site to
dress up some of our photos for St Patricks Day! She found one and she
can't stop! Meowmy has always thought herself an artist, she painted a
cool graffiti fence on the wall in our pen and that was OK. She started
glammy up our photos and that was OK too, but now she has finished
with our photos. What's next? Is she gonna start glizty us next? I hope
she doesn't start glittering up the walls-yuck! I think she has too much
free time, which she could be using brushing me. But like all meowmies
she gets carried away with stuff sometimes. I guess she can start on spring
photos next, then summer, then 4th of July and the list goes on-I may
never get brushed again! Have any of your meowmies caught this bug?
Is there any hope? If you know the cure please give me a paw-mail.



March 6th 2008 7:59 am
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I just found out Tuesday that I had been chosen Prince of the Week at
The Pawty Palace, and I was getting ready for a week in the spotlight
at my house, then it happened-my sisfur Patti gets chosen as one of
the daily diary picks for Thursday. Now I'm gonna have to share all
of the glory of the spotlight with her! Don't get me wrong she's a cool
sis and all, but gee there's barely room in the spotlight for me seeing
as how my head has swelled pretty big the last few days. Of course all
my other siblings have been quite tacky to me all week-I think they
are a bit jealous. They been telling me things like-"Why don't you go
sit on your throne!", "Your head's so swelled you're never gonna get
that crown off!", and calling me "The Royal Hiney!", that's OK though
cause Meowmy has been giving me lots of extra attention. I have
enjoyed all the paw-mails from friends too! Well come on Patti let's
see if we can both fit in that spotlight!
P.S. Thank you Harley for telling me I could keep the crown, I have
grown rather attached to it--really, I think it is stuck!

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